Happy New Year Third Weekend Box Office Update

Happy New Year is steady on the lower side at the box office in its third weekend. The film has collected around 1.5 crore on its 3rd Friday even though it lost several shows and screens to this week’s release ‘The Shaukeens’.

Depending on the growth in business over the next two days, the Shahrukh Khan starrer might cross the 200 crore mark. It should go on to beat the lifetime business of films like Ek Tha Tiger (199.6 cr) and 3 Idiots (202.3 cr). The film will finish as the 4th highest grosser of all time behind Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Kick and Chennai Express.

The Hindi version of the film has collected Rs 188.84 crore, while the regional (Tamil and Telugu) versions have contributed around 6.1 crore to the total.

Happy New Year First Week Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Monday – 15.01 cr
  • Tuesday – 13.17 cr
  • Wednesday – 11.02 cr
  • Thursday – 9.51 cr
  • 1st Week Total – 157.57 crore

Happy New Year Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday – 5.26 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 7.47 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 9.51 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 3.31 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 4.06 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday – 2.75 cr
  • 2nd Thursday – 3.51 cr
  • 2nd Week Total – 35.87 cr

Happy New Year Third Weekend Collections

  • 3rd Friday – 1.6 cr (approx)
  • Total collections in 15 days – 195.04 crore

Verdict – Super Hit




    and it’s collecting well on its merit

    and those who are saying it’s under performed…yes its underperformed…..but still it is collecting 210cr+(in domestic)..
    an undrperformed movie of SRK is collecting 210cr+ in domestic and close to 100cr in overseas…..what about criminal salman’s
    underperfomed movie which is also rleased in 2014???…111 cr in domestic??..and it could not get hit status aand disaster in overseas
    1)pre release negativity surrounding HNY (crap,disaster director farah whose last film TMK was disaster etc)
    2)negative reviews and negative word of mouth
    3)release of Tamil superstar Vijay’s Kaththi(which collected over 100cr) has affected the collections in south India
    4)release of FURY(Brad pitt starrer) and Gone Girl(which has good review and oscar winning director david fincher)
    has affected the overseas collection of HNY(still HNY IS HIGEST GROSSER IN OVERSEAS 2014)
    with all these things, HNY collected more than 210cr+ domestic ,close 100cr overseas and close to 400cr worldwide
    just think haters ,what would have been the collections , if HNY had good director,positive reviews and positive word of mouth
    #Waiting for FAN & RAEES(with good directors and gonna be a cult film)

  • @indicine,Its too late fr 2nd week update..
    HNY will sure surpass Double Century on This Monday nd will go upto 208 cr..Worldwide gross will surpass kick’s 377 cr too..

  • Srk fans– U have got no options left!!
    Now,u have to believe K3’s 244crs or we will believe HNY has’nt crossed YJHD…
    So it is upto you!

  • @lallu fans
    Before D2 rip 3 idiot .rofl.
    Before ett rip 3 idiots. Lolz
    Before body guard rip 3idiots. Lol
    Before jai ho rip 3 idiots. Lolz.
    Lallus over seas never goes beyond 10 million.
    And some bhaitards are dreaming 500 oh sorry
    600 CRORES worldwide. evn hpi nw yr still strugle to cross YJHF Too much fun

  • Oh No ! SRK’s underperformer is Super Hit & our Bhai’s underperformer Jai Ho is Average, such is our Bhai’s stardom, even though we know SRK has now delivered 11 consecutive ‘Hits’ .. we will still defame him.

  • hny is a laugh riot that has generated positively mixed wom.hapy with the superhit status.nw all eyes on kill dil

  • Looks like it underperformed ,now imagine if bang bang relases on Diwali don’t you all think it would have collected little bit more ? Maybe a 200 crore . But honestly I think happy new year was better than all commercial movies released this year it just was too long !!

  • Hehe This is funny. Now no SRK fan is going to talk about BOI collection which has a difference of more than 34 crores. In 2 weeks it has collected 168 crs.

  • now we are very insecure .. becoz SRK’s low on content movie is earning 200 cr.+ in India & SRK is the 1st actor to deliver back to 200 cr. movies in India .. & 6 back to back 200 cr. grossers worldwide .. we know our bhai can’t break this worldwide record even in 6 lifetimes becoz our bhai can’t even earn 10 million $ overseas.

  • Hahaha @King of bollywood…nice excuses!!!
    5000screens,high ticket prices,effusive promotions,slam tour still they somehow find excuses.
    Negative reviews?? Go n check BangBang’s reviews..it has 43 on indicine scale,hny has 55. Even CE had around 50-55.
    Fury and gone girl distracted it?? How much these 2 collected,tell me.
    K3 had much bigger competition in Thor2,kick had hercules as competition,BB had Annabelle..
    Don’t give lame excuses here..

  • @gotya again superb cmnt.for years indicine users were tortured by pathetic comment of bulli but finally there is someone who not only makes u laugh but also gives strong msg through his comments.

    @gotya u r the rajkumar hirani of indicine

  • omg 2nd flop after raone.lol
    Mark my words fan will not cross 180 cr forget 200 cr.
    hny Diwali festival struggling to cross 200 cr. lol then what will happen with fan…
    according to boi hny not even cross 175 cr.lol.

  • @arjun kapoor .. we bhai fans are afraid of Kill Dill .. its opening day collection will be more than the combined opening day collection of ‘Marigold’ ‘Main aur Mrs. Khanna’ ‘God Tussi Great Ho’ ‘Hello’ ‘Jaan E Mann’ ‘Heroes’.
    now we are insecure of Ali Zafar & Ranveer Singh also.

  • yeah!!i think any film which crosses 200 cr shud be a blockbuster
    @indicine plz tell if it ll cross 210 cr than what will be its verdict.
    also………it budget is 100 cr.(mean of rumoured budgets) nobody knows its real budget so we shud take the mean of 120 and 80 cr that are the speculated budgets.

  • @rahul m u call urself an arjun kapoor fan but v arjun kapoor fans nvr tok continuous rubbish about a universally loved superhit film.I m ashamed to see an arjun fan toking like this

  • I’Am Proud Of The FACT – That After Many Negativities Surround His Movies, @Shah Manages To Emerge As a WINNER EveryTym (y)

  • we bhai fans know that bhai did 4 masala movies and still couldn’t break 3 idiots’ record in India, but SRK did just 1 masala movie (Chennai Express) & Boom ! all records were shattered.
    we also know that Bhai is the last amongst ‘Khans’ to give a 200 cr. movie & crossing 400 cr. worldwide is only dream for our bhai.

  • srk will become the first actor with back to back 200 crs.

    haters on your face.

    @anand_the remake
    do u have anything to say?

  • All Crazy fans of Sallu,SRK,Aamir,Hrithik,Akki,Ajay etc etc…Please note all these superstars can bring people to the theaters but for a movie to sustain it requires content, quality and scale. According to me any of these superstars given right release dates, visible scale of promo can make or break records. But for movie to hold requires strong content.

    We are lucky to have 6-7 superstars simultaneously in film industry. Rather than fighting over them, lets learn their movies.

  • @king agree with all u r points except negative wom.if wom negative it would hv crashed on Monday and nt cross 165cr.just to brag about srk’s star power y r u defaming the movie.I agree wom is mixed but it still very much on the positive side which many films fail to attain

  • I changed my username from sameer to sameer_real to avoid confusion from the other sameer who seems to be SRK fan though I am neutral & my comments use to be genuine….no offence with other sameer….

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