Happy New Year Third Weekend Box Office Update

Happy New Year is steady on the lower side at the box office in its third weekend. The film has collected around 1.5 crore on its 3rd Friday even though it lost several shows and screens to this week’s release ‘The Shaukeens’.

Depending on the growth in business over the next two days, the Shahrukh Khan starrer might cross the 200 crore mark. It should go on to beat the lifetime business of films like Ek Tha Tiger (199.6 cr) and 3 Idiots (202.3 cr). The film will finish as the 4th highest grosser of all time behind Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Kick and Chennai Express.

The Hindi version of the film has collected Rs 188.84 crore, while the regional (Tamil and Telugu) versions have contributed around 6.1 crore to the total.

Happy New Year First Week Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Monday – 15.01 cr
  • Tuesday – 13.17 cr
  • Wednesday – 11.02 cr
  • Thursday – 9.51 cr
  • 1st Week Total – 157.57 crore

Happy New Year Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday – 5.26 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 7.47 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 9.51 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 3.31 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 4.06 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday – 2.75 cr
  • 2nd Thursday – 3.51 cr
  • 2nd Week Total – 35.87 cr

Happy New Year Third Weekend Collections

  • 3rd Friday – 1.6 cr (approx)
  • Total collections in 15 days – 195.04 crore

Verdict – Super Hit




  • Will barely cross 3 Idiots!
    The film is a big disappointment. Sarook fans are boasting that his underperforming movie earning more than 200 Crores and got super hit status.

    My question is if crappy year is under performing film sarook, which is the best performing of movie of his that became blockbuster and at the same time, earned 200 Crores?
    Only CE, which is still less than kick. Or he has given all under performing movies all his life??sarook fans, stop this shit and stop ur defeat.
    Stupidity of theirs! They compare it with Jai Ho which had nothing in its favor except Salman khan with the so-called diwali grand heist. Normal Friday release, new average looking heroine, low budget etc etc…
    He only does one movie a year, still it under performs! For the last 5 years except for CE.

  • @Gotya
    jai ho was one man show as compared to hny it is multistarer movie and it is not running becoz of your ming khan it is mostly becoz of deppi and bachhan…

  • according to boi its 168 cr for hindi version , so a 20 cr difference which is happen to every big film be it ce or kick. but k3 has a above 60 cr difference which is unacceptable. something is wrong there with boi as well as with producer and i am sure that the battle over k3 collection will never. k3 was not that good to collect 244 cr and the brand is also not popular dhoom series. so indicine i request you to don’t post k3 name in any article it only create fan war. please publish it.

  • Shame on Amitabh & all Bachchan family who respect Shah Rukh. While Amitabh respect SRK, SRK says #AmarAkbarAnthony was nonsensical film

  • @Gotya
    jai ho was one man show as compared to hny it is multistarer movie and it is not running becoz of your ming khan it is mostly becoz of deppi and bachhan… And everybody knows why jai ho is at this place it’s all becoy of politics, before few days of the release sallu supported modi due to which all muslims and modi haters bycot the movie to watch and it is becoz of sallu’s stardom movie crossed the mark

  • Just for records HAPPY NEW YEAR added
    another 35 crore, thus netting 186 crore
    (including dubbed versions) in two weeks
    from India, and is a super hit for its
    worldwide distributor, Yash Raj Films.

  • Oh no it was supposd to b a calk walk for kingz hny to collct 200crs but it wnt collct 200(boi)so we king fans bcme angry birds and stard talkng nonse abt salmir

  • Babaji.. How on earth can u compare the K3 figures with HNY even trade figures are around 180 (boxofficeindia.co.in) the difference is just 13 crores… but with K3 it was 198 (244) 46+ crores…
    Aur tumhare manane ya na mannne se kuch nahi badlega.. U can choose ur option we all are ok with it….

    If u read closely even indicine said it will end its ru as 4th highest grosser… which i guess is behind D3 kink and CE.. lol

  • @Babaji ka thullu

    Dear in krrish 3 scenario difference from trade and official was in the range of 70 crores which is not acceptable in 3800-4000 screens.Had it release in over 6500-7000 screens it should be okey

    Bollywood is growing with each passing year or we can say with each passing release so difference from trade and producer will increase.

    Example – 3 idiots released in 1500-1800 screens way back in 2009 & considered as a biggest release at that time & now The Shaukeens managed to get around 2000 screens. I think all get answer regarding difference from trade & official figure.

    HNY managed to release around 5000 screens approx & with such wide screen 25-30 crores difference is pretty much acceptable with all versions. Any thing more is suspectable in my opinion.

    Note – Those talking about BOI figure please note down that BOI just gave the collection of Hindi only & official figures also includes regional versions.


  • oh yes,so srk all set to bcm the 2nd star after aamir to give 2 200cr domestic grosser.

    oh no,bhai’s upcoming two films dont look like 200cr grossers so bhai has to wait for some more years bfr joining this elite list currently occupied by srk and aamir

  • according to boi hny collects 168.50cr in 2 weeks hindi added 6cr tamil collection total 175cr
    if hny finishes around 210cr in india then 190cr all verson for boi
    hny eaisly crosses k3,yjhd and ett according to boi

  • it will touch 200 cr but wont cross 3 idiots. Hindi version will b 195 crore only. won’t cross Ek tha tiger 199 cr. Party time sallu fans :D

  • Oh no watz happning it was suppsd to b a cake walk for kingz hny to do 200cr but it wnt (boi) so we king fans bcme angry birds and startd talkng nonsense abt salmir

  • Dude @sameer bb got d best release late in dis year with 5 holidays in 1st week… Wat more do u want…. plus 3 open weeks ….. and u r saying it should have released in diwali.. Hny would hav earned more had it released during eid or christmas… may b around 240 cr…

  • Gotya is nowhere near bulli…bulli is the rockstar!!
    This Gotya is a copycat like bullifan,chulli and many others..
    No one can replicate the magic of bulli..

    @Arjun Kapoor:Yes i was expecting another lame comment from u..
    If Gotya is Rajkumar hirani of indicine then i am Christopher Nolan!!

  • Hr fan talking abt manupulation.boi reporing 168cr just hindi version till 2nd week.so add another 6cr frm regeoinal version nw it stands at 174cr.official at 195 cr all version.so every movie had 20-25 difference.in hny it is at 21 cr nw.wht’s the big deal.its nt hr and his father calculater. . .stop dreaming abt froud greek god.respest other.

  • I am an SRK fan, and to be very honest I found the movie entertaining, and that is why I spend 40 Dir hams for.
    the problem is, when bhai does this kind of movie, it is acceptable on the grounds that he don’t know acting.
    but when the charismatic SRK do the same, it is unforgivable.
    but dont forget, that king khan is the only one who did films in as many genres in as many years for the last 6 years.
    unlike Bhai, his next movie is not a masala, not even the next 3 is not.
    and even when the word of mouth and reviews were not good, the film made bumper collections and not even a brand like D3.
    you have to concur haters, this guy indeed is the KING.

  • @gotya y r u making fun of ranveer and kill dil?hny will perform well in 4th week for sure but kill dil will also b a hit

  • d collection of hny is damn gud nd just like bhabhi fans wr shouting like a mad dog dt kick collected 200 cr wid a debut director bt hny will collect 200 cr wid a flop director whose tmk wz a big disaster….

    one more thing srk will b d 1st superstar who will have back to back 200 cr grosser…. even d founder of 200 cr club cud nt gave back to back 200 cr grosser…

    @sallu fans- flop ho wz a flop show dts y he needed nawaz nd randeep…. srk, whether solo or multistarer, whether holiday or non holiday cn give successful movie whreas ur bhabhi is holiday star…

  • Hope bhai can also deliver two back to back 200 crores ,now matter of 100 crores is not enough to judge an actor popularity scale.Youngsters can be judged on the base of 100 crores but Srk,salman,Amir,HR should be judged now on the base of 200crs…..

  • judging by first weekend its a disaster.Compare ek tha tiger with hny as tiger also was underperormer and jai ho with mnik.How can you compare movie in january to a multistarrer,diwali release.5000 screens.For me ek tha tiger was underperformer.If u exclude other languages hny wont even cross 200.Indicine now whers d post KICk beats HNy

  • Dear salman fans,

    Kick’s producers fig. 233 and boi 213. 20 crores difference.

    HNY two weeks producers fig. 193 and boi(hindi regional) fig 168 6=174. 19 crores difference.

    Now, kindly shut up.

  • @arjun kanpur listen u don’t tell me whom shd i like or not go and impress other srk fan to support your youngistan.

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