Happy New Year Monday (Day 4) Collections

Update: The official figures for Monday is Rs 15.01 crore.

Happy New Year has collected around 15 crore on its 4th day at the domestic box office, as per early estimates. The film has witnessed falls across central and north India. Mumbai, Rajasthan, West Bengal circuit have held up reasonably well. The Tamil and Telugu versions have dropped by nearly 70% from Sunday. The average all India drop for the centres that we tracked is around 50-55% from Sunday.

The multiplexes are doing well, but the single-screen business has taken bigger than expected falls both on Saturday, Sunday and now on Monday.

In comparison, Bang Bang collected Rs 15.21 on its first Monday, Chennai Express collected Rs 12.62 crore and Kick managed to collect Rs 14.41 crore. Dhoom 3 leads by a distance with net first weekday collections of Rs 21.71 crore.

Looking at the trends, the 283 crore record of Dhoom 3 (highest grosser of all time) is out of reach now. It still has a chance to be the highest grosser of the year (Kick 233 cr), but for that the film has to sustain well over the remaining 3 weekdays and then escalate this coming weekend.

In the recent past, quite a few films have shown bigger drops on Tuesday and Wednesday, so the coming two days will be important if Happy New Year has to eventually cross the 200 crore mark.

Happy New Year 4 Days Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Monday – 15.01 cr
  • 4-day  Total – 123.87 cr


  • I walked into the theatre expecting to see a decent film but I was little disappointed because it was typical Farah Khan film.
    I’m not typically a huge fan of Farah Khan’s films however there were some negatives.
    Of course Deepika’s accent was..indiscernible. I don’t want to comment whether her accent was good or not but at times, it was tough to understand what exactly she was trying to say. She tried too hard to copy Meena (her character in Chennai Express) but unfortunately she failed but atleast her dancing was great.
    Almost of the cast lives up to the hype except Sonu Sood. He was barely there and wasted. I’m sure this will be one of his worst roles till to date.
    Shahrukhan is dashing but I’ll be honest with this one. He is not that kind of person that you will say woow when they take off their shirt ( Hope you will understand what I mean).
    Abishek is colorful,Deepika plays small,somewhat dull role, but the movie in general is slow, a little muddy,hard to understand and justifies the crime completely. sure the robbery is against a sleazy guy but still, the movie is about a bunch of losers who don’t have much going for them.
    The script wasn’t fairly well written, it had a mediocre diologues and a weak plot. I personally though that it was pretty predictable.the plot wasn’t as smart as Ovean 11 and 12 but there were enogh random laugh scenes to keep my attention untill the climax of the movie when they actually attempt the heist.
    the first hour of the movie was with out doubt the best part of the movie because it was very entertaining.
    the real problem of the film is in the middle, it did get slow but the conclusion saved the film becaise it was good.There are many moments of suspense when you will wonder ” How will they get out that one?”.
    the film has a few surprises that fall under the ”things aren’t always what they seem” category.
    I should be thinking about the great scenes with the thrill of watching Deepika,SR and Abhi in a love triangle instead, the entire film is about the planing of this heist which by the way is completely and totally unbelievable. I won’t go.into specifics here.
    HNY is not the greatest movie I have seen, while it is not that bad although it is sometimes lame and boring.
    Abhishek does really a good job, Has a few good jokes though.
    There are several cameos by Movie stars, including Phrabhu Deva and Anurag.
    HNY it is kind of movie that might watch one time. I wouldn’t surprised if it crush on weekdays.
    I certainly won’t be watching it again, so that would be fine by me.
    MY RATING : 2/5

    P.S sorry for grammatical errors. I’m still a student.

  • And the downfall begins.. it was expected.. A film like HNY can generate hype for the first 3 days.. after that word of mouth will take film to its end.. Word of mouth for Kick was very good which is not the case with HNY.. CE worked because of Rohit Shetty, but ehre its Farah Khan. I bet HNY will end its run somewhere near 185-195 cr.

  • #HNY will hold strong in Long run. CE also…did just 12.5cr on 3rd day….less then YJHD but had superb run. monday is over, now hny should do same range of monday during weekdays, twesday trend is important and wednessday is a semi holiday

  • This is what srk is without Rohit BLOCKBUSTER Shetty.
    Start playing dad to young stars srk. Your time’s over.

  • Hny should trend like this
    mon 15 to 16cr
    twes 13 to 14cr
    wed 14 to 15cr(semi holiday)
    thurs 11 to 12cr
    weekdays 50 to 55cr
    then hny will grow during 2nd weekned as it is mostly liked by kids n family adience, hny is on the race to break the record of d3, picture abhi baki hai mere dost

  • dont think it will earn even 200cr,SRK now should concentratre on making good movies and forget the records of Aamir khan

  • The fall will be bigger tomorrow n so on… First week may go past 150cr but after that 200cr is out of reach let alone Kick…

  • 1st week total will be 165+
    10 days total will be 210+
    two week total will be higher then kick lifetime
    lifetime #hny total will be 250+ mark my word so salgay fan don,t shout more and Dhoom 3 would still earn that much even if there was harman baweja villian in place of amir so SRK is ultimate n.o 1 of bollywood

  • 15cr in working day after 3holidays is a good sign, only 1 bad sign was hny failed to grow much on sunday, now 13cr per day during weekdays will be good

  • Content truly is king n not glossy disco lights n cleavage shows n vulgar gags- TMK repeat show from 2010- Farahs Joker streak has struck again

  • Indicine…plz confime me that it’s just a early estimates and official fig. Can be lesser or higher than this

  • hahaha
    a film which is released on 5000 screens in india & shattered all opening day records is out of reach now to break the record of kick lifetime business..
    “”Aasmaan Se girey aur khajoor pe latke””
    “”Arsh Se farsh par””

  • I have already said it would collect around 14 Crores. BOI says it is 13.5 Crores!
    It is not that how the film has collected but how it is trending!! It has been sliding down since the Friday! Meanwhile, Kick has shown growth on the weekends and it collected huge on Eid and first Thursday!! Hahahah, where is the king’s star power? Even a multi starrer film is unable to survive! Tomorrow, 11-12 Crores! #ManipulationKing

    @Indicine, even beating the collections of CE is out of reach now, let alone Kick, K3, D3. If Bang Bang settled at around 180 Crores after the collecting more than HNY, I expect this film to settle around 210 Crores nett! 15 crores more than my initial expectations!

  • Kick was released during ramadan and Monday was chand raat but still managed health collection….but Tuesday na Wednesday kick collected more than 30 and 20 crores respectively and hny collection will fall every passing day

  • lol before release- HNY 300cr, after 1st day 300+, after 2nd day chasing Dhoom 3, after 3rd day chasing 250cr & now chasing KICK. if it fails to cross KICK on 4800 screens then it’ll be a real shame.

  • #HappyNewYear looking at 2nd Biggest Non-Holiday Monday of All Time Behind #Dhoom3 which got christmas eve where hny faced working day

  • BANG BANG held up most well amond all releases after Dhoom3. Btw i see a huge drop in HNY’s figures lol. and to those srkians who were mocking K3 by brining boi figures, who were worshipping boi during that time. according to that boi, hny had done oround 65 cr only, so what say srkians ? after all boi is your fav site , isn’t it ?

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