Happy New Year grosses 200 crore worldwide in 4 days

Happy New YearHappy New Year has crossed the 200 crore mark worldwide in just 4 days since its theatrical release. The film has now collected around 45 crore from overseas and 164 crore in India (gross collections includes entertainment taxes, net collections is around 124 crore in 4 days) – taking its worldwide total to Rs 209 crore.

The Shahrukh Khan starrer is the joint fastest film to cross 200, along with Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 which collected Rs 234 crore in 4 days.

Happy New Year has bettered SRK’s last release Chennai Express which collected around 192 crore in its first 4 days (including paid previews).

It remains to be seen if HNY can go on to beat the Rs 424 crore gross of Chennai Express.



  • It seems 2 b happy new years cllctns r reducing day by day… I thnk d lyftym cllctns wil b 180-190cr….
    Hpeless… vry sad…

  • Indicine…..
    According to koimoi overseas collection for weekend is 29.50
    And boi says weekend collection 31.50
    And you are saying that 4 day overseas collection is 45….I means according to your sites hny had done more than 40 crores in weekend

  • #HappyNewYear looking at 2nd Biggest Non-Holiday Monday of All Time Behind #Dhoom3.. #HNY will hold strong in Long run. CE also…did just 12.5cr on monday….less then YJHD but had superb run.

  • Overseas fans like me no longer want to see Kings like for like overacting anymore- we prefer Aamirs talented acting skills over non-skilled King each n everytime- Aamir roxXxXx

  • My HNY Review:-
    I walked into the theatre expecting to see a decent film but I was little disappointed because it was typical Farah Khan film.
    I’m not typically a huge fan of Farah Khan’s films however there were some negatives.
    Of course Deepika’s accent was..indiscernible. I don’t want to comment whether her accent was good or not but at times, it was tough to understand what exactly she was trying to say. She tried too hard to copy Meena (her character in Chennai Express) but unfortunately she failed but atleast her dancing was great.
    Almost of the cast lives up to the hype except Sonu Sood. He was barely there and wasted. I’m sure this will be one of his worst roles till to date.
    Shahrukhan is dashing but I’ll be honest with this one. He is not that kind of person that you will say woow when they take off their shirt ( Hope you will understand what I mean).
    Abishek is colorful,Deepika plays small,somewhat dull role, but the movie in general is slow, a little muddy,hard to understand and justifies the crime completely. sure the robbery is against a sleazy guy but still, the movie is about a bunch of losers who don’t have much going for them.
    The script wasn’t fairly well written, it had a mediocre diologues and a weak plot. I personally though that it was pretty predictable.the plot wasn’t as smart as Ovean 11 and 12 but there were enogh random laugh scenes to keep my attention untill the climax of the movie when they actually attempt the heist.
    the first hour of the movie was with out doubt the best part of the movie because it was very entertaining.
    the real problem of the film is in the middle, it did get slow but the conclusion saved the film becaise it was good.There are many moments of suspense when you will wonder ” How will they get out that one?”.
    the film has a few surprises that fall under the ”things aren’t always what they seem” category.
    I should be thinking about the great scenes with the thrill of watching Deepika,SR and Abhi in a love triangle instead, the entire film is about the planing of this heist which by the way is completely and totally unbelievable. I won’t go.into specifics here.
    HNY is not the greatest movie I have seen, while it is not that bad although it is sometimes lame and boring.
    Abhishek does really a good job, Has a few good jokes though.
    There are several cameos by Movie stars, including Phrabhu Deva and Anurag.
    HNY it is kind of movie that might watch one time. I wouldn’t surprised if it crush on weekdays.
    I certainly won’t be watching it again, so that would be fine by me.
    MY RATING : 2/5

    P.S sorry for grammatical errors. I’m still a student.

  • Worldwide business of hny will be around and less than that of KICK at the end of its theatrical run! Mark my word!

  • Wow it will surely cross bhai’s kick next 2 days
    Both domestic and overseas collection of jaiho smashed

    Poor bhaitards

  • Oh no.All our dreams of our kings film hny collecting 600 crores worldwide has ended now but we are still hopeful of 450 crores worldwide

  • HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! a grand fall after a grand opening lol. it was bound to happen as i had predicted it will be a crap film. audiene are demanding a refund lol.

  • HNY opening figures accused to be ‘fake’ by Andhra trade experts!
    “#HNY Telugu Didn’t even release in 143 Screens leave alone about collecting 143 Lacs Nett on Day1. Big time Faking,” tweeted Andhraboxoffice.com on its official Twitter page, slamming claims by “HNY” makers.
    The website continued, “Even #Pooja telugu didn’t collect 143 lacs nett with 460 screens release & Decent crowd. Whatay epic Faking from Red Chillies & YRF. New low. Bollywood has now successfully & officially taken over from Tollywood & Kollywood in making tall claims & Reporting Fake Collections #HNY.”

  • Oh no all the multiplexes are reduced the ticket price….some of the shows are cancelled and some people are going to watch p.k trailer…thank god amir khans p.k saves our collection otherwise it could come down even faster

  • common yaar…SRK’s movie is trending fair…relax…He has chosen all LOSERS of the industry and made over 44crore on DAY1 which is itelsef a big achievement. You know that Farah khan last movie was a disaster and the image of her among the public about her is ackward.But it is only power of srk it is doing well.

    Everyone has their own limits..lets encourage. Dont compare with Dhoom3 as it is not fare..it was released during christmas period and with biggest dhoom franchise. I am very happy being a SRK fan that it made me laugh and enjoy the 3 hours. Love you SRK. earning 120+crore in 4 days..and you are rediculing as if the movie was less than 100 crore lifetime…. Just look at his career graph…his movie collections are treanding upwards after each movie…unlike salman or aamir khan movies…

  • Superb trending by hny.. After a huge weekend the fall was just 50-55%.. Excellent.. Even chennai express dropped by more than 60% on monday.. So 250 crs is on cards as wom is good.. Artificial negativity by haters won’t work here. Next 3 days atleast will be 40 crs which will take the first week total to 165 crs which is more than kick.. Go hny go.. You are here to rule..

  • hny is now crashed.
    lifetime-180-190cr. as i said earlier, before the release of movie…

  • kick is a movie like a good racer who concenteate his mind and run with a steady pace and win the race but this hny is offcource naam bade aur darshan chhote ( sounds bigger but actually small ). deepika dance ek AAAAAT HAI AAT and u cant teach dance srk till ur life ends. still srk coppying salman’s maine pyar kiya’s spreading hands step.

  • 6 films that don’t suit Shahrukh Khan’s intellect
    We all swear by Bollywood superstar Shahrukh
    Khan’s intelligence and shrewdness! Apart from
    his acting skills, it’s his wit, sharp business
    acumen that makes him the Badshah of
    Bollywood! While all these years he swayed our
    hearts with some impressive films like DDLJ,
    SWADES, KAL HO NAA HO, DEVDAS, etc, of late
    his choice of work hasn’t been palatable enough!
    And that can be gauged with the kind of movies
    that he has been doing. Considering SRK’s body
    of work in the past, here we go listing six such
    films that, we believe, don’t quite suit his intellect
    HAPPY NEW YEAR: Shah Rukh’s latest release
    HAPPY NEW YEAR may have raked in desired
    moolah at the BO and entered in the fastest 100
    crore club, the movie hasn’t appealed critics and
    janta janardan alike! HNY is being slammed for its
    illogical twists and turns and imprudent plot. The
    Farah Khan starrer was a complete let down for
    the fans
    CHENNAI EXPRESS: Rohit Shetty’s entertainer
    CHENNAI EXPRESS was meant to enthrall the
    audience with its humor, however the movie
    lacked luster. Though Deepika’s character of
    Meenaamma was loved by all, Shahrukh, who
    enacted the roles like DEVDAS, CHAK DE INDIA &
    others, seemed irrational and misplaced in the
    JAB TAK HAI JAAN:Shahrukh and Yash Chopra’s
    association was always a successful one with
    films like DARR, DIL TOH PAGAL HAI, VEER-
    ZAARA. So it was quite expected that JAB TAK
    HAI JAAN would also be riveting. However, the
    film didn’t live up to the anticipated mark.
    RA.ONE: This sci-fi superhero flick was promoted
    to be one of the most sensible films around. With
    the kind of aura built around RA.ONE, it was
    believed that the film would be a stunner. The
    visuals and music received good praise but the
    script & direction was criticized clearly .
    MY NAME IS KHAN: With MNIK, Shahrukh mostly
    encashed on teaming up with Kajol and filmmaker
    Karan Johar (the KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI and K3G
    team) rather than giving attention to film’s
    treatment. While people visited cinemas expecting
    to relive the magical jodi SRK-Kajol on-screen,
    sadly the film was a dampener!
    OM SHANTI OM: Releasing alongside SAAWARIYA
    may have benefitted OSO monetary wise, but the
    movie wasn’t received well by the audience. This
    yet another Farah Khan’s directorial venture had
    some unwise moments packaged with Shahrukh’s

  • 500 crore is out of reach now. Yes, it will compete with Chennai Express. CE itself didn’t have a great WOM, but family audience liked it.

  • indicine is happy gathering any bit of news to help this rotten movie work!!

    small tidbits ..perhaps and how rioting broke out when few movie goers tore up their tickets in disgust and how when people walked out on abhisheks entry while some of them puked…good example set for our children to limit their drinking of vodka…

    srk is pure bliss for whisky and beer drinkers…he just takes two sips each…

    while boman picks up his cake at the right slapstick moment .. it did give children and abram some chuckles

    majorly the movie just felt flat.. it was more of home videos shot on 6o mm

    we are extremely happy with the verdict and today will settle the issue forever

  • and guys ive been pointing it out for a long time now… indicine if fudging a nd faking figures of big films for a long time ..i dont know why they want all the biggies to do well.. you never hear anybad comment in their review ever..

    and constantly give wrong and inflated figures to the cheers of their respective fans here.. and anyone who doesnt toe their line they do not publish the content

  • it’s not possible if there was not Abhishekh Banchan in the movie. He helped Dhoom 3 and HNY in bringing revenues at the box office. Wish him a best of luck for his career!! Bravo Abhishekh!!

  • One SRK fan : Only Ek Mere Village ke Choupal Hi Rahe Gayi Hai Jahan SRK SIR Ne HNY Ki Promotion Nahi Ki hai.

  • There is no Kings or Badshahs in India – only prime minister which is “” Narendra Modi””. End of discussion,period.

  • Trend is not good. Bcoz of bad wom. Collections declining. I am really worried about SRK since he’s my fav stupid star. I am always gonna stand by him.

  • @js. Lolz. Hr fan. WY don’t u post official boi for bang bang. Its 140 CRORES. That’s around 39 CRORES difference ha ha ha.

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