FAN Sunday 3rd Day Collections and Weekend: Early Estimate

FAN has collected Rs 18-19 crore on Sunday at the box office, taking the 3-day collections to 52 – 53 crore net – as per early estimates (official collections will be published in the morning).

Multiplex business did show decent growth on the 3rd day, especially at metro cities where the occupancy for the noon and evening shows was pretty good.

Monday now becomes all important for the Shah Rukh Khan starrer. Tickets at multiplexes are sold for a cheaper price during the weekdays. For example, PVR Juhu in Mumbai was selling night show tickets for Rs 380 for the weekend, the same show ticket for the weekdays (Monday to Thursday) is 30% cheaper at Rs 270.

Since the film is performing mainly at multiplexes, the drop in ticket prices will have an impact on business.

Ideally, FAN needs to hold to around the 9-10 crore mark on Monday. This would give the film a fair chance of not only recovering costs, but going on to become a decent grosser.

FAN Box Office Collections in 3 days

  • Friday – 19.2 crore
  • Saturday – 15.4 crore
  • Sunday – 18-19 crore (approx, early estimate)
  • Total – 53 crore (approx)





  • That means lower that Jai Ho weekend collection….!
    I think Sunday collection will be 17cr. Let’s see morning…!

  • it has been collecting around 17.5cr today just a early estimate by occupancy u reported in evening.if Monday figures will come below 8cr then fan will be around 95-100cr. max.

  • Salman & Akshay donates 10 cr respectively to #yashraj films nd #red chillies after Fan’s Debacle ?

  • I am not a SRK fan…watched his movie in theatre after 7yrs(MNIK), luved FAN ,don’t know why collections has dropped….hope it remain steady on Mon…Bollywood req more movies like FAN ….
    FAN is a landmark movie in Indian Cinema History,No Songs,Solid Story,Stellar SRK,Fab Direction…

  • what u mean by decent grosser? U mean only collection matters not the landing cost? ?? U called brothers a complete flop on 85 cr collection because of high budget nd expectations,even Fan’s budget nd expectations were high.

    Have some guts to call it a clear failure.
    Don’t mind!

  • I will be very happy if it does 18-19 crore..there is again a very small partial holiday on Tuesday so lets see how well the night shows on Monday hold up and how well it performs on Tuesday..the next two days are the real litmus test of the film..Hope for the best..Fingers crossed

  • Shame on the people who can’t support good cinema and making fun of biz. Tum logo ko ek bhi paisa nahin milega kamai ka.. Fan tum jaise pagal logo ko seekh dene ke liye bani hai.. Jaakar dekho

  • Life time will be 100 cr nett. Monday will be 8 cr. So this Eid only sultan. sultan will cross 250 nett this year. Salman the mega star of the century.

  • Decent collection..
    It will Collect more than 120 cr with semi hit verdict…
    the Acting of SRK Was terrific better than Akki in Airlift…
    #Fasal kerala

  • @sunny Akkiholic, Lol, I hope Salman Khan and Akki also give MYANMAR DVD seller Cox they huge lose.
    Where are @xzone??? He want only surpass weekend and lifetime collection of Jai movie.

  • Leave it man…BO collection not important…Feelings are important…

    Tell us the feelings of Audience in theaters…

    Fan already won hearts on 2nd day itself & we thanked Srk for making such a beautiful,mind blowing etc etc film…

    By the way i am online here at 12.20 am just tell you that BO collection is not important…

  • Fan jabra disaster
    17 crore for sunday i think and then big drop of 60% on monday 2 back to back flop
    mogli mar gaya srk ki

  • @Anuj Dear so called SRK fan, if his movie doesn’t do well then expect that he won’t do anymore movies since who wants too invest on someone that doesn’t do good at the box office?….. Well just ignore Udta punjab there some special challenged friend that want too invest on Shahid but don’t thin for a minute they will invest on SRK if he makes flops.

  • @Sunny makkhiholic
    SRK will donate 50 cr For #neeraj pandey After the disaster of Rustom..
    #Fasal kerala

  • @Amol… I think you copied SRK’s tweet. He said the same thing.. leave collections lets talk about feelings..

    If audience felt anything in theatres.. the collections would have been more..

    But if you really want to talk about feeling.. the only feeling I got was to leave the theatre as soon as possible :D

  • For FAN business is not important. It will bring a lot of awards and a lot of appreciation and SRK brand internationally will raise . Please wait and watch

  • And Double Standards Haters Barking Again. When SRK does Class, they want box office & when he does films for box office they ask Class

  • So Srk is making a way for Hrithik for the 3rd position well done srk Bollywood and all the srk haters need this type of movie to see ur falling stardom

  • I’m not wonder if @kali, @sss, @xzone, @romance..rude, @fan the 5000cr all are disappears by seeing weekend collection of Fan movie. :-D :-P :-D

  • If FAN had 3songs in the film and edited 2nd half little bit then weekned will be 85cr at momemt if FAN manage to do 85 in 1st week then it will be huge, due to lack of mass appeal Fan suffer if FAN made properly with songs n mass apple n directed by Smit amin istade of The Great Director Manish sharma then FAN sureshoot cross 200cr but now 130cr is a uphill task hope FAN do it and become hit #ThankYouSRKForFAN

  • @Romance King.. hahaha.. What was Airlift? Neerja? PK?

    They were all class and did well also… SRK films are all shit including Fan.. he’s lost his audience, noone wants to watch his films except some of his fans.

    Some magazine should do a photoshoot with him and caption it as FINISHED

  • So now, the film of ‘Duniya ki sabse bada superstar ki film’ is struggling to recover costs?? What a power he has!!!

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