Dhoom 3 grosses Rs 500 crore worldwide

Dhoom 3Yash Raj Film’s Dhoom 3 has become the first film to gross more than ? 500 crore worldwide. The film has ? 269.5 crore net in India (India gross 350.35 crore) and added around Rs 156 crore from the overseas markets to take its worldwide gross to around ? 506 crore.

Dhoom 3 has comprehensively beaten Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express which grossed ? 419 crore worldwide, a record that was set during Eid 2013.

The Aamir Khan – Katrina Kaif starrer has also become the highest overseas grosser of all time. Ahead of 3 Idiots (? 125 crore), Chennai Express (? 120.5 crore) and My Name Is Khan (? 105 crore).

Top 5 Highest Worldwide grossers

  • Dhoom 3 – ? 506 crore (expected to touch ? 550 cr)
  • Chennai Express - ? 419 crore
  • 3 Idiots - ? 393 crore
  • Krrish 3 - ? 373 crore
  • Ek Tha Tiger - ? 315 crore


  • Dhoom3 would have got this much with KRK instead of aamir khan….hiked ticket price,brand name & 3 open weeks….not a big deal…..

  • Dhoom 3 deserves every bit of success. Loved aamir and katrina in the movie, they rocked big time. I have seen dhoom 3 six times still can’t get over it,it was absolutely awesome.

  • The addition of worldwide grossers of 2 Aamir khan’s movies(3 idiots+Dhoom 3) after Dhoom 3 ends its run will go nearly 1000 crores.This is unbelievable.Other Global stars of bollywood will not even reach 700 crores after adding their 2 movies worldwide gross.

  • @Sakhi
    In 2008
    Aamir broke SRK’s RNBDJ record after 1 MONTH with almost 25 crore margin
    In 2009
    Aamir broke his own Ghajini record after 1 YEAR with 90 crore margin
    In 2013
    SRK beat Aamir’s record after 4 years with 6 crore margin
    Aamir broke SRK’s record after 3 months with 70 crore margin
    Aamir is far ahead of SRK in terms of Box office.

  • yes a film can do very well with a big franchise and a top superstar inspite of not being a very good film…..but no film rewrites history because of 3 open weeks or a big franchise name or a big superstar……yes it can cross 100-150 cr business ….maybe more but this kind of redefining success comes only with a POSITIVE word of mouth……it not possible otherwise……

    we all know what negative word of mouth can do to any film…..it is clear that word of mouth of Dhoom 3 ranges from average to very good…..

  • @SAKHI
    If KRK would have been in Chennai Express it would have done 400 crores in India itself, due to the heavy promotion, Deepika, Rohit shetty, Eid release, huge ticket prices, Special appearance of Rajnikanth…etc….
    208 crore for a film with so many advantages is very low
    After seeing SRK’s face in the trailer, many people did not watch CE. He cannot act.

  • @sakhi not only KRK even if u would have acted the box office collection would have been same but the only difficulty u would have faced is while driving BMW rocket speed bike your Lungi would have been blown in that bridge stunt scene when bike transforms in air.lol

  • Aamir Khan – Founder of 500 Crore club worldwide now. Congrats to whole team. Anyways, I thought overseas collections are considered in terms of US Dollars, has it gone past 3 Idiots record of $25-26 million? I think its pretty close.

  • SrK with fans = 419 crores (wow)
    Amir with Sallu, ajay, akshay,& hrithik fans 550 crores only how cheap

  • Worst movie ever in india…aamir’s pathetic selection…,this record will b shatterd by jai ho itself….no doubt…

  • It is not a big deal for the biggest franchise in country with releasing in 4500screens,3 open weeks,hugely hiked ticket prices,2 or 3 holidays(25,31,01,etc.).

  • Wow 500 crore on an average movie……………I think Aamir should thank abhishek, uday and Hrithik/John for blessing him with a gr8 franchise………………it is obvious he CANNOT rewrite history by himself, u can see this by looking at net figures of Talassh………………why didnt Talassh break 3idiots record if chotu khan was so gr8……………………………..u guys say SRK took 4 yrs to break Aamir record but Aamir took almost 2 decades b4 he started to give hits consistently……………………SRK has given hits and good performances since 1992…………….chotu khan was struggling in 90’s………………His one big hit RH was mainly due to Karisma Kapoor…….this perFAKEtionist idea of being a gr8 actor is by being serious in his roles………..ppl serious doesnt not mean good actor……………Hrithik is a better actor than Aamir………………SRK is the best actor/most watchable actor in India………..look at bazzigar, daar, DDLJ, RamJane,Pardes, DON2, Swades, CDI, JTHJ,CE,Veer Zarra etc. he gave gr8 performances in these movies and showcased his versitality and amazing acting skills and charm/charisma……………….in Ghajini Aamir grunts and huffs and puffs like he is bruce banner turning into hulk lol

  • Also u guys put down SRK for only beating 3idiots record after 4 yrs…………..but in fact he shud be praised because within 4 yrs no other star even came close to 3idiots record(202 nett)…………..not even salman who was in the best phase of his career (ETT did 186nett). So instead of applauding SRK for first breaking record, u insult him, nuthing he does will ever be good enough…………………u guys shud be in reality be insulting the other stars(Akshay,Salman, Ajay, Ranbir etc.) whose movies never got close to 3idoiots……………..even Aamir took 4 yrs to beat record and that to needed the 3rd instalment in the biggest franchise in bollywood…………………CE was a full on entertaining movie which was very well received by audience and had best Word of Mouth of 2013 and most loved movie of 2013 along with K3 and D3………….it did incredibly well for a small movie that is not a franchise……………….but i guess haters have to hate :)

  • @rick “How is the WOM for Dhoom 3 in India…?”

    Seriously if you arent an imbecile then you must be pretty damn stupid not to know that if a film can gross 13 cr in its THIRD weekend then it must have excellent WOM as it has got repeat audience…! Kya bakwaas baat /sawaal karte hai yeh lungiwala fans…

  • Congrats to all cinelovers and genuine fans as Dhoom3 is a deserving film of all accolades/ records that come its way…! So ecstatic and quietly pleased that ‘sakhi rawants’ barbaric prophecy did not come true that D3 had negative WOM…! I guess this troll ‘rick’ believed in Sakhi Rawant as he too must have been expecting there to be negative WOM…!

    You 2 losers must meet one another as your compatibility is strikingly similar…! :-P

  • @sakhi rawant If KRK had acted in Dhoom 3, the question is not if it would have collected as much but would you have watched it…?
    You admitted to illegally downloading a copy of D3 and how you only saw 15 mins so would you go to a nearby theatre to watch KRK and pay 900r to watch a non Srk movie…?

    You lungiwalas talk alot of nonsense, sense in your arguements takes a vacation and you left with just hot air and words which carry no weightage with you. You want this, that and the other but deep down all you want is people to watch crappy srk movies all year round so that he can break D3s new BO records…! We all know what you want but sadly for you just like everything else in your sad miserable life you wont obtain your wants as you dont deserve it…! :-P

  • @ Sakhi: Then why Don 2 did not break the records of 3 Idiots? Hiked prices, more screens, great franchise and 3 weeks open.

  • dhoom 3 is rocking the boxoffice collection both in domestic and overseas collection aamir khan done it again after creating 200cr.300cr.400cr club worldwide he again created 500cr club aamir khan rocks .now overrated lungiwala srk will take another 5 years to break this record lol.

  • Though it’s great, from my expectations it underperforms in India if it doesn’t gross in excess of 300cr and overperformed in overseas already. But the film itself is too average, this year ended with a Dhoom in terms of box office, not content.

  • As expected not a big deal but still collections are bit more den wat was expected…500 was always there on the cards..going by current trend it is all set to enter 550…. surprise package of the year was YJHD undoubtedly.. and to a certain extent CE… nobody expected them to gross so much…

    It was always D3 K3 Kick, Beshram and sher khan( which never happened) all trade pandits were talking

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