December 2009 – Bollywood Movie Releases

We enter the last and most crucial month of the year with close to Rs 150 crores at stake at the box office.

Like last month, the month of December too promises to offer film buffs loads of variety and entertainment. Have a look at all the films lined up for release in December 2009

December 3rd 2009

  • Radio – Himesh is back! The nasal singing sensation turned actor, Himesh’s first film Aap Ka Surroor was a runaway Hit at the box office, but his second – Karzzzz – put his fans and the rest of us to sleep. With Radio he promises to bounce back and prove himself as an actor. The promos, targeted mainly at the youth, has created enough buzz. With low costs, the film should do reasonably well.

Note – Radio releases on Thursday, a day before Paa.

December 4th 2009

  • Paa – An impressive trailer of a film that is expected to be remembered as Amitabh Bachchan’s best performance ever. Paa directed by R Balki (Cheeni Kum) also stars Abhishek Bachchan, Paresh Rawal and Vidya Balan. The expectations from the film are high, the verdict will be out this weekend.

December 11th 2009

  • Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year – Like Chak De India the promotions of Ranbir Kapoor’s Shimit Amin directed Rocket Singh, is relatively low key. Yashraj expect the film to grow on word of mouth. What should help the film big time, is the super success of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. While the opening isn’t expected to be close as good, Ranbir Kapoor presence should ensure a good first weekend.

December 25th 2009

  • 3 Idiots – The biggest film of the year arrives.. Calling Aamir Khan’s last film Ghajini a super success, would be an understatment. The film did earth shattering business and is the only Bollywood film to cross 100 crores nett at the Indian box office. Expecting 3 Idiots to do similar business would be foolish, since the movie doesn’t hold the same mass-appeal like Ghajini did. Yet, 3 Idiots is expected to do wonders – both commercially and critically. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani of Munnabhai fame, 3 Idiots also starring Kareena Kapoor, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani releases this Christmas.

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  • Who cares pakistan.hahaha all akki fans got superexcited at the timeof sing is who cares..shame on u..sallu veer jindabad

  • Radio: Flop(In theatrical run,though it may hav recoverd the investments)

    Paa: Average (Due to low cost)

    Rocket Singh: Flop(Nothing looks gr8 about it, ppl wer gung ho wen AJAB did well,they made him d next superstar…. Mark my Word.. ROCKET SINGH will be a BIG flop)

    3 IDIOTS: SuperHit at most (Coz its not a mass movie, classy songs wont appeal to masses, not so gr8 promotions…..)

    @ Nauman….. 3 Idiots is not a masala comedy…

    3 idiots will do good but highly unliely to beat Wanted’s 37 crore distributor share…

  • Indicine Team , Chak De had SRK…. Ranbir is far-far behind SRK…. Chak de also had A Hit song going for it…

    Chak de had better promotions than Rocket Singh… The songs suck… Plus Movie does not look exciting either…

    Also Chak de was a Gr8 movie so it clicked….. It’s opening week was aweful with around 12-13 crore…

    Rocket singh has only 2 weeks…. After that 3 Idiots will come….

    Rocket Singh wont cross even 20 crore lifetime buisness…. So a this point it looks like a sure shot flop!!!

  • Amit– u seem to have some personality disorder dude….;) u keep changin ur statements every nw n den… once u support akshay den once u get a sallu fan u change ur behaviour…

    after followin ur comments it seems so.. sorry ‘my opinion’ thou…. he he

  • Indicine team– agree with ur view on rocket singh… it has already created a lot of hype bcoz of ranbir.. and d brand name SINGH `ll create d magic….;)

  • I think 3 idiots will have a huge opening and may better the ghajini opening purely because it is being released on close to 4000 screens (which is almost double the amount as compared to regular blockbusters, according to the makers).Aamir khan’s films have regularly done great business at multiplexes and even if 3 idiots does 90% business at multiplexes during the opening weekend then a 50 cr. nett first weekend is a possibility.I think mnik will suffer on the count that recent karan johar movies (even those including srk like kank,khnh) haven’t done that great business in India as compared to the overseas market (where it looks like breaking all records).So my gut feeling says that 3 idiots may just set a new 1st week record of nett collections purely due to a heavy multiplex release and also because of the fact that as we move downwards of India starting from mumbai, aamir khan enjoys the numero uno status as far as bollywood is concerned and this reflects in the collections of his previous movies in these regions.As for radio it has already recovered its investments.paa will be a hit as it has a low budget and big b’s new avatar has evoked curiosity.rocket singh will be a case of extremes; either it will be a hit or a disaster all thanks to the low key publicity.

  • Hi, just forgot to add that only avatar looks like spoiling 3 idiots’ party as it releases prior to a week before 3 idiots and if it does a 2012 in India then 3 idiots opening collections might just get affected.

  • @amish.m a sallu fan from day 1.,its just ki i dun hate akki does not make me akki fan..akki fans u always have sum problem.sallu fan basing akki or praising akki u always hve problem..

  • Amit– dont misunderst me dude… u praise akki or degrade him.. tats fine but tellin shame on u akshay fans etc.. just as al sallu fans r not bad akki fans r not bad.. compared to d arrogance wat salman fans show akshay fans r far more better.. none fights just by goin into some other page not related n bash rt..

    … u praise akshay at d same time degrade him and his fans… tat s a bit weird…

    u can hate or praise any1 its ur personal choice but doing both together s not justified…:)

  • Oh man Radio has been thrashed like hell… expected thou…;)

    best part of one review was-

    “Himesh Reshammiya was right when he said in a recent interview that the film had recovered its worth even before the release. Perhaps it has, and perhaps the makers should have left well enough alone and not bothered with the theatrical release of the film. Whatever goodwill and accolades Himesh collected after the audio release are likely to be drowned in the brickbats that may well come after its theatrical release today.”

  • Payal:
    i m going to Paa at 7:30 pm show tonight just after 15 min so i ll put my review on this page at 6 pm ist.
    so stay tune with me.

  • Indiecine team:
    if i ll put the review of Paa then would u put it on front page like DDD???
    i ll put it near to 6 pm ist tonite.

  • Amish i challange u to put any comment where i bashed akki..i just said shame on akki fans coz u r saying ki who cares pakistan,..

  • Amit– in most popular actors votin page wer ur comment was deleted….;) u did say some very bad things to me remember….;)

    ok forget it dude… DDD s hit and akki s back in form.

    nw al r lookin forward for Veer.. lets hope for d best…..:)

  • Glamsham gives Paa 4/5….

    its rainin stars once again…;) am sure this movie `ll be appreciated by one and all…..

  • Review Paa
    When 67 years old Amitabh Bachan is performing as a 12 years old special child.
    When abhishek bachan is father of his real father
    When bidya balan is mother of Amitabh Bachan.
    When Amitabh Bachan is performing his career best performance.
    You should not have any excuse to stay at home. Go to nearest cinema and get the ticket of Paa.
    Auro ( Amitabh Bachan) is 12 years old child who is suffering with a very rare disease called Progeria in this disease kids grow up very fast and they are 5,6 times ahead from their real age. Abhishek and vediya balan are illegal parents of Amitabh Bhachan.
    In a school function Amitabh and Abhishek meets and then they become good friends. Abhishek take Amitabh to delhi to show him presidential house because it is Amitabh’s great wish. Then all movie is about their relations and how he tells his father that I m your illegal son.
    Story is very different then other movies. We have watched speciall kids movies Koi Mil Gaya and Main aisa hi hoo, but this is different than others. First thing first, Auro ( Amitabh ) is not a abnormal person he is more intelligent then his other class fellows. He is just suffering in a very rare disease. In promos it shows that Amitabh is abnormal but it is not true.
    Amitabh Bachan was his career best role in this movie. He proved that he is really a legend of bollywood I don’t think so he can do this type of role again. His get up his voice, dialogue delivery every single thing is fantastic.
    Abhishek Bachan as a young politician proved his self again. After Guru it was his second best performance.
    Vidya Balan is also good his role is similar to Heyy Babyy not very much difference. She looks good as a 34 years old Doctor.
    Paresh Rawal is also good as father of Abhishek.
    Iliyaraja is musicion of Paa and he did very good job according to story according to sitation every song is good, specially Mudi Mudi and last title song Paa are good songs, Specially last song Paa it comes when credits start and on that time people were going out from cinema suddenly song start and every one sat back on their chairs because singer of this song is Auro and he has very very emotional voice. Lyrics of this song is also very emotional. Paa is best song of the movie and I saw first time that audience stay back for ending song.
    Negative Points:
    1. Screenplay is very poor of this movie
    2. 1st half belongs to abhishek’s political career. His press conferences, conspiracy agains him, his Delhi visits, which were not necessary. You will thing that we are watching a political movie and there was no role for Amitabh . It looks like guest Amitabh has only appearance.
    3. There is no romance and love between Abhishek and Vidya. In 5 min mudi mudi song they fall in love , physical relation, pregnant and then breakup .
    4. At interval when Amitabh knows that his father is Abhishek, there were no emotions interval point could be more emotional
    In the whole Paa is Good movie which has good performances by Amithab and Abhishek. Good music and different idea, but due to weak screen play and week first half movie falls down.
    At box office Paa can get average business but it can get critical claim like black.
    My rating is 3 / 5 xxx

  • Very Good Nauman, good job i think this film is 4 critics not 4 audience, i hope it will click @ boxoffice.

  • By the way, good review Nauman.. But guess it deserves a star or half more.. “Go to nearest cinema and get the ticket of Paa.”

  • Amitabh’s best performence got 3 out of 5. ha ha ha….sorry for laughing but i cant stop it.very interesting waiting for indicine.

  • indicinea team:
    thx for ur appreciation.
    just cut some political sceens and add more romantic chemistry of vidya and abhishek and get .5 star more . and give some more emtions at interval and at climax and get .5 star more.
    i didnt mean that big b has guest appearance . 1st half belongs to abhishek’s political activities which wasnt necessory. this movie belongs to Auro not Amol. and writer had focus on Amol and he forgot about Auro, which i noticed.
    and if u want to talk abhi akshay in ddd then ddd has 27 charctors but paa has only 5. and if some one is missing in 27 charecters it doesnt mean , others can handle but if main lead is missing then who will handle the script.
    just let me know that r u agree with me or not that political part should be less and romantic chemistry should be more ???

  • unknown:
    best performance doesnt belongs to movie. if movie hasnt any thing then wht will u do with performance. performace can get awards but for star rating movie should be good and flawless. unfortunatly paa is not flawless so i cant give it 4/5 or 4.5/5
    may be 3.5/5 but 4/5 impossible. and who he wants to give it 4/5 then i will say only one thing watch this movie again with me then i ll show him whts wrong in the movie.

  • indicine team:
    i really dont want to fight with u at this time like DDD and kurbaan, and i m hopefull u will be agree with my review.
    have u seen paa ???
    taran didnt see yet and he is the man who gives review earlier than others.
    glam sham 4/5
    buzz 18 3.5/5
    nauman 3/5
    indicine 3.5/5 ( im hopefull u will give 3.5)

    so movie is getting good report.
    but i dont think so it will work on boxoffice . wht do u think indicine???

  • And Nauman, I’m getting really jealous of u man…u get to see all movies before any reviews come out… How I wish I too cud watch movies without any reviews influencing my mind.

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