December 2009 – Bollywood Movie Releases

We enter the last and most crucial month of the year with close to Rs 150 crores at stake at the box office.

Like last month, the month of December too promises to offer film buffs loads of variety and entertainment. Have a look at all the films lined up for release in December 2009

December 3rd 2009

  • Radio – Himesh is back! The nasal singing sensation turned actor, Himesh’s first film Aap Ka Surroor was a runaway Hit at the box office, but his second – Karzzzz – put his fans and the rest of us to sleep. With Radio he promises to bounce back and prove himself as an actor. The promos, targeted mainly at the youth, has created enough buzz. With low costs, the film should do reasonably well.

Note – Radio releases on Thursday, a day before Paa.

December 4th 2009

  • Paa – An impressive trailer of a film that is expected to be remembered as Amitabh Bachchan’s best performance ever. Paa directed by R Balki (Cheeni Kum) also stars Abhishek Bachchan, Paresh Rawal and Vidya Balan. The expectations from the film are high, the verdict will be out this weekend.

December 11th 2009

  • Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year – Like Chak De India the promotions of Ranbir Kapoor’s Shimit Amin directed Rocket Singh, is relatively low key. Yashraj expect the film to grow on word of mouth. What should help the film big time, is the super success of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. While the opening isn’t expected to be close as good, Ranbir Kapoor presence should ensure a good first weekend.

December 25th 2009

  • 3 Idiots – The biggest film of the year arrives.. Calling Aamir Khan’s last film Ghajini a super success, would be an understatment. The film did earth shattering business and is the only Bollywood film to cross 100 crores nett at the Indian box office. Expecting 3 Idiots to do similar business would be foolish, since the movie doesn’t hold the same mass-appeal like Ghajini did. Yet, 3 Idiots is expected to do wonders – both commercially and critically. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani of Munnabhai fame, 3 Idiots also starring Kareena Kapoor, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani releases this Christmas.

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  • indicine
    Taran also mentioned same negative point which i mentioned that whole 1st half belongs to polictics wasnt necessory , and it takes movie out of track.
    i cut .5 for this reason.
    and just compair paa with heyy babyy. akki and vidya had 15 min romantic chemistry and then physicall relation and then pregnancy. but in paa love start from mudi mudi and break up when mudi mudi finish. 1st half should be more romantic instead of political darama.
    am i right ????
    when u will put ur rating just keep these things in ur mind.

  • fullermat
    just get the visa of australia, newzealand or fiji. if u will be in fiji or in newzealand u can watch every movie before me .

  • Hina
    is Paa releasing in pakistan as well ????
    where r u from in lahore?? i am from beadon road , mall road , the famous chaman ice cream is just 2 min away from my home.
    i really miss my pak , my lahore . i dont know when i wll go there.

  • No wonders it ll get gud india recipe for gud rating r serius theme slow pace,rahul bose konkana sharma .eg black kurban,.crap was so overrated.

  • Numan,amitabh is a if it is his best,than it should be something i think u wanted to say one of his the way i liked ur review.sorry if i hurt u.

  • Numan vai,amitabh is a if it is his best,than it should be something i think u wanted to say one of his the way i liked ur review.sorry if i hurt u.

  • Nauman: last tym with ddd u said that u will post the review at 6pm and u posted it at 8pm n today its the other way. Review was already posted 2 hours ago.
    Anyways gud review. But i dnt think it deserve 3. Less than 3 would do if 1st half is all political. No spark ! I am nt going to waste money on this one 4 sure. My next movie is 3 idiots n nothing b4 that. N nauman u liked the music? It sucks ! Pathetic lyrics.

  • Fullermat : if u dnt want ur mind to get along with any of the reviews published, better dnt read them. It will save on ur tym and also money incase u r planning to go to fiji . Joke apart. Don’t take it in a wrong way ! Can i ask u where r u from?

  • @nauman i live in johar town… n famous chaman ice cream has opened near my house tooo..i love mall road..No i dun think Paa is releasing here..I will watch it on dvd over the weekend..

  • reading the review of paa i have already dicided not to watch this silly south indian film and no not even download for this film i dont wanna see that creep abhishek with his sullen bloated up face and size 38 waist anywhere… god knows why they make such films?? TZP was an experience in movie watch too doesnt also figure anywhere on my radar.. 3 idiots would be somewhere to my liking i guess so shall think of putting money .. not sure i will go with my gut feeling then..that rocket singh looks a copy of some jim carrey flick … and i hate copies

  • Movie is certainly not for the audience. I watched it today and its not up to the mark. The factor that is missing is entertainment. Big b’s performance is definitely top notch but baby b is just so average. Vidya is okk. Movie will be critically acclaimed but won’t create magic at the box office. Paa gets too monotonous in the first half and much better in the second half. When you quit the theatre, you will end up thinking as to why i wasted my time and money on this. Music is not at all good. Mudi mudi has a good tune though but rest of the songs are torture if you listen them again once after coming from the theatre. Audience will surely prefer to watch de dana dan than paa and radio because it entertains and not make you feel bored even for a while. Paa is certainly a flop show ! 2.5/5 is what all it deserves. I could have given more if the emotions were better. Lets see what RANN will be like. I guess another flop.

  • Megha– ha h aha ah ah aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha………………………………………………………..

    ok enough of d fake laugh…. do u ever get satisfied by anythin in ur life……

    wen did u measure abhisheks waist…..;) peculiar creature u r….. want to get some attention here.. but by this, Indicine `ll only delete ur comment never reply u….;)

  • 3 idiot-superhit-blockbuster….if bad …minimum hit
    rocket singh:Low promotion doesnot mean movie is good like Chak de india…..It will be flop-avg
    paa-avg-hit(because 700 screening so)
    Radio-flop-avg(because of low cost)

  • paa– flop
    rocket singh– blockbuster flop
    3 idiots— super duper blockbuster

    and for the time being… de dana dan de dana dan dil mera bole de dana dan

  • Raghu: ddd is a laughing riot and doesn’t make you feel bored but it would be difficult for you to bear the first half of paa. Box office collections will prove it for paa. I am certainly sound. And wonder if you are alright in calling me mad for praising ddd. You mean to say that The entire india is mad because are watching ddd and laughing holding their tummies. Laughing is even an exercise and what would you say that mourning is also an exercise? No it isn’t . I don’t know why people get so argumentative if someone doesnt like the movie of their favourite star. No doubts performance by big b is good but abhi is just so abysmal. Look at the music of these 2 movies. Music of paa is ‘YUCK’ while that of ddd is just fantastic . I am not stopping you from going to the plex neither can i. I was just putting my views. And yes ‘EVERY MAD MAN FEELS THAT THE PEOPLE AROUND HIM ARE MAD’. I guess you have not watched ddd. Go and watch ddd and try to revive yourself out of the boredom of your life

  • Box Office

    Radio : Utter flop (dont watch the movie)

    Paa : ** for AB(sr) 1/2* for AB(Jr)

    3 Idiots : ***** AK On Hat trick … 25 dec lucky for amair Khan ……Blockbuster movie of 2009..
    good ending of 2009 Bolly BO

    VEER & Kites : ***** Blockbuster movie of 2010 … good opening for bollywd industry

    MNIK : a SUperhit movie

  • 3idiots – super duper flop as mangal pandey
    veer blockbuster
    mnik blockbuster
    kites – bumper flop.(after releasing promo when they saw dull response they delay their release)

  • what do i do if they are not making good films?? i cant be hypocritical and admire each and everything that is served to me.. if im used to seeing the best why should i settle for second /third best>>.. and that is my advice to people .. first see the product judge for yourself ask epolple around if yuou need it and then buy the product.. please do not blow up your money over trash.. ddd paa radio doesnt the name itself tell u whats it gonna be .. and how people find these dumb movies for their appreciation i donno ..some says i like the first half dont like the second did anyone say that for titanic?? for twilight?? for gajini?? ek duje ke liye?? the movie ..any movie should be able to engross you for the next two hrs and a half.. if it requires songs please put them if not then do away with it..
    ithink even black was bad movie it wasnt engrossing only the childs acting was good.. amitabhdoes his usual stuff aamir also commented in his interview on aap ki adalat that he didnt like black and amitabh invited him for dinner and asked him why?? aamir told him that he has not seen anyone treat that dumb bling girl treated by his sir anything like it was shown in the movie.. so merely throwing hands here and there making gawky sounds doesnt make your performance stand apart.. im sure if i see TZP even today im gonna cry at the same scene wcich ive seen before .. now thats what i call a movie .. all here mst realize that such south indian remakes must be given the boot so that these very people make sensible movies.. and we are not made to see this father son combo again

  • rocket singh will to prove it’s script . i think guys , it’s a fantestic script . it ‘s show a man or salesman will power – “what can a person do ? how can he do ? how can he think in a positive way ? how can he use his full effort to do a work ? ” that’s only reason it will a suerhit movie .

  • The Media will finish Ranbir’s kapoor’s carrier………… is a decent actor…..hw will grow slowly. with just one hit and one simi hit, you cannot call him a super star……..he has to really work hard and get some good movies and give hits for 4 to 5 years like shahrukh khan, amir khan,salman khan , hritik roshan and akshay kumar……..

    Himesh must concentrate in creating good music…..please for god’s sake stop acting.

    Rocket singh will be a flop….very ordinary movie and with weak story line, very disappointing direction after chek de india.

    3 Idiots….will be a good movie and will be hit

    My nane is Khan is releasing next year and will be sUPER hIT because of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol.

  • may be it wud have been a real competation if our bollywood releases go on face to face with hollywood releases…………………how long we give a way to hollywood…………it may be the best……………but we r not worst…………………..come on guyz`compete hard u will win hard…………………

  • New Superstar of the milenium is non other than ” Tushar Kapoor ” , Son of Jitendra and brother of Ekta Kapoor . The only Handsome and charming personalitiy in film industry , truly lady killer with great acting potential , good dancer . See his acting talent in ” Gayab ” . His looks are like hollywood hero .

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