De Dana Dan Box office updates

Akshay Kumar’s De Dana Dan has opened to a fantastic response at the box office, once again reaffirming the stars super-strong fan following.

What came as a pleasant surprise are those long queues outside single screens across the country, with poor quality theaters in the remotest areas of Bangalore and Mumbai †bustling with people all excited to catch Akki, Paresh and Suniel once again on the big screen.

While the business during the weekends was strong all over the country, its the first working weekday business that holds the key to the film’s success at the box office. Fortunately for Akshay Kumar, unlike his other films this year, De Dana Dan held up pretty well on Monday recording close to 4 crores – aided big time by the strong business at single screens.

The reports in the media of a drop on Monday, is mainly restricted to the multiplexes, which witnessed a drop of close to 50%.

With both films (Paa – Radio) releasing this week, targeted mainly at the multiplex audience, the second week of De Dana Dan should remain strong on single screens.†HIT status or more looks highly likely now.


  • Day 1 (Friday) – 6.75 crores
  • Day 2 (Saturday) – 8.5 crores
  • Day 3 (Sunday) – 8 crores
  • Weekend – 23.5 crores
  • Day 4 (Monday) – 3.25 crores
  • Day 5 (Tuesday) – 2.75 crores
  • Day 6 (Wednesday) – 2.25 crores
  • Day 7 (Thursday) – 2.25 crores

Total Week 1 – 34 crores


Week 2 – Not too great a start on its second Friday and with the Paa wave all over the country, De Dana Dan is no longer the first choice. Due to high costs and dip in business from Tuesday, the movie is likely to be the 3rd Average grosser for Akshay Kumar this year. 2 flops to begin the year and 3 average grossers to end it.

Week 2 is likely to be around 10 crores nett. DDD should wrap up under 50 crores.



  • @Indicine
    Sunday was better than saturday according to all sources..
    Then how ur sunday fig is less?
    Its abt 8.75 cr acc to bollybusiness,..
    Plz explain..

  • Strong opening because of trio of Hera Pheri and priydarshan, the director, a succesful team. But not this time because of poor story and un-necessary comedy. Actor like johny leve, asrani done good job instead of lead actors.

  • Not too sure about that. After calculating all the figures we received, Sunday was slightly lower than Saturday. These are approx figures not 100% accurate.

  • DDD strong at the box office first week but movie not a very good this week 2 big movie release paa-radio
    2nd week big drop and just above ave not a hit and super hit

  • @Indicine
    Your 1st weekend prediction was 22 cr.
    And it has scored 23.5 cr
    Thats quite good prediction..
    Now at this condition what you predict for rest of the week and 2nd weekend?
    I expect 33 cr for 1st week & 8 cr for 2nd weekend..
    Plz reply…

  • harsh 23.5 crore weekend + 4 crore on monday =27.5 crores already. in these scenario atlast 8-9 crores should come in this week.means 36 crore first week.n next weekend can come in the range of 8-10 crores bcoz of 2 films realeasing… telly will be anywhere bitween 54-60 crores..hit or superhit…… blockbuster……….remembar my words…


  • :Abroxy : Neither Paa nor Radio is a big release, atleast in India i knw u wont Agree But iam sure after 1st weekend for these movies u’ll agree

  • Quite Strange that there is no comment from Nauman on this page yet…….Nauman Have you taken my words very seriously????????? Well go and watch Paa this weekend and post your review about the movie… I will definitely go through your review abt that movie and please don’t forget to mention the flaws in the movie…….

    No need to leave your comments abt me on this page as I visit 1 page once…………lol

  • Tawny! Control your self and just watch the magic of King kumar donít be jealous.
    I understand some peoples feeling. Success of DDD is a heart braking news for them

  • I would love to see DDD to become a blockbuster but unfortunately I dont see that happening unless it has an excellent second weekend… Hit\Superhit for sure though :)

  • I saw DDD on saturday and liked it. Everybody were expecting ddd 2 b another Hera Pheri but film like Chupke Chupke(Dharmendra’s), Padosan(Sunil Dutt), Golmal (old one), Hera Pheri (Akshay kumar) comes in a life time not every time. I will watch it again next weekend on sunday with my group (8 to 10) friends, half of whom have already seen it. We never care about critics review, v just want entertainment not rocket science, even a film like TZP I ” ll not go 2 cinema hall, I can see it When it releases on DVD. One more thing I wil get to see Akki N Kats sizzling rain song…..!

  • Komal Nahta (trade analyst) tells us that the actual budget including the print and marketing costs of De Dana Dan is around 60 crores. Hence, the movie will need to do minimum 60 – 65 crores for HIT status..

    The second week business will be very crucial now..

  • people all over the world have been quite cruel to the film ..alas it has bombed like kurbaan …teeye ki baithak is on thursday ..all are invited

  • INDICINE team– wy Komal? wy not taran?..;)

    and for 30cr budget it has to do 45-50cr for hit and for 60cr budget, 65cr for hit….?? wow…

    Ok who gave the Budget was 30cr in d beginnin??

    Am sure that above statement was to Tag DDD as flop in d comin days…;) am i rt….?

    y yaaar….. y….. (^_^)

  • Amish, the budget isn’t important here. The theatrical rights of India alone was sold for 30 crores to Baba Arts..

    Now, to be declared a HIT the film has to do double business which is 60 crores. A lot more than 60 crores to be super-hit and triple for Blockbuster (90 crores).

    So ideally 65 crores for a clean HIT.. Anything above 70 crores = Super-hit.

    And Amish, why worry? If Ajab Prem Ki managed 60 crores in 3 weeks, De Dana Dan starring a much bigger star should do much better with the kind of opening that it has got.

  • Indicine Team– simple Q… if d budget was tat high who on earth `ll sell it for 30cr all india rts…….???

    bcoz d budget was less dey sold it for 30cr rt…..

    Can u tel me hw u calculate it… just to increase my knowledge…;) In bollybusiness dey told if 40cr nett movie s hit and 55cr superhit and 65cr BB… with d calculation…
    i want hw u calculate…;) can u…

  • @Nauman
    We would really like you to watch Paa asap, and put your review on it..
    Btw your review for DDD was rocking..
    Akki rocks !!

  • @exclusive arun
    Thanx for ur response…
    First week should do like u said but im not so confident of it..
    Btw indicine has created new hoax abt the budget..
    I dont agree with then abt it..
    I dont think its that high..

  • Finally akki rocks..though film did good business during weekend but we wud expext to maintain the same rhythm during weekdays also so dat it will be a HIT.
    Also i feel dat PAA and RADIO will not going to give any kind of competition to DDD.
    @Indicine team,wats ur opinion on it.

  • De dana dan can surely cross 60 cr. Paa n radio doesn’t seem to b working much. Its only that they r low budget movie n wud probably get a hit status. 2nd week for ddd is bright.! Especialy this weekend when paa n radio releases, ddd will b the unrivalled movie of all and emerge as a hit certainly.

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