Chennai Express to gross 400 crore worldwide this week

Chennai ExpressAfter crossing the worldwide collections of 3 Idiots earlier this week, Chennai Express is likely to become the first film to gross Rs 400 crore worldwide.

So far, the Shahrukh Khan – Deepika Padukone starrer has collected Rs 219.24 crore net in India (286 crore gross) and around $17.5 million in the overseas markets (Rs 111 crore) – which total to a humongous Rs 397 crore worldwide. The film is likely to add around 4-5 crore this weekend.

Aamir Khan is popularly known as the founder of the 100 crore, 200 crore and 300 crore (worldwide) clubs. This time around though, it will be Shahrukh Khan who will be the first to gain entry into the ‘400 crore club’.

Highest Worldwide Grossers of All Time

  • Chennai Express – 397 crore (405 – 410 crore expected)
  • 3 Idiots – 393 crore
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 330 crore
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 313 crore
  • Dabangg 2 – 256 crore
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 238 crore
  • Bodyguard – 230 crore


  • just by giving one blockbuster srk does not become the king or no.1.. as it is the credit of CE does not go to srk.. rohit shetty, deepika, eid, 3 back to back holidays, independence day, no competition from OUATIMD, then holidays like rakhi, janamashtmi, paid media, huge hype n promotion.. the only credit that goes to srk is dirty politics! CE has saved srk’s sinking career just for some time.. CE is the first n last srk movie to break records

  • @aks i think you are totally mad like me(to hrithik) about Aamir i liked your dedication as you are a dedicated Aamir fan and the way you present your star is nice even gewone Xzone sakhi were nice in their expressions when i read your comments i forget about haters but i agree that aks have great writing skills i appreciate for that

  • @Dxt Namm it’s not just one blockbuster, it’s the biggest grossing ever.

    If this was about Hollywood you lot would go ape shit about gone with the wind being the highest grossing movie ever inflation included rather than avatar

  • Chennah Express 23days box office collection in India- 220.50crore.
    Total Worldwide- 400+crore.
    Box office India Net-203crore.
    All time blockbuster.

    Ye pehli Hindi film hai ke Box office India ke nett me hi 200crore paar kiya hai.

    Sirf box office India ka nett me hi 3idiot ka recor tod diya.

    3Idiots total life time collections- 202crore.
    Total Worldwide- 392crore.
    Box office India nett-188crore.

  • @Hamza khan dont challenge by film lnowledge ..and all these figures are given by UTV so deduct 10% ..or if you are happy dont jump When YRF comes out with its own figures!

  • Doesn’t make sense to me… if the domestic collection is 219 crores and the Overseas collection is 133 crores, shouldn’t the worldwide collection be 330 crores? Just curious..

  • Now haters r sayin CE is not atbb but it is bb!! Height of shamelessness.. Following idiotic BOI which everyone knows favours a certain tingu khan!! I dnt undrstnd how they show a diff of nearly 20 cr for srk movie, nearly 10 cr for all odr actors n not even a rupee lesser for tingu collections! Besides budget of CE is 70 cr n not 85 cr.. N a movie is declared atbb when either it triples d budget OR beats existing highest gross.. CE has done both! Shame on u haters if u r still trying to bring down CE.. Bunch of fools

  • @akshay, then why ghajini was declared atbb? As per your concept, for ghajini budget=50 crs, total collection=115 crs. So, 115/50=2.3. So don’t you think 2.3<2.44. So find out other excuse to justify your biased comments. And for your kind information budget of ce=75 crs. So 225/75=3, which is way greater than your so called atbb ghajini.

  • Exclusive E-24 Update:

    Arbaaz Khan is Planning to Take Srk as a Villan in Dabang 3……

    The Biggest News of the Year Arbaaz khan who is very much closer to Srk is dreaming something Bigger….
    Arbaaz Khan in his Latest Interview to a News Paper said: It was My Dream to Direct Salman Bhai and Srk Together bcoz we r like a family some missunderstandings occurs bt tht is Clear nw and i Hope My Dream becomes true as i wants Srk to play a Main Villan in Dagang 3 Opp Salman Bhai….
    He Added: It will be a Treat toboth the Fans of Salman bhai and Srk lets Hope for the Best….

    I think SRK should say no to this. Whats ur opinion SRKians?

  • @hriiklover thanks for you comment.

    highest overseas collection record is unbroken same like highest 2nd week,3rd week,4th week domestic even after 4 years of its release don’t say it having clash but still its 2nd,3rd & 4th week busineess below than YJHD and yjhd also having clashes each week and no holiday for support.

    @srk doing in style i think you not read my comment properly
    is ce only movie to cross 100 cr overseas=no
    i agree with you point 1,3 and already mentioned my previous comments
    is record that movie with clashes done 200 cr is record grow up dude, its business and not major record
    3I also having highest collection in weekend when it released and for ghajini do you think 114 cr of ghajini was easy to surpass remember your srk had passed ghajini once with margin of 3 cr by ra one before ce so in 5 year your srk not even touched the 120 cr domestic while JTHJ official figure is purely fake.
    and now srk fan saying srk in his bad phase after ce success to show that srk achieved in its bad phase, but friend srk never in bad phase his last crap movies collecting 100 cr so how can you call its bad phase even his good phase no movie of him passed 100 cr don’t make yourself fool with illogical comments

  • @sakhi no need to Aamir fans to care about him he is still the best in business you should care srk that after so much politics and holidays he able to collect 200cr+, just look after him bechara kahi khushi se pagla naa jaye……….

  • Last ATTB was Dabangg. Takes a lot to score an ATTB. SRK is not up to it, he makes lavish and costly movies, then spends a whole lot on promotions, in hope of recovering the costs.

    Only ones calling CE ATTB are the SRKians. It has not been recognised as an ATTB officially. Say whatever you like, it will not recognised as an ATTB. Its not a Tsunami, 3 idiots was. A movie that broke 200 crores when no other movie had been close to 150 crore, is a Tsunami.

    A movie that barely breaks 200 crore (will finish at 208 cr), when several movies have been abobe 150 crore, AND some have even come close to 200 crore, is NOT a tsunami.

    Stop denying facts folks.

  • @Akshay.. dude the very site u r posting calls CE an ATBB.. even ur fav BOI states that if a movie crosses the highest gross it is ATBB.. Haters like u will always cmnt shit.. get ur facts clear n look at every trade analyst declaration.. if even after 220 cr u are nt accepting a movie as ATBB then God help u n haters like u.. one day will come when ppl like u will say 2+2 is not 4 bcoz BOI says it is 3.25!! lol..

  • Many Congrats to All SRKians here is a Big News we were waiting for:

    And you thought you had seen it all in the UAE. Tom Cruise swinging around the Burj Khalifa.

    Salman Khan romancing Sonakshi Sinha at a Metro station. Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Khanna racing in the Jebel Hafeet mountains and Akshay Kumar wooing his lady love near the Hatta-Oman border.

    Now, it’s Dubai’s Atlantis. The ultra luxury Dubai resort has opened its door to Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan for a month-long shoot, which is uncommon, and the shoot starts today (September 1).

    Dubai has extended its hospitality to one of the biggest Bollywood productions spearheaded by director Farah Khan and her much awaited movie ‘Happy New Year’ (HNY).

    Farah, who arrived a couple of days early in Dubai, posted a picture of the HNY clapboard and tweeted: “STARTS 2DAY !! Thank u all 4 ur good wishes n positive energy!”

    The lights, cameras and locations are all set and some of the most talented actors from Bollywood will shoot here in Dubai.

    The Dolphin Bay and the pristine beach at the Atlantis have been zeroed in on by Farah. The rest of the shoot will take place mostly indoors.

    Not just the Atlantis, the Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping malls, will play host to ‘Happy New Year’ team.

    Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, who are still basking in the superlative success of ‘Chennai Express’, will be the lead pair.

    ‘Happy New Year’ will also feature Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah.

    Last month the director came down to Dubai along with the executive producer of Red Chillis Entertainment, Niraj Pamwani, to scout for locations and completed the technical recce.

    Choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan tweeted that she has finished costume trials with Shah Rukh and recorded a song with composer Vishal Dadlani.

    Leading to the shoot Farah posted a series of tweets on her upcoming shoot.

    “Hav nevr waited 4 a Sunday sooo much. Buttrflies doing their bit. SUPER EXCITED.” Sonu u only shooting frm Monday.”

    “Just finished costume trials with @iamsrk ..wah sir,kya look invent hua hain..”

    “Hectic Packing 4 a month’s stay in dubai..all I really want 2 pack n take are my 3 kids…” (sic)

    Actor Sonu Sood seems excited about the impending shoot and tweeted: “Tom this time I will be in my flight to dubai to join my team of #happynewyear.New movie,New character.Something I’ve been waiting for long.” (sic)

    “Shooting Munni Badnam song with @TheFarahKhan was a FANTABULOUS experience,n now a whole film.WOW..can’t wait.get ready for some Magic:-)))” (sic)

    “Today we celebrate “Happy New Year”. Day 1 of the shoot.” (Sic)

    Boman Irani wrote: “Off on a month’s journey to Dubai for HNY. Will make new friends, bond with old and pray @TheFarahKhan finally realises I’m happily married.”

    Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, who have two hit movies together ‘Main Hoon Naa’ and ‘Om Shanti Om’, are leaving no stone unturned to make this one a blockbuster too.

    The director believes that Shah Rukh is on high after ‘Chennai Express’ and she expects him to come up with even more energy on her film’s sets.

    While attending a fashion event, Farah told TV reporters, “I am very happy at the success of ‘Chennai Express’. It has broken all records. Shah Rukh is the hero and producer of my film. Now he will come on the sets of my film filled with more energy and hopefully will shell out more money for my film”.

  • Wow, look at you ignorant SRKians in denial. Indince is not a RELIABLE and CREDIBLE source when it comes to box office figures, but BOI is. Everyone knows it. BOI says that CE will end at 208 crore, and have not called it an ATBB yet.

    Whats wrong in going by a reliable and credible source, when it comes to BO figures? You SRKians also said that JTHJ did 120 cr, while in reality it did just abve 100 cr, and barely was recognised as hit. SOS had it beaten for a few days.

    In any case, 3 idiots DOBULED the previous record, CE barely beat 3 idiots. 3 idiots was a MUCH bigger hit, or are you SRKians going to deny that as well?

  • CE might break records, but its nowhere near as big for a hit as 3 idiots, which almost DOUBLED the previous record. CE had not chance of doing that. NO CHANCE AT ALL! Are you SRKians in denial about that as well?

    Talent wise its

    1. Amitabh Bachchan (there is not even a contest, really)
    2. Dilip Kumar
    3. Kamal Hassan
    4. Naseeruddin Shah
    5. Mithun Chakraborty (winner of 3 National Awards, but had to resort to doing c-grade movies, due to the idiotic Indian public)
    6. Aamir Khan
    7. Nana Patekar
    8. Sanjeev Kumar
    9. Ajay Devgan (Monstrous talent, but only scores at BO when he does masala crap)
    10. Ashok Kumar

    SRK is not even in TOP 20.

  • Every SRKian and hater as well please read.. this should silence the haters

    @Akshay.. Who is denying that 3I was a better movie than CE.. it obviously was.. but it is not correct to compare these 2.. they are different genres.. If u have to compare then do it with the current crop of blockbusters.. on doing so u will realise which is the best movie in masala genre.. As far as being a bigger hit is concerned.. obviously it is impossible for a movie to do 400 cr in the next 5-6 years atleast going by the screen count in the country.. so according to u there cannot be another ATBB till the collections of 3I are doubled.. thats ridiculous.

    U call BOI reliable.. then tell me y for every movie other than an aamir movie they quote atleast 10 cr less than all other trade analysts?? and when it is SRK movie the deficit somhow reaches 20 cr.. so that answers JTHJ 120 and 100 confusion.. Everyone but BOI states a range of 120 but obviously BOI will not.. Had that been an AAMIR movie the collections would have been 120 for it as well.. If BOI can justify why this difference especially in the case of SRK movie then maybe other sites will follow.. but they simply cannot because they are outright biased in favour of AAMIR.. ETT was 199.xx but dint cross 190 acc to BOI.. Same thing with YJHD.. If u say that they take figures directly from distributors and exhibitors than how does the collection of AAMIR movies match with official figures and with those of all other trade analysts??

    Comming to ur post regarding talent.. well thats subjective.. everyone will have his own list and u are entitled to ur own as well.. i personally do not rate AAMIR as high.. He has been doing the same kind of roles.. I mean non challenging.. Ghajini myt be an exception but only so much.. currently only 2 actors are doing variety.. Ranbir and SRK.. now i ask u can u deny that? Talent lies in displaying versatality.. not unlike sallu aamir or akshay for that matter.. As masala is the flavour of the times so ofcourse everyone is swaying towards it..

    and lastly.. this is not intended towards @Akshay.. every buffoon who is talking about inflation.. Whenever any new movie will break a record the ticket prices and screen count would obviously be more than what it was for the previous movie.. because the no of screens is ever increasing and so is the ticket price.. it is not going to reduce!! so that means according to u guys no new record can be set bcoz the screens and tkt price will be higher than previous movie.. big LOL!! and still if u want to talk about inflation n screen count let me give a simple calculation..

    3I nearly 1400 screens total collection 202cr
    Chak de! India 400 screens tatal collection 70 cr
    So simply equating the number of screens CDI (by ur logic) collects 245cr.. and mind that ticket prices have not yet been taken into account. they were higher during 3I as compared to CDI. so u wish just add the additional tkt price and CDI nears 350crs!! so by ur logic 3I was never even close to CDI..another BIG LOL!! Grow up haters!!

  • Bhai

    Dabangg – ATBB
    Ready – BB
    Bodyguard – BB
    ETT – BB
    Dabangg 2 – BB


    My Name is Khan – Hit
    Ra One – Semi Hit that too barely
    Don 2 – Hit
    Jab tak hai jaan – Hit
    Chennai Express – BB

    Where is the consistency? bhai has more blockbusters, more ATBBs, more success at TV shows. Shahrukh is jealous of bhai, thats why he made a fight at kats party. Shahrukh will never be on bhais level. Bhais next will crush Shahrukhs all records.

  • Akshay….

    Are you telling about the talents of India or just Bollywood…??

    If you are telling about just bollywood, then i wont argue with you. But if you are telling about whole India then you are very wrong. You missed many talents like Mohanlal, Mammooty,Vishnuvardhan, Prakash Raj,SVR,Sivaji Ganesan,Vikram,Anupum Kher etc. Even Amitab Bachan is nothing in front of them. And in any list Kamal hassan comes first coz of his contribution to Indian cinema.Acting is not about getting National Awards. Even Saif Ali Khan has a national award for Hum Tum.Yes its not a joke.Anil Kapoor for Pukar?

    Why should people beleave in BOI as it is the only site saying the unique figure? Every other sites and articles are telling the same story about CE. BOI is doing it to get attention and to some extend they succeed coz of the haters.

  • Bhai…

    Salman Khan

    Kyon Ki – flop
    Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar – flop
    Jaan-E-Mann – flop
    Salaam-e-Ishq – flop
    Partner – super hit
    Marigold – flop
    God Tussi Great Ho – flop
    Heroes – flop
    Yuvvraaj – flop
    Main Aurr Mrs Khanna – flop
    London Dreams – flop
    Veer – flop
    Wanted – hit
    Dabangg – ATBB
    Ready – BB
    Bodyguard – BB
    ETT – BB
    Dabangg 2 – BB

    Shahrukh Khan

    Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna – Super Hit (115 crs)
    Don: The Chase Begins Again – super hit (105 crs)
    Chak De! India – BB
    Om Shanti Om – BB
    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – BB (160 crs)
    My Name Is Khan – super hit ( 200 crs)
    Ra.One – Hit(Semi hit in india) (205 crs)
    Don 2- super hit (210 crs)
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – super hit (215 crs)
    Chennai Express – ATBB (222+)

    See where is the consistency.

  • @Bhai.. plz dont talk about consistency.. agreed that srk’s last few movies have not been bb’s but remember none of them was in a popular genre.. one popular genre and the results are for all to see.. and talking of consistency please refer to

    this proves that who is the most consistently bankable superstar.. n one of fellow bros here commented talking about the success percentage of all the bigies.. aamir salman akshay are not even near srk.. so chill and think calmly.. u will realise who is the most consistent!

  • @akshay. can’t stop laughing at Ur comments. wow u use different logic for different actor. when u r taking this 3 times clause apply it for every one. DABBANG by Ur clause wouldn’t have been blockbuster. and by boi the production cost of Chennai express was 68 CRORES. so u multiply it by the3 times its 208 CRORES. lol. so its an all time blockbuster
    u shouting like an illiterate retard wouldn’t change any thing.
    all the sites and all the boxoffice analyst like TARAN ADARSH KOMAL NAHATA. and even our very own Indicine has declared Chennai tsunami express as all time blockbuster. and it definitely is.
    if Chennai express is not an all time blockbuster than DABBANG and DABBANG 2 should be called as disasters. lol
    grow up and get a life.
    and lol Ur comparison of Indian actors. can’t stop laughing on that either.
    Dilip saab is way beyond Amitab bachan.
    and for Ur kind information read what Dilip sir had to say about SRK. he himself regards SRK as one of the finest actors India has ever produced.
    get a life clumsy looser.
    can’t digest SRK s and Chennai express success. so kindly get of the page and start praying for dhoom 3 a crap gadget film and even kick and mental.

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