Chennai Express to gross 400 crore worldwide this week

Chennai ExpressAfter crossing the worldwide collections of 3 Idiots earlier this week, Chennai Express is likely to become the first film to gross Rs 400 crore worldwide.

So far, the Shahrukh Khan – Deepika Padukone starrer has collected Rs 219.24 crore net in India (286 crore gross) and around $17.5 million in the overseas markets (Rs 111 crore) – which total to a humongous Rs 397 crore worldwide. The film is likely to add around 4-5 crore this weekend.

Aamir Khan is popularly known as the founder of the 100 crore, 200 crore and 300 crore (worldwide) clubs. This time around though, it will be Shahrukh Khan who will be the first to gain entry into the ‘400 crore club’.

Highest Worldwide Grossers of All Time

  • Chennai Express – 397 crore (405 – 410 crore expected)
  • 3 Idiots – 393 crore
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 330 crore
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 313 crore
  • Dabangg 2 – 256 crore
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 238 crore
  • Bodyguard – 230 crore


  • SHAHRUKH KHAN is like Rolls Royce which can run without engine,just on reputation…SRK: “Im running in a race and people are on the other track, I’m running with myself” …his sayings r always true.!! #RESPECT

  • Superb 400cr its awesome its impossible for any one to break or create many records with just one movie
    Indicine issue an article of all the records Ce broke and created when Chennai Express theatrical run completed.

  • Dhoom-3 will have exceptional Pair Aamir 5.6? & Katrina 5.10? Great Couple & Mindblowing onscreen chemistry. wow just wow

    Aamir will use stairs to kiss Kat. Hum wow very unique & new thing in Bollywood even for Hollywood.
    Its an example of real Perfection.

  • @CErocks, its not like your self proclaimed 5.8 foot king is taller than Anushka Sharma or Katrina Kaif. He looked a good foot shorter than Sushmita in Main Hoon Na. LOL.

  • In the whole film chennai express deepika didn’t wore even slippers !
    Otherwise sharukh would have easily disappeared from camera and same thing had happened with katrina kaif in jab tak hai jaan and anushka sharma

  • Allready knew that from its 1st week,

    150cr 70 in week 1 is unbelievable thing

    so 400 in 3weeks is predictable

    And that what will happen if king khan decided to express himself :D

  • I think the best couple in happy new year would be two tall actors abhishek bacchan and deepika padukone.
    Shahrukh would easily disappear from camera.rofl..

  • @CEROCKS.. Aamir’s pair with Kareena was liked even more in 3 Idiots. Much more than SRK – Sushmita. So what makes you think Aamir – Katrina pair will not be liked?

  • @Boss don’t deny that 3I was a special movie but aamir khan ain’t repeating that kind of success again.. Dhoom 3 won’t be anything like the classic 3I

  • @CERocks.. You SRK fans are just trollers. Lol. I thought this was about taller actress? Kajol is shorter than SRK.

  • ce business is beyond expectation and still collecting big, congarats to all associated with this.
    @indicine team one question to you that as you said CE overseas collection is $17.5 million offically while MNIK is $23 Million and $26Million so is it right to estimate overseas collection in terms of Indian rupees, i know that when these dollars came into producer pocket are converted into rs but the overseas audience are paying on their respective currency not in RS. while at current time 1 dollar=60rs min (its sometime goes to high and low but always above 60rs sicne ce released)
    so it is right to say that ce grossed worldwide more than 3I, in India its definitely surpassed 3I but in overseas is still short of abt $8.5 Million and if we converted the same into rs then its abt min 51 cr difference as per current market condition of Rs.
    so as per current situation 3I worldwide gross collection is (269+156==425cr)
    while ce will end as per official figure is max 415 cr. while as per BOI it won’t touch 400cr rs.
    answer me…

  • @Dark b o y
    Yes u r right. Abhi & Dip have Blockbuster “Khailain Gay Hum Je Jan Se” in their credit. That particular year they won best Couple Award as well.

  • for those who r saying that no one can made or break no of records which ce made in its journey.
    i want to give some facts just look at those:
    records which 3I made at its release.
    1.Paid Previews record. = 2.5cr
    2. Highest Opening day collection=12.5cr
    3. Highest 2nd day collection.=11.25cr
    4. Highest 3rd day collection.=13cr
    5.Highest First weekend Collection=38.75cr Including paid previews
    6.Highest 1st Monday Collection=11 Cr
    7.Highest 1st Tuesday Collection= 10cr
    8.Highest 1st Wednesday Collection =9.5 cr
    9. Highest 1st Thursday Collection=9 cr
    10. Highest First Week Record= 79 cr Including paid previews
    11. Second Weekend Collection= 33 cr still not broken
    12. Second Week Collection=55 cr still unbroken
    13. Fastest 100 cr entry = 9days+paid previews
    14. Highest grosser in two weeks passed Ghajini collection in 12days
    15. Highest 3rd weekend and week collection still unborken
    16. Highest 4th week collection still unbroken
    17. first movie to cross 125,150,200 cr domestic.
    18. Highest grosser in 1st week in overseas.
    19. Highest grosser in overseas that was broken by MNIK but again surpassed by 3I and still unbroken
    20. 1st movie to collect 75 cr in overseas.
    21. Highest grosser of all time Domestic. =202.5cr
    22. Highest grosser of all time overseas =$26 Million
    23. Highest grosser of all time worldwide==392 Cr
    24. Highest Distributer share domestic==99 cr
    and still quite a few record i forget but main and biggest record i had given on the table

    now lets discuss which record CE broken i will given here as no. wise.
    1,2(debatable some say its broken some not but here i m taking official figure),3,4,5,9,10,13,18,19,21,23,24
    so from this list its clear that while 3I created 24 major records, ce made 13 from them

    point for arguing.
    second week couldn’t be record breaking as it had clash but in this year YJHD collected 46cr in 2nd week while having a clash with YPD2 and both OUATIMD & YPD2 get poor reports both from critics & audience and YJHD not having any holiday in 2nd week like ce had as Rakshabandhan.
    third week still clash with Madras cafe while YJHD also having competiton as Fukrey and both fukrey and Madras Cafe doesn’t have big buzz so YJHD 3rd week collection is bigger than CE here again YJHD having no holiday while CE has Janmashtami and it got jum on Janmashtami.

    record set by CE other than i mentioned above.
    1. surpassed 3I collection domestic.
    2. collected 100 cr in 1st weekend
    3. collected 200 cr in 15-16days.
    4. first movie who can touch 225 cr domestic.
    5. First movie having 400 cr worldwide.

    so ce created 24 record while ce having 13+5=18 record in its kitty might have 1or2 big record which i missed but it will also for 3I Too.

    so srkians who having most no of records 3I or CE, i think intelligent will get answer while folls are still confusing.

  • Indicine….

    219 crs nett means 291 crs gross
    overseas its 110 crs
    So it should be 401 crores instead of 397 crs.

  • @niks
    1. highest 1st weekend in overseas by CE
    2. fastest to 100 crores in overseas
    3. first movie to cross 220cr nett india
    4. highest paid reviews in overseas by CE
    5.only movie to cross 200 cr with just 6 open days and every week new movie clash
    6. and last but not the least ghajni was in front of 3i with just 114crores while ce has to chase 3i with 202crores which is almost near to double of what 3i chased… so ce is a clear winner…

    and one more thing amir made record when he was in peak of his carrer(given atbb ghajni) while srk did it in his bad phase…….

  • Any record remaining? :-D

    congo! All Srk frnd #Noam,#Cerocks,#xzone and many more
    400 cr. is dream for salman,akshay,ajay

  • Where are those salman and akki fans those who judge movie by its collection?
    CE’s nett collection broke ETT’s gross collection
    congo Srk for creating 400 cr. Club

  • @darkboy why are you trolling here??….you are wasting your energy…you are posting comments here because you will get reply on in SRK’s article…go and help amir dude…not even a fly goes to his article….DWARF amir is just above the shoulders of SRK ..haha…it would be very funny to see amir with katrina &amir with anushka also….hahaha

  • Records will be broken all the time. Its silly of SRKians to compare CE to 3 idiots. 3 idiots was a MUCH bigger hit that DOUBLED the previous record. CE will stop at 208ish (according to RELIABLE BOI), which means it has BARELY beaten 3 idiots.

    So much for that. CE is NOT a ATBB. Made on a budget of 85 crores +, it grossed 208. 208/85=2.44

    Needs to make at least three times as much as budget to be declared ATTB. Dabangg was the last ATTB. SRK hasn’t had an ATTB in ages.

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