Chennai Express to gross 400 crore worldwide this week

Chennai ExpressAfter crossing the worldwide collections of 3 Idiots earlier this week, Chennai Express is likely to become the first film to gross Rs 400 crore worldwide.

So far, the Shahrukh Khan – Deepika Padukone starrer has collected Rs219.24 crore net in India (286 crore gross) and around $17.5 million in the overseas markets (Rs 111 crore) – which total to a humongous Rs 397 crore worldwide. The film is likely to add around 4-5 crore this weekend.

Aamir Khan is popularly known as the founder of the 100 crore, 200 crore and 300 crore (worldwide) clubs. This time around though, it will be Shahrukh Khan who will be the first to gain entry into the ‘400 crore club’.

Highest Worldwide Grossers of All Time

  • Chennai Express – 397 crore (405 – 410 crore expected)
  • 3 Idiots – 393 crore
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 330 crore
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 313 crore
  • Dabangg 2 256 crore
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 238 crore
  • Bodyguard – 230 crore


  • Screen counts are given on basis of how popular a movie is. Chak de India was fairly non commercial, and therefore it was released on fewer screens than the more commercial movies. Chak de India did what it could, and would not have done more with more screens. The same goes for 3 idiots.

    When I say that 3 idiots was a much bigger hit, then I am saying that it took the previous record, and nearly doubled it. It did not just barely beat it. Back in 2009-2010, everyone thought it impossible for a movie to do 200 crore too, but 3 idiots did. Its a movie that will be remembered for decades, while CE is more of a Ghajini, forgotten in a few years, and its records will easily be beaten in a few years. 20 years fom now, no one will remember CE. Its not that big of a hit.

  • Btw, why do you call people for “haters”?

    CE has not been recognised as an ATBB by BOI.
    CE is not as big of a hit as 3 idiots.
    Aamir Khan did Lagaan and Mangal Pandey, movies that SRK is not talented enough to pull off.

    Those are all facts. Where is the hate?

    Aamir Khan does Ghajini and 3 idiots, and then goes on to do a Dhobi Ghat. Thats a true artist.

  • If we take BOi figure
    3I collects 189 cr. Adjusted
    but BOI states it 202 cr.
    According to boi
    CE – 205 cr.
    3I – 189 cr.
    ETT – 186 cr.
    YJHD – 178 cr.

    CE is the first 200 cr. Film if we take boi adjusted

  • Its Official:


    #ChennaiExpress collected Rs 3.84 cr nett in Weekend 4.
    Grand total: Rs 222.26 cr.
    Verdict: All Time BlockBuster.

  • Akshay Kumar Last 4 movies:
    # Ouatimd 60 crores
    # K786 72 crores
    # Special26 60 crores
    # Joker 21 crores
    total 214 crores
    Srk last movie
    # ChennaiExpress 220crores
    akki fans whre r u
    srk fans start dance
    lungi dance lungi dance

  • @ Akshay if Aamir has lagaan srk has CDI.. If Aamir has mangal pandey (every one knows wat was d fate of d film) srk has MNIK.. Nobody and i repeat no one has d talent to pull off a MNIK..
    Cmn to masala genre.. Aamir has no real hit (talking of d last 6-7 years).. Salman has 5.. But d baap of all is CE!! And d audiences love n collections show it.

  • @rag 13 at first when i read initials regarding compare of 3I & Ce i was thinking you are sensible but you proved again you r the same dumb srkians, you r saying only srk doing versatile roles. and Aamir not, what a joke do you know when last Aamir did a romantic movie, i will tell you in 2006 Fanaa, when he did masala movie before ghajini that was in 2000 Mela (flop), do you even compare the gap between 2000-2008, Aamir last outing i will tell you.
    1. Talaash- thriller/suspense drama
    2. Dhobi Ghat- Art movie which poor srkians think is flop which was above avg/semi hit
    3. 3Idiots- Revolutionary rancho playing a student in 44 old
    4. Ghajini- A stml case
    5. Taare Zammen Par- Art Teacher
    6. Fanna- Terririst/Flirting
    7. RDB- fun loving young become patriotic
    8. Mangal Pandey- Biopic
    9. DCH- a urbun Guy
    10. Lagaan- classic portrayal unconventional cinema Bhuwan

    tell me fool in what way Aamir did the same role, i never saying srk not doing different zone movie but still regarded as Romantic here, while Aamir called as Perfectionist, the same thing Happend with Mr. Bachchan he never been termed as specific zoner kinda Hero he Called Angry young Man begining in his career but not termed always the same.

    for srk’s manupulating firgure i would suggest you to read below mentioned article published on Indicine in 2010.

    you called BOI is bias you remembered JTHJ collection of 103 cr but forget as per BOI SOS was also at 88cr, YJHd officails are 189-190 cr as per BOI-179cr,
    Aamir tallash first weekend collection given by many sites as-47-48 cr while BOI given 43-44cr and you are saying biased towards Aamir, what a joke
    and srk always known to play dirty politics, regarding your srk consistency case i will ask if Ra one,Jthj, Don2 released on non festive time will able to get hit status, ra one still not get Hit status universally don’t know how a 135 cr movie became clean hit of 118 cr collection Domestic and that was the same Declared by BOI , as per BOI Ra one is a Hit, so i would say even Boi is bias towards srk, do you have any answer.

  • @Akshay buddy u r taking it in wrong sense.. what u have highlighted are the characters played by aamir.. i am saying differrent types of roles.. i mentioned ghajini specifically because that was different.. except for ghajini every film u mentioned aamir has played the role of a normal man which in many ways is not challenging enough.. whereas what i am saying for srk is that he has being playing entirely different genres of roles:
    OSO: superstar and struggling junior artist
    CDI: hockey coach
    MNIK: autistic and arguably the best performance by any actor in the past decade (i know u will not agree but still)
    Ra.One: Super hero
    DON and DON2: the good-bad hero
    JTHJ: good old romantic hero (and arguably the easiest role i agree)
    CE: masala hero
    nobody is questioning Aamirs abilities.. What i am saying is all the big stars today are not displaying versatality in genres as successfully as SRK is doing today..

    and for BOI.. u have made my point even stronger.. this is exactly what i am saying.. BOI favours only one star.. and i need not name him.. as per the figures u have urself quoted, just see the difference for actors other than srk and aamir.. in the range of 10 crs ryt? now c for jthj.. 121cr official and 103 BOI.. similarly CE.. everyone is saying around 222cr now but im sure BOI will be saying arnd 202-203(i dont know how much they are saying about CE bcoz i have stopped following that biased site ever since i realised what they have been doing).. n now check Aamirs movies.. the difference ( if any) would be in the range of 3-4 cr max.. u can check official collections of TALAASH (which by d way i liked as a movie) and the ones quoted by BOI.. if there would be any diff it would not be greater than 3-4 cr.. can they justify this bias?

    the article u quoted can be komal nahtas view but u even i thought u r sensible and it would be good to discuss via comments with u because just like me u sounded rational.. so u r suggesting the entire media was bought by srk and somehow komal nahta became honest and wrote this.. cmon man u r above this level.. this is amateurish.

    once again i say i am not commenting on aamirs ability or for that matter anyones ability.. afterall all the big khans have been there for almost 25 years and it is impossible to survive in bollywood without talent for so long.. think calmly and rationaly without any bias towards any actor and im sure what im saying will make sense to u. versatility lies in genres not in characters.

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