Chennai Express Total Collections in India: Detailed with graph!

Chennai Express has collected Rs 212.65 crores in its first 18 days at the box office (including paid previews). The film is the highest grosser in the history of Indian Cinema, and has gone past 3 Idiots by around 5%.

India celebrates Krishna Janmastami tomorrow, so business is expected to touch around 3-4 crores on Wednesday. The film should end its 3rd week with total collections of around 218-219 crore. The Shahrukh Khan – Deepika Padukone starrer will end its record-smashing theatrical run with lifetime business of Rs 225 crore.

For films like Krrish 3, Dhoom 3 and even Besharam, Chennai Express will be the film to beat this year. Both in India and the overseas markets where the action-comedy has grossed 110 crores. The worldwide gross now stands at 386 crores, just short of the 3 Idiots record of 392 crores. It remains to be seen if the film can cross the 400 crore mark.

Chennai Express Collections

Chennai Express First Week Collections and Records

  • Paid Previews 6.75 crore (broke the record by a huge margin)
  • Friday 33.12 crore (highest single day and first day)
  • Saturday 28.06 crore (15% drop) (highest second day and Saturday)
  • Sunday 32.50 crore (16% growth) (highest third day and Sunday)
  • Monday 12.62 crore (61% drop) (second highest non-holiday Monday)
  • Tuesday 11.50 crore (9% drop) (second highest non-holiday Tuesday)
  • Wednesday 12.56 crore (9% growth) (highest non-holiday Wednesday)
  • Thursday 19.6 crore (55% growth) (second highest Independence day collections)
  • First Week 156.71 crore (record Week 1)

Chennai Express Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday -6.48 crore
  • 2nd Saturday – 8.51 crore
  • 2nd Sunday – 10.22 crore
  • 2nd Monday – 3.80 crore
  • 2nd Tuesday – 7.06 crore
  • 2nd Wednesday – 4.51 crore
  • 2nd Thursday – 3.25 crore
  • Second Week Total – 43.83 crore

Chennai Express Third Week Collections

  • 3rd Friday – 2.12 crore
  • 3rd Saturday – 3.61 crore
  • 3rd Sunday – 4.75 crore
  • 3rd Monday – 1.63 crore
  • Third Week Total (4 days) – 12.11 crore

Total Collection in India – 212.65 crore




  • Awesome!
    Highest grosser of All time. King is on TOP again:)
    This record will be untouched for next year,at least.
    All other star will copy SRK’s marketing strategy from now on..

  • King Is Back
    From last Decade : Lifetime Record
    Breakers :-
    Dhoom 2 has beaten Gadar Lifetime
    Om Shanti Om has beaten Dhoom 2
    Lifetime Record
    Rab Ne Banadi Jodi has beaten Om
    Shanti om lifetime record
    Ghajini has Beaten Rab Ne Banadi
    Jodi Lifetime Record
    3 Idiots has beaten Ghajini Lifetime
    Now Chennai Express has beaten 3
    Idiots Lifetime Record
    Just Point to be noted, no salman
    film in this list. And they say it’s Salman’s era. :-p :-D

  • unfortunately the only major record which cant be broken by CE is Highest grosser in the Overseas market or is it possible??…….

  • Chennai Express Total 18days 212.65 crore.
    Total worldwide 390crore. Running

    Lifetime 225+crore.
    Total worldwide 400+ to 405crore.

    Boxoffice India – 196cror, coming days 200crore. Hindi cinema ki ye Pehli film hai ke Boxoffice India collections me 200crore kama raha hai Record.
    Lifetime Boxoffice india 205+ to ya 210crore.

    3Idiots lifetime 202crore.
    Boxoffice India-188crore.
    Total worldwide 392crore End.

  • Though Chennai express has crossed 3 idiots but not with a grace or reputation that 3 idiots had.
    I mean the raksha bandhan offer was cheated.
    They begged for a good release date.
    Fans of A south superstar were impressed with the tribute.
    Screens were blocked of another film.
    Box office Figures were manipulated.

  • wtf,from where the hell dis 392 came,before ce release this was always 385,ab ye 392 kaise ho gaya,this is from boi whose owner never came in public,it seems that Amir Khan is its owner

  • 3 idiots-Year 2009,1800 Screens,Ticket Price around-150
    Chennai Express-Year 2013,3800 Screens,Ticket Price around-300.
    In 2009 1$-45 around INRs..
    In 2013 1$-64 INRs..
    And People say CE beats 3 idiots on box office..

  • Hats off to you indicine.
    Just when I was seraching the whole WEB to find some thing new to read on Chennai express but didn’t get anything and then you came up with an article on it.
    Loves all your articles.
    Do you track the no. of hits daily to your site ?
    Where do you stand compare to IMDB and BoxOfficeMojo ?
    I am sure you are the most loved site for all bollywood movie lovers.
    Please publish Ask Joginder article every week. I eagerly wait for it.

  • Salman was bold at 199 was unable to make a double century

    But King to KING hai na sirf Double Century ki now making the record Better & Tuffer.

    Good Luck Sir SRK

  • Don’t say that this record is save till HNY huh wait for KRISSH-3 DHOOM-3 & ofcourse MENTAL (AZAAD) this 3-films has every chances to cross this collection.

  • A interesting article publish by boi totally shows its a anti srk site. Acc to boi ce will not be atbb because its not a big hit like 3i or gadar or hahk. But the fact is ce already cross 212cr but boi shows 195cr if all goes well then ce also cross 202cr but they slow down the col like they did it after 2nd week and try to keep 3i record and not give it atbb, plz all khans fan don’t belive boi infact don’t follow the site. We all know d3 is big franchis than k3 and amir is bigger star then hritic but acc to boi k3 surpase ce by a huge marjin. I bet to boi if k3 break ce record then i quit to watch srk film. Boi is total anti khans site race2 col 104cr they show 94cr and unneserry declear semi hit where the budget only 60cr, same for talash col 93cr, budget is 40cr but declere semi hit where son of sardar budget 40cr, holiday release col 85cr declear hit, boi totaly anti khan site, atfirst i thaugt ce officially col 225cr and 208cr acc to boi, but i am 100% sure ce won’t cross 200cr and never labled atbb tag. Boi is not suprem court, every website, newpaper, tv chaelen never follow boi then why we follow boi, fake site, till 3weekned col is 194cr after 3week boi show ce total col 12cr in 3rd week is 196cr and 4th week decide whether it will cross 202cr or not and if ce comes close then they slow down again, fake site, anti srk site

  • @IMAM: those record you mention is beaten by Dabanng long back the only movie behind 3-idiots again cross Bodyguard again cross Dabanng-2 again created ETT just now only your show called CE broken those records, just wait for few months more we will talk, there are many factors CE done this business lots of holidays EID, INDEPENDENCE DAY, RAKHSHABANDHAN 2-DAYS which other films hardly get this much holidays.

  • @Dark B O Y has officially lost it!! Every1 else has acknowledged but he is still finding it tough to digest what srk has done.. Cmon man stop making lme comments and learn to appreciate an achievment.. The cheating comment is outright ridiculous!! Thats called guts.. On d verge of making records giving a free ticket is like reducing collections.. Ur calling it cheating is just shows that if u get a free ticket u will go and watch a movie even if u dont want to.. Dude thats cheap!!

  • Zanjeer movie hero Ram charan is no 1 hero in south india see horse riding scene,100 men fight in “MAGADEERA” movie in youtube

  • Zanjeer movie hero Ram charan is no 1 hero in south india see horse riding scene,100 men fight in “MAGADEERA” movie in youtube then you will definitely shock and become a fan of ram charan

  • Looks like @rag13 you did not got the free ticket thats why you are talking so frustratedly.
    The question here is not about the free ticket it is about raising the films revenue by luring audiences which 3 idiots didnt do although the film was loved 10 times more than chennai express and even if the offer was made it was your kings responsibility to make it work as promised by your king.

  • Top 3 best dancers in india 1)prabhu deva 2)hrithik roshan 3)ram charan – Mega power star(Hero of new zanjeer)

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