Box office: MNIK vs 3 Idiots

Box office comparison between Shahrukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan and Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

Note: The 1st week figures of MNIK are the official numbers from Fox.  

DayMy Name Is Khan3 IdiotsDifference (Winner)
Friday8 crores12.5 crores+4.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Saturday11 crores11.5 crores+0.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Sunday14 crores13.5 crores+0.5 Crores (MNIK)
Monday5 crores11 crores+6 Crores (3 Idiots)
Tuesday4 crores9.5 crores+5.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Wednesday3 crores9 crores+6 Crores (3 Idiots)
Thursday3 crores10 crores+7 Crores (3 Idiots)
1st Weekend Total33 crores37.5 crores+4.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Week 1 Total48 crores79 crores+31 Crores (3 Idiots)
Friday3.5 crores11 crores+7.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Saturday3.5 crores11 crores+7.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Sunday4.5 crores12 crores+7.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
2nd Weekend11.5 crores34 crores+22.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
10 day total59.5 crores113 crores+53.5 Crores (3 Idiots)

The difference between the two films is the word-of-mouth. What worked for 3 Idiots was the repeat-value and tremendously strong word-of-mouth, the collections reflect just that. My Name Is Khan on the other hand, opened big, but the collections started falling from its first Monday itself. While many have loved the film, quite a few haven’t. Also the repeat value was close to nil.

Is it unfair to compare the two films, as both belong to different genre’s? Can MNIK beat the collections of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi or Om Shanti Om in India? Post your comments below.



  • Below are the true story of MNIK:::
    Friday:7.92 crores…
    Saturday:9.5 crore…
    Sunday:12 crore…


    Week 1::- India::-46.5 crore…

    Week 2::-India::-17…

    Total:::::–India::- 70 Crore…
    Oversees::-70 Crore…

    Oversees::- All time blockbuster
    overoll:: Hit

    Answer:: srk is liar…so many people hate him…………i think his career now finished……….

  • Bad news for all SRK fans

    Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice


    MNIK 2 weeks collections are 58 Crores

    Meanwhile MNIK dropped heavily today and show occupancy as low as 5% . 15th Day of MNIK should end up making 30-35 Lakhs.

    Verdict – Flop or Below average

  • shahid ## 2 week collection is 62 cr nett acc to BOI but from ur source its 70 cr i think rest of the 8 cr is from ur pocket………. bad man
    whatever u say its just a average film not even abv avg

  • SRK is the best. Bigger than aamir and bigger than everyone. Just see overseas collections its more than 3 idiots. Indian people are idiots thats why they watched only 3 idiots and missed better film.

    SRK is KING

  • @srk_fan , Just mind your language . dont use abuse languges for other stars fans . just be positive

    EVERYBODY knows that MNIk flop in India but hit in overseas . Overall it is a below average film . Because its high price tag ..

  • Flop in india?? who told you?? What is your source?

    BOI says its hit in india
    indicine says its hit
    taran adarsh says its a hit

  • To shake the position of My Name Is Khan, which is still minting box-office moolah, the releases this Friday have to be really exceptional to make its way to the audience’s heart. The magic of 3 Idiots can’t be ignored either; its long run at the box-office just endorses the fact that audience won’t mind shelling out for good films, irrespective of it being an old release. This gives a tough competition to new weekly releases as happened with Toh Baat Pakki and Click that failed to leave a mark on cine-goers mind, although Click has done fairly well, but Tabu’s matrimonial drama fell flat like a house of cards.

    No one is talking about Veer hehehe… what happ to veer?? its a big flop in india.. every site is saying.. only indicine said its a hit

  • Having earned around Rs 150 crore (Rs 1.5 billion/$35 million) worldwide in 10 days, distributors Fox STAR Studios say they are extremely happy with the “truly global” response to Shah Rukh Khan-starrer My Name Is Khan (MNIK). They now plan to increase the Bollywood presence in the Middle East through the film and also release it in countries like Germany, Poland and Egypt.

    “We genuinely believe that My Name Is Khan is the first truly global Bollywood film. It has received an exhilarating response in India and the 40 countries that we released it on Feb 12 and we are expecting the same in other countries,” Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox STAR Studios, told IANS.

    Singh said it has been doing extremely well in the US, Canada, Britain and the Middle East.

    Fox STAR, which is the Indian arm of US-based 20th Century Fox International, has planned the distribution of MNIK in a unique way – by releasing it in phases in 25 more countries over the next six months.

    “We have planned to increase the Bollywood presence in the Middle East with this film. We have also decided to release it in Germany, Poland and in new markets like Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon because it is a very globally appealing film,” said Singh.

    My Name Is Khan, directed by Karan Johar, co-stars actress Kajol. Exploring lives in the post-9/11 period in the US, the movie also has Shah Rukh playing a man with Asperger’s Syndrome.

    It was even promoted at international platforms like on Britain’s Jonathan Ross Show and at the world’s biggest stock exchange NASDAQ. It is being released with a record number of prints in many countries.

    “In Germany, we are releasing it on 40 screens and we have released it in eight screens in Egypt – which has never happened before. In Syria, we will be releasing it in nine theatres,” he said.

    To increase the reach of the film, the company has also planned to dub it in German and Turkish as well as subtitle it in Polish.

    As for the movie’s collections dipping after the opening weekend, Singh said: “Comparing My Name Is Khan with the collections of 3 Idiots won’t be fine.

    “One needs to understand that December (when 3 Idiots was released) is a holiday period and February is an exam period. While a lot of people don’t mind going to watch a movie on December weekdays, it isn’t possible during this period.”

  • @srk fan very sad to see that stil ur in dreams and saying that mnik is gng to break to break 3I records but d fact is it’s flop

  • @srk_fan,

    IBOS declared mnik is flop

    Bollybusiness : bollywood boxoffice says that mnik is flop

    Komal nahata says MNIK is flop

    At last audience or janta says MNIK is flop .

    You can check out the sites & WOM of public .

    SRK’s hattrick of flops

    1) Billu

    2) Dulha Mil gaya

    3) MNIk

    Ha..ha..ha.. its reality

  • this is the worst film of today and should sink .. despite the rave reviews it got .. why indicine also got it all wrong .. and played to the balcony with its comments .. everyone thought it was a,masterpiece except me and few intelligent people who were quick in finding the flaws early on.. we did issue a tsunami type alert for people .. but here people will not listen to intelligent junta but rather prefer to eat stale food themselves .. i recoommend CAST AWAY to those disappointed withh mnik to see what class acting is all about.. tom hanks will blow u away like the way he did in forrest gump on which this movie is based upon…. 3 fies on karan joahr for lifting the idea from the great movie
    this film has taken so much beating that im afraid it wiil be the most ridiculed movie at every awared function and hosts and anchors will take a jibe at it

  • they are the ones who gave very negative reviews to veer because salman bhai ne unko extra fees nahi di.

  • there is no point comparing mnik n 3 idiots …both are truly great films…mnik is the first truly global bollywood film..its the only mve which has helped bollywood to spread at places where no indian mve was released earlier..n 3 idiots is one of the greatest entertainers ever…the only reason which has lead to the difference between collections is that mnik is not an entertainer and is based on a far more serious global issue,on the other hand 3 idiots was a complete entertainer which had a message in it but failed to convey it properly..wat people remembered about 3 idiots was the comic scenes and they went to see the mve for the second or even third time just to get entertained and have one cared about the message that 3 idiots wanted to convey..

  • and one other factor influenced the collections of mnik… released at a time when students decided not to watch it because they had to prepare for their exams…and most of the the parents also didnt wanted to watch the mve and distract their children…whereas 3 idiots was released in holidays when everyone could watch it……

  • mknik is truly a bad bad film so it could not stand upto A GOOD FILM .. and that is whyit has flopped also.. if u copy hollywood films and call them your own it should flop immediately… only genuine aND ORIGINAL PRODUCTS WILL WORK IN INDIA NOW.. SHAME ON PEOPLE WHO COPY OTHERS WORK..!!!

  • Nitesh what guinees are you talking about do you know if you have 10 feet long moustache you will be in guinees book don’t compare big stars like SRK with fools.

  • MNIK from my personal prediction woz kind of woz most of a okay film from some peoples likeness and thoughts it woz a boxoffice super dooper hit however from other peoples favourite list of movies it woz a flop from their thoughts ……


    OM SHANTI OM IS A MAHA MOVIE WOW WHAT A mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee MOVIE

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