Box office: MNIK vs 3 Idiots

Box office comparison between Shahrukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan and Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

Note: The 1st week figures of MNIK are the official numbers from Fox.  

DayMy Name Is Khan3 IdiotsDifference (Winner)
Friday8 crores12.5 crores+4.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Saturday11 crores11.5 crores+0.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Sunday14 crores13.5 crores+0.5 Crores (MNIK)
Monday5 crores11 crores+6 Crores (3 Idiots)
Tuesday4 crores9.5 crores+5.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Wednesday3 crores9 crores+6 Crores (3 Idiots)
Thursday3 crores10 crores+7 Crores (3 Idiots)
1st Weekend Total33 crores37.5 crores+4.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Week 1 Total48 crores79 crores+31 Crores (3 Idiots)
Friday3.5 crores11 crores+7.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Saturday3.5 crores11 crores+7.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Sunday4.5 crores12 crores+7.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
2nd Weekend11.5 crores34 crores+22.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
10 day total59.5 crores113 crores+53.5 Crores (3 Idiots)

The difference between the two films is the word-of-mouth. What worked for 3 Idiots was the repeat-value and tremendously strong word-of-mouth, the collections reflect just that. My Name Is Khan on the other hand, opened big, but the collections started falling from its first Monday itself. While many have loved the film, quite a few haven’t. Also the repeat value was close to nil.

Is it unfair to compare the two films, as both belong to different genre’s? Can MNIK beat the collections of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi or Om Shanti Om in India? Post your comments below.



  • Dis movie is struggling for hit tag how can dis movie is compared to 3I taran and boi r trying to make dis movie hit but audience has rejected d movie and theatre r running empty houses and d fig r also hyped dis movie has sunk due to it’s high budget

  • The difference between a good film and a bad film is clear from the collections of both films.

    In India.. forget Ghajini or 3 idiots… My name wont cross the collections of RNBDJ and OSO… Its sad and Karan johar should be blamed.. he was always a overrated director. His films suck!!!

    Let salman fans not jump in joy now… First week of MNIK is bigger than lifetime of Veer.. lets not even get into overseas collections.

  • SUNIEL YOU ARE SPOT ON THAT SALMAN VEER lifetime collection is less than mnik but the no of people who have watched Veer will be more than mnik and if mnik can do a business twice that of veer means 88cr rupees in india then the no of people who have watched veer and mnik in india in theaters will be same so advantage to salman veer on the basis of no of people who have watched veer

  • cant understand y u guys are comparing MNIK with ATBB 3I this make no sense
    mnik is flop movie whereas 3I is masterpiece, even if u release mnik2 both the collection of mnik1, 2 will never be near to 3I so plz guys dont compare RAT with DINOSAUR
    mnik is already got a tag of below avg (flop) only srk fans, media & taran would say it is hit which dumb a**

  • The numbers are still being crunched but the verdict appears to be out: Rancho is far ahead of Rizwan.

    In its second week, Shah Rukh Khan’s My Name is Khan, dogged by pre-release controversies which many now say helped the film get the huge initial, is finding it difficult to meet the standard set by rival Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

    The latest figures suggest that the total domestic and international collections of MNIK are likely to touch Rs 160-175 crore, which, distributors pointed out, was a substantial amount. 3 Idiots, which earned Rs 385 crore, raised the bar to an extent which others could find hard to emulate.

    MNIK, in which SRK plays Rizwan Khan, a victim of religious hostility in post-9/11 America, raked in Rs 150 crore globally at the end of the first 10 days.

    In contrast, 3 Idiots — in which Aamir played a classroom genius called Rancho — notched up Rs 240 crore in the same period.

    Exhibitors pointed out that 3 Idiots continued to lord over multiplex show listings even after the first two weeks of its release.

    On the other hand, My Name is Khan will have to vacate prime slots to the Farhan Akhtar-Deepika Padukone flick Karthik Calling Karthik when it releases this Friday.

    “Karthik… will be released on the same day as the Amitabh Bachchan-Ben Kingsley thriller Teen Patti. Both are expected to generate big footfalls at the plexes. My Name is Khan collections are trickling and theatre occupancy is as low as 25 per cent, so we will move it to free prime slots for Karthik…” said Vishal Kapoor, chief operating officer of Cinemax, a plex chain in Mumbai.

    According to figures published by the online trade tracker, My Name is Khan, which collected a little over Rs 46 crore in the first week across India, is expected to rake in Rs 16-17 crore in the second week taking the total domestic net collection to about Rs 62-63 crore.

    3 Idiots, the biggest Indian grosser so far, netted Rs 79 crore in the first week and another Rs 55 crore in the second week in the domestic circuit.

    “In all, My Name is Khan’s lifetime collections in the Indian market may total around Rs 70 crore. If they are lucky, they can hitch it up to Rs 75 crore, the figure that every Bollywood superhit aspires for,” said trade expert Komal Nahata.

    For single-screen theatres in Mumbai at least, this is the final week for MNIK. “It will be curtains for My Name is Khan in single-screen theatres,” said a PVR executive.

    So, even if it makes it to the coveted Rs 75 crore mark in the domestic market, MNIK will still lag behind Shah Rukh’s last big release, Om Shanti Om (2007), which grossed Rs 79 crore.

    If it does make the grade, it will be pegged at the sixth spot among all top Bollywood grossers, without adjusting for inflation.

  • SRK is too big a star for his films to net anywhere less than 70 crores. I would also want to add that no film will come close to 3 Idiots in the next 5 years, even Aamir himself would find it tough. So its really unfair to compare.

  • tell the truth that MY NAME IS KHAN has earned 150 crores in its first week globallyaccording to VIJAY SINGH the C.E.O of FOX STAR all over it is easily beating 3 mnik is the clear has smashed all previous bollywood records all over the world including 3I.its less business in india is due to its MUSLIM FAVOURING nature about which i have commentd dont be dishonest.

  • if you believe fox’s number then it is 150 crore gross from 10 days where 3 idiots were 240 crore after 10 days so 3 idiots beat it by a huge margin and though i dont believe fox’s number cause they claimed that 1st weekend gross worldwide is double of 3idiots where the most authentic site boi reported it fell short of 3 idiots in 1st weekend collection worldwide by 2-3 crores

  • hey man but where is 3 idiots the reality is that these films do big very big business but on the support of multiplexes even if salman wanted has done same business on multiplexes it would have also touched 200cr .

    just read the article from the box office india 5cr nett from single screens means 20cr nett from multiplex

  • abey bhai shakir in which world you are living

    sholay is touted only by media but not by the guniess book of world record okay shakir just give me the link outside all these indian sites and box office trade sites like i have given the guniess book of world record.

    shakir its a myth that sholay is most popular film in india otherwise instead of hahk it will be sholay.

    dekh bhai main tujhe asli reason batata hoon main bhi dilip kumar aur amithab ji ki ijjat karta hoon par figure dont support their claim just to give respect to these old actors we say such thing then tell me why sholay or mughaleazm is not there .

    prity i was not aware too a message from airtel comes stating that download the caller tunes from the guniesss book of world record admitted film hahk and i was shocked.

    but this is the thing i liked about salman even though he is bigger than amithab and aamir and srk are no where near after this ecstatic news he never used this fact to promote himself or to show that he is no 1 actor.

    otherwise if aamir and srk got this they would have used it to their own benefits.

    sorrry ab aamir srk fans but you dont have much to say after this just look we are so much interested in bollywood but even we dont know about this achievement

  • yes indicine.. it’s unfaire to compare the collection of both films specially that 3 Idiots is a comedy movie and different!
    If you Indicine wl compare the box office collection of this movie with anything similar of Aamir Khan’s succssful movies so it should be compared with TZP only and not with 3 Idiots.

    • Fathiya, compare with Taare Zameen Par? The costs of TZP was probably 1/10th of MNIK.. Also, TZP was in no-way a commercial film.

      Nitesh, Anything related to Salman Khan or any other star in this topic will be deleted.

  • fathiya did you know salman hahk is in guniess book of world records and noth your fav actor srk film.

    even sholay is behind than hahk

  • Indicine@@
    Fathiya is correct y ru comparing flop ( mnik ) with ATBB ( 3I)its not fair
    mnik should b compared with billu , DMG, Delhi 6, Click, TBP, Rann, etc etc etc

    i told u before itsel dont compare RAT with DINOSAUR
    MNIK 3I

  • MNIK sinks at Box Office
    23 Feb 2010.

    After the hype and hoopla and the extensive marketing and the aid of controversies, ‘MNIK’ has not even managed to record 50% openings in it’s second week. It had released with over 2500 prints all over the world, and is about to release in some more regions with 600 prints, but the magic could not even last a week. The initial earnings of the movie now seem like a fluke or the result of sheer satiation of people’s curiosity. Whatever it may be, the BO collections seems to be dropping
    down by the day. Now the only question that remains is, will Rizvan be able to repair this with his love?

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  • Adii where ru ?? now dont tell u have got exam … same old reason
    after a major flop of mnik no one is present here what a ???

    dipin sen where is the party for major flop of mnik

  • @suniel i work for company who book ticket for allover india but d thing is that i can’t give d details acc to policy of company

  • @NANO I am here dude . My orginal name is saju not dipen . I am very happy that my name khan getting FLOP .

    Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice

    MNIK 1st week – 41 crores .

  • Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice

    Opening week occupancy of last few movies•February 23, 2010 • 24 Comments

    Movie Opening Week Capacity Opening Week Collection Opening Week %
    Paa 38 Crore 19 Crore 50%
    Rocket Singh 45 Crore 14.5 Crore 32%
    Three idiots 90 Crore 79 Crore 88%
    Veer 75 Crore 31 Crore 41%
    MNIK 92 Crore 41 Crore 45%
    APKGK 70 Crore 37 Crore 53%

  • @ ARSHAN, I am very happy that mnik getting flop . ADII, NAUMAN, Amish, Fathiya where r u .

    Tum logo ko 11 desh ke police dhont rahe hai .

  • Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice

    MNIK – Decent But Not Best

    MNIK tanked badly on second Monday and collected just under 1.5 Crore registering 67% fall all over India (Second Sunday was 4.5 Crore). First week is likely to wrap under 16 Crore and life time Nett from domestic market will be under 65 Crore. Collections are decent and can be considered as good if we compare it to other Hits from past. But price tag fails for MNIK. MNIK is costliest movie churn out by Bollywood till date, but collections are just decent, not best. With much greater hype, collection of MNIK is just in range of LAK and APKGK last year. But cost of these movies are one third of MNIK.

    – BollyBusiness

  • Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice


    1st week- 41 Crores

    MNIK 2nd week

    2nd weekend 11 crores

    Monday -1.5 Crores

    Tuesday – 1 Crore

    Total – 54.5 Crores in 12 days .

  • 1. MNIK is a serious movie and Indian people doesn’t like movies like MNIK. Indian only loves entertaining movies. That is why 3 Idiots is ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER.

    2. 3 Idiots doesn’t deserve to be a ATB. Lagaan was 100 times better than 3 Idiots. I think 3 idiots is overrated movie. But 3 Idiots i better than MNIK.

    3. MNIK is a movie for overseas not India.

    4. MNIK khan can’t gross higher than OSO or RNBDJ because OSO and RNBDJ is a movie wich indian people like more than serious movies. MNIK is better than both OSO and RNBDJ.

  • MNIK is a stupid movie.SRK act is good but after a wile he became enoyng and his face looks like is make from wax.The story line is weak and boring.Don’t compare MNIK with 3 Idiots.

    Great analysis indicine…mnik wud have broken 3 idiots weekend record if it had released properly..but I do agree wid u dat mnik doesn’t have a repeat value due to less entertainment quotient..

    Moreover we should certainly not compare both movies as genres r cumpltly different..mnik is a serious movie and week 1 collections show dat it certainly has been appreciated by the has the potential to achieve hit status in india and superhit status abroad..

    SRK aka rizvan khan has certainly proved every1 dat he is no less than aamir khan when it cums to a serious role as wel,though he still needs to work on choosing the right scripts consistently

    On the contrary I was little underwhelmed aftr watchin 3 idiots as I expected a lot from raju hirani aftr munnabhai series.. every1 loved it as it had far more entertaintment quotient..

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