Box office: MNIK vs 3 Idiots

Box office comparison between Shahrukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan and Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

Note: The 1st week figures of MNIK are the official numbers from Fox.  

DayMy Name Is Khan3 IdiotsDifference (Winner)
Friday8 crores12.5 crores+4.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Saturday11 crores11.5 crores+0.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Sunday14 crores13.5 crores+0.5 Crores (MNIK)
Monday5 crores11 crores+6 Crores (3 Idiots)
Tuesday4 crores9.5 crores+5.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Wednesday3 crores9 crores+6 Crores (3 Idiots)
Thursday3 crores10 crores+7 Crores (3 Idiots)
1st Weekend Total33 crores37.5 crores+4.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Week 1 Total48 crores79 crores+31 Crores (3 Idiots)
Friday3.5 crores11 crores+7.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Saturday3.5 crores11 crores+7.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
Sunday4.5 crores12 crores+7.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
2nd Weekend11.5 crores34 crores+22.5 Crores (3 Idiots)
10 day total59.5 crores113 crores+53.5 Crores (3 Idiots)

The difference between the two films is the word-of-mouth. What worked for 3 Idiots was the repeat-value and tremendously strong word-of-mouth, the collections reflect just that. My Name Is Khan on the other hand, opened big, but the collections started falling from its first Monday itself. While many have loved the film, quite a few haven’t. Also the repeat value was close to nil.

Is it unfair to compare the two films, as both belong to different genre’s? Can MNIK beat the collections of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi or Om Shanti Om in India? Post your comments below.



  • This is a a piece of news which will hurt the fans of Shahrukh Khan. King Khan has lost it out to the perfectionist Aamir Khan once again. Shahrukh’s My Name Is Khan which had got a bombastic opening opening in it’s first week has lost grip over the Box Office in it’s second week and seems to be no match for Aamir’s 3 Idiots. My Name Is Khan has seen a steep fall in the second week with occupancy falling as much as 60% to 80%.

    Buzz up!The movie had started off well thanks to the controversy created by the Shiv Sena over Shahrukh’s support to the Pakistani players in the IPL. Fox Star India which is distributing the movie was excited after the movie had a better start than 3 Idiots. But My Name Is Khan seems to have lost the momentum having grossed Rs. 150 Crores in the second week compared to Rs. 240 Crores , 3 Idiots grossed in the first 10 days.

    This is not the first time that Shahrukh has emerged No. 2 in the race. In 2008 too Shahrukh’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was going well but when Aamir’s Ghajini released the movie found tough to breathe. Ghajini had gone on to establish records at the Box Office which was incidentally broken by Aamir starer 3 Idiots. Now having lost two consecutive rounds to Aamir, Shahrukh will find it tough to keep his ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’ tag.

  • MNIK is no more to give hit where it can be clarified by looking box office collection very tough to recover atleast 75 cr in india,, till now only 55 cr apprx

    saju dev i know from before itself ( shiva sena ) as indicine banned rajib for abusing Fathiya remember dude
    now fathiya doesnt speak anything bcoz mnik is sinking in indian ocean hahahaha

  • yes niteh u r right, salman bhaai,s hahk is the biggest grosser more then ddlj and sholay…………….

    salman bhaai to always rock……………

  • bete indicine aisa chappel parega bhosdi ke .

    why are you jealous of salman achievement .

    guys this indicine is try to hide the fact that salman


  • Hey guys….I donno why are you arguing who is the best…Clearly 3I is a huge blockbuster than MNIK.. But the genre of both the films are completely different…For example you can’t compare Avatar with Troy or The Reader some movie like that…

  • Friends you All are going just mad. The topic wasn’t about the quality comparesim in between two movies. The topic was the business comparesim of MINK n 3 idiots. So keep n focus your comments on business of two movies, i think it’ll be better to read about it.

  • Interseting article Indicine.

    The biggest difference between the two films is the repeat value. I personally will never watch MNIK again. I liked it, but definitely one timw watch. On the other hand, 3 IDIOTS deserves to be watched countless times.

    @ Suniel

    what has VEER got to do with it. Salman is the hero of the masses. FACT. Enen you know that, your just too stubborn to admit it. hahaha

  • Interesting article Indicine.

    The biggest difference between the two films is the repeat value. I personally will never watch MNIK again. I liked it, but definitely one time watch. On the other hand, 3 IDIOTS deserves to be watched countless times.

    @ Suniel

    what has VEER got to do with it. Salman is the hero of the masses. FACT. Even you know that, your just too stubborn to admit it. hahaha

  • Its not even comparible to CC2C…bakwas…..y do u declare Akshay’s movie a flop and SRk’s movie a Hit indicine…Akshay is the King…and than salman…..

  • MNIK jaise bakwas film ko 3- idiots jaise masterpiece film ke saat kabhi compare bhi maat karna guys .

    MNIK should compare with BILLU

    MNIK should compare with Dulha Mil Gaya

    MNIK should compare with BLUE

    MNIK should compare with DRONA


  • please for god sake,don’t compare mnik to tzp.
    tzp is a master class and is uncomparable.
    it has changed life of people.
    tzp is easily one of the finest movie ever produced in indian cinema.
    aamir khan,you are the real king.

  • @indicine is there something wrong!…seems number of comments in comments section dramatically reduced at dis nw version..Is it because of lacks in big movies dis days or is it because users nt liking d process of registration…or may be both d reasons playing significant role . Some one at nauman site also pointed d registration process of ur site…I think u ppl dont need to be too mch cautious about spams nd all other stuffs ….spams r nt dat bad all d time asi found dem a bit funny sometimes…;)

    dnt knw wts d reason…bt just wants to hav all d familiar faces regular in comments section …m a bit busy with my exms..aftr my exms will be mch more frequent ..

  • Comparing 3 Idiots with MNIK is totally nonsense, bcoz in 3 idiots there is a effort of 3 actors & 1 actress & in MNIK only 1 SRK has done his masterpiece of work. The story of the film makes sense that there are good people & bad as well, but good people do succeed. Terrorism in the film has been shown in a sensible manner, the story teaches that terrorism cannot effect a muslim if he is good human being. Hats off to Karan, SRK, Kajol.

    My name is ” Chirag Gandhi” & I am a Hindu by religion, but I do feel that there are some people in this world who discriminates between religion & sensible movie like MNIK will clear many peoples mind. I am big fan of SRK & Aamir, but felt that SRK has done a bit of good job than Aamir ( 3 Idiots ). I only think that a movie if gives a msg of love & peace is very brilliant than what boxoffice figures are shown ( 100crs, 200crs, 300crs etc.).

    I have seen this movie 2 times & I am loving it to watch for the third time.

    SRK – U may or may not make 250crs to break record of 3 Idiots, but u have made my mind with peace & love with this movie.

    Karan – From now stop making movies such as Dostana etc, this is the best of all that u have made till now. So, keep making MNIK types of Sensible movie.

    Kajol – Love U & not more than that. Ur presence makes diffrence for a film.

  • hi im megha as you all remember me after throwing veer in the bin i want to do the same for this mnik too .. this is a long boring film and repeat value next to nothing .. if it flops which im sure it will no regrets .. 3 idiots is a far superior film in all aspects

  • @Indicine ..Hi finally after alot of trouble logged into ur site.Dun mind but ur interface is really so much time consuming,I find ur previous version alot better coz my fav color is blacK :) Btw what do u say abt Komal Nehta’s views as he believes all media are lieing about the MNIK’s success ?

    I have a question here.Every 2nd person I know is not liking MNIK.Really bad word of mouth even ppl who have liked it dun wana c it again then how cum MNIK has gud Box-Office Numbers? I may be off topic but really Veer had better reception among the audience n 3idiots ovcourse had a real craze abt it.Furthermore, Distribution Share 4m Multiplex is lesser when compared to the Single Screens n MNIK needs 44carores.At most it can get Above Average Tag what do u say ?

    • Hi Hina, nice to have you back. What was the problem with logging in? Were you getting Authentication Failed or something? If have you have issues with the site, do tell us, so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

      Business of My Name Is Khan at single screens in under-rated. It did reasonably well and the distributors share has crossed 38 crores in India. The film HAS been liked by audience in the bigger cities, at other places it has witnessed huge drops after the first weekend.

      A film that does more than 70 crores nett business in India cannot be an Above Average, can it?

  • @megha throw howmuch movie u want to throw in bin m sure one day al d member of indicine r gng 2 throw u in bin ha ha ha

  • @hina sis welcome even i was facing d same prob but nauman and indicine realy helped me by d way sis above avg is also difficult for d movie bcoz it facing heavy losses

  • srk’s Ra1 budget will be of 100 cr

    Heard this?? Shah Rukh Khan is not sitting idle after My Name Is Khan and preparing to start superhero flick Ra1( opposite sexy siren Kareena Kapoor), which will cost around hundred crore rupees. Due to its huge cost, Shah Rukh Khan has decided to produce the film through his own production house Red Chillies for director Anubhav Sinha. However, King Khans superhero flick will not be made in English as he wants it to be made only for Indian audiences in Hindi. Earlier, there was some talk of the film being made in English but Shah Rukh Khan shot down the idea as he was not convinced about the viability of making a film in English when they already had their own spider man and superman etc. Sources close to Shah Rukh Khans production house say that Ra1 will have breathtaking stunts from King Khan, which will be for the first time not only for him but also for bollywood. The special effects team is being hired from Hollywood to get everything perfect for the gutsy Khan. Shah Rukh Khan has already started working out to prepare himself to be able to perform the daring stunts for the film.

  • How come indicine mnik totched 70cr it’s strugling to cros 65cr plz now u dnt join d group of those idiot people who r hyping d fig

  • Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice

    MNIK – 58 Crore In Two Weeks

    @ indicine pls dont hype the figures

    It will be sure shot flop in India .

  • @Arshan ..Thnx Bro.Gud to c u here..

    @Indicine .. Yeah I get the error Authentication Failed n at times the verification code creates trouble although m typing the correct code but still n then it take alot of time to load really Plz look into this.
    Btw its nice to be back here :)

    MNIK required 75-80 carores for Clean Hit Tag n as Arshan said its struggling to cross 65carores n its 3rd weekend it has tough competition wid KCK n Teen Patti ?

    N Indicine if multiplexes generate 35% Distribution Share.. N Single Screens generate 65% Distribution Share..

    Then lets say MNIK has made 60carores in 10days which is exaggerated then,

    as mutiplex has generated major revenue 35% of 40 Carores = 14carores
    and 65% of 20carores =13 carores from Single Screens

    Which makes total of 14+13 = 27carores Distribution Share …

    Every movies has its own budget just if it touches 70 carores is not a valid point enough for calling it a hit?

    • Hina, with MNIK we DO NOT know how much Fox paid for the Indian rights. So the costs cannot be discussed.. They paid around 100 crores for the worldwide rights, if they make 150 crores+ how can the film be anything less than a HIT?

      The verdict will be on worldwide collections and not India alone.

  • Hina
    your collections are wrong.
    MNIK got 60 cr in 2 weeks 44 cr 1st week 16 cr 2nd week = 60 cr
    70 % revenue came from mutiplexes which is 43 cr with 21.5 cr DS
    30 % revenue came from single screen which is 17 cr with 12 cr DS
    Total Distributor share is near to 34 cr.

    indicine team
    who told u 38 cr DS ???? according to my sources and research DS cant be more than 35 cr in 2 weeks
    3rd week movie will stuck within 5 cr nett and rest of life add 5 more Total 10 cr nett with 5 cr DS
    Total DS will be near to 39-40 cr
    Final Verdict Above Average.
    thats it.

  • @NAUMAN , you are wrong dude

    Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice

    MNIK twoweeks collections are 58 Crores

    MNIK 3rd week 5 Crores

    Rest of life 2 Crores

    Total 65 Crores

    Mnik need 75 crores+ to get hit status .

    Verdict – Below average or Flop

    @ Nauman this is my challenge to you that MNIk sure shot flop in India .

  • Indicine how funny:: before verdict was calculated from indian collection when it turns to mnik ur saying verdict is calculated from worldwide hahaha

    nauman do u remember what u told verdict is depend upon the collection of indian BO at time of veer
    then how come indicine can say its from world wide can u explain plzz

    indicine did srk group paid u also and see most of the users are runing from u be honest

  • Indicine all the films release worlwide then y the hell mnik is giving verdict for WW just to give hit tag
    unbeleivable ????????????
    whatever u say indicine but dont be partiality ……….
    i think correct information will get from bollyplus ( from nauman ) so need to believe u as ur one among the srk group
    shame on u indicine shame on u
    i know u will tell fox studios have given money apprx 95 cr for worldwide not for india????
    i am expecting for correct answer u indicine and dont try to ignore???

  • @indicine i dnt like to argue with bcoz i respect u people a lot u but dis time ur wrong from first monday itself dis movie went to large drop 2nd week collection was around 15cr even if u say 1st week 45cr dhn also it reaches 60cr frm where r u getting 70cr

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