Bang Bang Saturday (Day 3) Box Office Collections

Bang BangThe collections of Bang Bang have dropped further†on its first Saturday (Day 3) at the box office, with net business of 20.1 cr (including all versions). The problem for the film is the mixed to negative reports that it’s carrying.

The mass centres in India like C.I and C.P Berar have continued to gradually drop, while business in the Mumbai circuit never hit the top gear on†any of the three days, the Gujarat / Saurashtra belt opened to average occupancy†on Thursday, picked up on Friday, but dropped again on Saturday. Exhibitors here say, the Pre-Diwali and Navratri period has affected business. Delhi/UP is holding up better, but Mysore and other south circuits have been witnessing drops too.

The 200 crore mark is certainly out of reach now and it remains to be seen if the film can cross the 150 crore mark. The next two days are holidays, so Bang Bang has to grow on Sunday if it has to recover its huge costs.

We have said it before, we say it again – A star†can only bring in audience in the first 2 or 3 days, after which the film relies almost entirely on word-of-mouth publicity. Jai Ho had mixed to negative reports, it failed. Ditto for Ra One. Films like Krrish 3, Kick and Chennai Express had good to mixed reports, which is good enough for a big star film released during a festive weekend with increased ticket prices.

The biggest impact of negative WOM in recent times was Besharam released on the exact same day last year. The film collected nearly 20 crore on its opening day because of Ranbir, but finished with lifetime business of less than 60 cr.

With a extended 5-day weekend filled with holidays, sky was the limit for Bang Bang which was expected to be one of the biggest grossers of the year and the highest grosser of Hrithik’s career. Unfortunately, a weak screenplay and poor direction has let the film down, big time!

Bang Bang Box Office Collections

  • Thursday (Day 1) – 27.54 cr
  • Friday (Day 2) – 24.08 cr
  • Saturday (Day 3) – 20.1 cr
  • 3-day Total collections – 71.72 cr


  • Very disappointing. But happy to see that Indicine box office reports are always accurate. I hope they honestly report during Happy New Year time too.. if that movie is not up to expectations.

  • Hrithik looks bad with that stupid hairstyle. Katrina looks very funny in Bang Bang. Anyway looks like just another average fare from Siddharth Anand. I’m tired now of watching these Hollywood based actions films. I had doubt Bang Bang will be able to live upto its hype or not. Though HR fans will try their best to make it a blockbuster. Knight & Day was classic backed up by some powerful performances from Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.. Still hoping for the best.

  • bang bang is sinking now….due to negative reviews…sunday is the only day for bang bang…
    hope it will recover its cost…

  • and some hrithikians were thinking of 250 crores..!!!!
    Hard luck Hrithik. Really like ur man but ur fans who criticize Srk for everything have left no choice to us srkians but to crirticize u. Sorry mate u r no match SRk

  • as I predicted earlier .. the film was bound to crash big time .. but some kiddish fans were Crying Out Loud.
    I just hope it manages to recover its budget .. God Bless Hro ?

  • I will be bookmarking this page and putting a link to this page in Day 4 box office report of Happy New Year.

    Some SRK fans are having too high expectations from that film – some say 300 crore and one idiot here has said 71 cr first day. Keep dreaming. By 28th of this month you will be sulking somewhere.

    I am yet to come across even one person who has liked the trailer of HNY, except SRK fans on social media of course :)

  • so I and nipun were the only two hro fans in indicine who gave honest reviews about the like baba gave completely fake reviews.I apologize to everyone for misleading reviews given by baba.
    @baba G last warning don’t give misleading reviews about hro films otherwise I abd nipun Will b forced to sack u from hro fan club.

    thank u

  • Today the shows are running packed houses again…so it should earn 25 crs today..that makes it to close to 97 crs in 4 days…Monday to thursday it can add another 50 crs….So first week collections is closing up to 150 cr -160 crs. I expect it to collect another 40-50 crs in 2nd and 3rd week.

    Quite disappointed with critics reviews, the film deserves a good 3-4 ratings…Most of the critics wantedly trying to put it down…Also disappointed with the screens…it should have got at least 3600 screens…

  • Short review
    Bang bang is best example of great action with poor script (including direction, editing)
    Acting: hritik has done a great job
    Katrina canít act
    She deserve GOLDEN KELA AWARD ,sorry but its true.
    Only last 45 minutes are good .
    Overall bang bang completely disappointed me
    Agree with indicine it deserve 2.5 stars that is only for hritik and action

    • @Shaggy, Krrish 3 has been discussed in almost every box office report since November last year. Debate is endless, you believe the figure that you want to and let others do the same.

  • now my prediction will change..coz of bad trending..

    71 cr in 3 days


  • all the movies u said tht had negative WOM actually had postive WOM except #Besharam. JaiHo didnt work cause of its poor music and promos but the film was carrying better WOM thn #Kick. And BangBang is carrying mixed reports but it still has a chance of crossing the 150cr mark.

    • @Ali, doesn’t make sense. If promos and music were poor, it would affect the opening not the final total. First week 88, lifetime 112 is poor trending i.e negative word-of-mouth.

  • Indicine,give us the hindi collections only.Why are you adding hindi and regional collections together for bang bang?

  • I wont b surprised if fox star holds bang bang success party!if they can do that for flops like humshakals and famny then y not for bang bang!
    I hate dishonest people and the fox star is going I don’t think they will ever b able to produce a hit

  • @indicine You Can’t compare Jai Ho with Bang Bang.
    BB was having popular actress, World class action, high budget, high production value.
    according to BOI: Bang Bang 3 day collection is just 61 crore.

  • pre diwali period has always been unlucky for Bollywood… of it would HV been released on diwali or Xmas or even eid with 15aug.. it would be definitely a surefire blockbuster….shut up anti hrithiks

  • Sad to see such biasedness of critics…
    They are not at all giving ratings based on genre…

    If some films of same genre, almost equal content, less action can earn 200 cr.. This one also deserves a 200cr..
    If it doesn’t reach the figure it just shows that critics have no sense in rating an action movie & audience have no sense of a true action thriller…

  • @ali learn to accept failure.if v hrithikians can accept failure of bb then y cant u ppl?for last 10 months I hv heard 100 excuses from bhai fans that jai ho failed bcz of xyz reasons!stop it yaar and accept that jai ho failed bcz of content like fanny and bb

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