Bang Bang follows Dhoom 3 style promotional campaign, reject Bigg Boss offer

During times when most actors promote their films on various television shows, the makers of Bang Bang have reportedly turned down an offer to promote their upcoming action release on India’s biggest reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

In fact, the ‘Bigg Boss’ team had reportedly approached the team of ‘Bang Bang’ to be a part of the shows grand launch on September 21st.

A source close to the marketing team says, the scale of ‘Bang Bang’ is too big to recreate on a show like ‘Bigg Boss’

“The Bigg Boss team had approached the team of Bang Bang to promote their film during the launch of Bigg Boss show, but Bang Bang team politely refused it. They decided not to promote their film on any TV shows as they feel they can’t recreate the scale of Bang Bang on any reality show”

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Hrithik Roshan with Salman Khan

Hrithik Roshan with Salman Khan

Not too long ago, Yash Raj Films had followed a similar strategy with Dhoom 3, what with Aamir Khan refusing to make an appearance on any television show.

A source also added that the makers of ‘Bang Bang’ are extremely confident of the film. They believe the action sequences, dance numbers and the presence of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif is enough to bring audience to theatres.

The promotional campaign of Bang Bang has also been pretty low key. In fact, Bang Bang is probably the first big film in the last 20 years to not have a full-fledged theatrical trailer release.



  • BuZ is only on internet..only kiddies will watch this movie…some people are thinking its hollywood movie dubbed in hindi…people are seriously not aware pf this movie…they shud have promted well…this movie is not dhoom franchise….they will pay for not promoting it well…people are more curoous for haider instead coz of shahids amazing acting turnover

  • @ghost and @anand Of course both SRK and lallu were big stars b4 KA, thats why at that time the main USP of the film was having two big up and coming young stars. SRK had dewanna, Darr, Bazigar, KHKN and Lallu had MPK, HAHK, Sajann so both were popular! But salman had 4 yrs headstart to SRK as he entered in 1988.

  • Kats performance will be no different to her other films, she has same expressions, same dance movements never was too impress with her, even though I am a die hard Salman Khan fans I never liked her paired against not like the other heroines she has an aura of fakeness about her

  • @ nipun well said friend.@ ghost karan arjun is the important movie for all members salman, srk, rakesh and hr cuz he was asistant in this film. hr learned alotfrom karan arjun.salman gave 6 continues success so k a is imp but he is not just becuz of this movie mpk, hahk u can say about these movies. for srk even i dnt like him but i went with my cousin bro to watch ddlj and i saw the craze of that movie

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