Bang Bang follows Dhoom 3 style promotional campaign, reject Bigg Boss offer

During times when most actors promote their films on various television shows, the makers of Bang Bang have reportedly turned down an offer to promote their upcoming action release on India’s biggest reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

In fact, the ‘Bigg Boss’ team had reportedly approached the team of ‘Bang Bang’ to be a part of the shows grand launch on September 21st.

A source close to the marketing team says, the scale of ‘Bang Bang’ is too big to recreate on a show like ‘Bigg Boss’

“The Bigg Boss team had approached the team of Bang Bang to promote their film during the launch of Bigg Boss show, but Bang Bang team politely refused it. They decided not to promote their film on any TV shows as they feel they can’t recreate the scale of Bang Bang on any reality show”

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Hrithik Roshan with Salman Khan

Hrithik Roshan with Salman Khan

Not too long ago, Yash Raj Films had followed a similar strategy with Dhoom 3, what with Aamir Khan refusing to make an appearance on any television show.

A source also added that the makers of ’Bang Bang’ are extremely confident of the film. They believe the action sequences, dance numbers and the presence of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif is enough to bring audience to theatres.

The promotional campaign of Bang Bang has also been pretty low key. In fact, Bang Bang is probably the first big film in the last 20 years to not have a full-fledged theatrical trailer release.



  • They should have gone to atleast comedy nights with Kapil…wanted to see HR-Kat there!!!

    Anyways lets hope for the best…

  • After this superb promo i don’t think Bang Bang needs any big promotion work…this promo should air on TV frequently…

  • I think they r doing the right thing by trying to create suspense around this film. Anyone who has seen the teaser must be already impressed. And if u have hrithik and katrina in ur film then audience is gonna throng to the theatres.

  • u dun need it man…u have HRITHIK ROSHAN wid u….d buzz is already at d top everybody is talking nd waiting for d BANGBANG….just ask ur frnds or cousins or brother…u ll get d answr dat dey r eagrly waiting for BANGBANG

  • Gd marketing!I luv the way these 3 legends-aamir,srk,hro market their every movie in an interesting and sensible way

  • Fox is doing the right thing ! I too don’t prefer promoting movies on TV Serials espc Bigg Boss.

    Go Hrithik Go ! You’re Born to Rule

  • Few years back sallu hd insulted a film like guzaarish by saying-ek kutta bhi nahi gaya wo film dekhne’
    I agree guzaarish was a flop but he shouldnt hv used such offensive language.
    So I m happy to see hrithik not going back to bigg boss and maintaining his dignity

  • The trendsetter is Aamir Khan and respexXx for Bang Bang team not to overexpose their product….
    After the title track rocked the other night its a shot shot success on the cards now…! Anything around 250cr is a certainty I believe.

  • The teaser and the songs had created much hype for the film and now action packed dialogue promos will take the excitement to another level so there is no need for any such promotions

  • Bang bang team doesn’t wants to their film to promote in tv but smartly they had drag bb8 by sayin that they turned down bb8… what was this…’s a promotion of the by taking bb8 names to create a buzz nd so they did it

  • When movie release and underperform then don’t come and say that movie didn’t get promoted. Wish all the best for bang bang. Hritik did fabulous stunt and dance kat looks beautiful

  • WOM is the best promotion. No promotion help if the product is not upto the mark. Personally i think, Bang bang will do very good in first week 140+ cr. Rest depends on quality of the film, but should cross 200 cr.

  • @Arjun Kapoor… Guzaarish collected more than the combined business of Marigold, Shaadi Karke Phass Gaya, Kyon Ki, Saawan… the love season, Main Aurr Mrs Khanna and God Tussi Great Ho…

    So lets not even get there. Salman at his low was worse than solo film of Vivek Oberoi.

    Just after one film Dabangg he gave that statement that not even mosquitoes will come to see Guzaarish. But guess what? Even the mosquitoes might have understood a bit of the film, our Bhai certainly wouldn’t.

    P.S Bhai fans might not even remember some of those movies that I mentioned. LOL.

  • Hritik not promoting bang bang on bigg boss coz they dont need promotion and confident about their film but we want our king to promote happy new year in bigg boss coz our king needs promotion coz we are not confident about our kings film after its marathon trailer

  • This is suicide, Bang Bang doesn’t have franchise advantage which Dhoom 3 had. Only handful of people in India use online tools for entertainment purpose and in this case only those are aware that a movie called Bang Bang is coming on 2nd Oct. Also, other sort of promotions have also not been on big scale. Wake up team Bang Bang before its too late. All the best.

  • @ hr fan if u dnt know arjun is hater of salman and yes salman said just becuz to make fun on sanjay leela bhansali not on hr. recently he said that sanjay shout too much on his cast and crew at set he need to learn from suraj badjatya.
    @ arjun kapoor i am the only salman fan who like arjun kapoor cuz i dnt change my views just becuz of others comment but u r busy in making more and more haters for arjun. i feel u r not fan of arjun u r enemy of him.

  • I think the film is too large to be promoted on any TV show………
    More than the Movie those low TRP shows would have been promoted………..
    But still should have promoted it on BB opening night, KBC and Comedy nights……..These still are somewhat the best of shows…..but still even if not promoting the excitement is very high waiting for 2nd october

  • @yuvraj yes I am a born salman hater thats y I praised and supported his kick so much. even I argued with my friend nipun and criticised hro films to defend kick.

  • @yuvraj… mate, tell me honestly, can someone like Salman even ask a respected director like Sanjay Bhansali to learn something from Sooraj Barjatya? I mean seriously?? I think Salman himself has a lot more to learn from Barjatya.. tons of girlfriends, drunk driving case, unmarried virgin at 50 (although Sooraj might have been pleased with the virgin part), allegedly beats women even of the sets of films which led to the ouster of Aishwarya from Chalte Chalte. These are not things that Sooraj would advice, don’t you think.

    If Salman had inculcated the qualities of Sooraj from Maine Pyaar Kiya days.. he wouldn’t have been involved in so many criminal cases.

  • @HRFan : Hope you also remember Aap Mujhe Acche Lagne Lage, Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, Kites, MPKDH. Hrithilk flopped with a big director like Sooraj Barjatya, Even Shahid gave a BB with Rajshri. Salman is Rajshri Fav with 3 Epic movies. Nothing against Hrithik Roshan, but fans like @HRFan is forcing us to bash Hrithik !!!!!!!!!! All the best to Bang Bang…….. BANG BANG Zamaane Bole !!!!!!!!!!

  • already bang bang has 100% buzz. this is maker’s decision not of hr and hr is very good and humble guy he came few month ago on being human and buy cloths for himself how can he hate salman. dnt bring fight among fans of both.

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