Khoobsurat Review

Khoobsurat is an unusual film because it brings the simplicity of a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film and combines it with the gloss and glamour of a Disney fairytale. It’s supposed to be the first Disney fable made for Indian audiences. Sonam Kapoor makes a comeback after the intrepid Bewakoofiyaan and Fawad Khan, the Pakistani superstar, makes his debut with this flick. Does it come together? 

Story: As with the original, the protagonist of Khoobsurat is a character named Mili Chakraborty (Sonam). She is the physiotherapist of Kolkata Knight Riders and is called upon to look after the King of Sambhalgarh (Shekhar Rathore) after her friend is unable to take up the assignment. Here the exuberant mischievous Mili gets into trouble with the Queen Nirmala (Ratna Pathak Shah) who likes to run things her way. Mili meets the Prince Vikram (Fawad Khan) and eventually they have tiffs which slowly gives rise to love between them. But the problem is Vikram is already engaged to a Princess Kiara (Aditi Rao Hydari). Are Mili and Vikram able to overcome the problems and settle down together? To find out, watch the film.

Khoobsurat Movie Review

Screenplay and Direction: Director Shashanka Ghosh who made the quirky Quickgun Murugan in the past, imbibes his remake of a class with fresh characters and doesn’t follow the original to the tee. Instead he charts his film in his own way. That doesn’t always work seamlessly but you can’t blame a man for not trying. The screenplay is fun throughout the first half but loses a bit of steam in the second half. The climax is quite funny, though.

The technical aspects of Khoobsurat are work-some. The cinematography sticks out because of the lavish way in which it has been shot. Credit to Tushar Kanti Ray. The editing is also decent with none of the scenes extending their stay. The styling is also spot on with the stylists getting the royal feel right. The music of Khoobsurat has been composed by the talented Sneha Khanwalker. She has done an average job with none of the songs making a mark beyond the film’s duration.

Acting: Sonam Kapoor gets to sink her teeth into the role of Mili Chakraborty as the whole film is about her character and about her journey. Sonam has come a long way from her “Thank you” days and shows considerable acting prowess in Khoobsurat. She’s spunky, lively and yet emotionally connective as Mili. She can still get better, though. Fawad Khan is a tremendous looker as well as a fantastic actor. Ratna Pathak Shah is feisty in her role. Kirron Kher is annoying as the loud Punjabi mother of Mili.

Conclusion: If you’re in the mood for some harmless entertainment and if you don’t mind watching a Sonam Kapoor film then Khoobsurat will be a tolerable watch for you. It’s not ground-breaking or jaw-dropping cinema but it serves its purpose. Don’t expect a lot if you do decide to go watch it, and you will not be disappointed.

Box Office: Khoobsurat will find it difficult to make a lot of headway with a below average opening. The content may click with a few but all in all, it will pass under the radar.


  • Fresh twist to a yesteryear classic
  • Sonam Kapoor
  • Costume Design, Cinematography are good
  • Fawad Khan shines in his debut


  • Direction becomes slacky at places
  • The content won’t work with everyone
Rating: ★★½☆☆


  • Really 2.5?
    U have praised the film almost throughout and then gave just 2.5???

    Can’t believe,awful review this one…

  • Only God knows how Dharma films like GTPM,HSKD got so high ratings,
    2 states got 4 stars despite major flaws…

    Sorry to say,but sometimes your reviews are really out of the world indicine!!!

  • @thullu-dude i agree with u..sometimes reviews of incidine are really out of the world…when ‘holiday’ release incidine gave only 2.5 stars…but movie was good..

  • i havent any expectation from this film..not for content wise or not for boxoffice wise..dont know why but this film hasnt attracted me even 0.01% so will not watch it in theatre…will wait for reviews of dawat e ishq otherwise haider and bang bang are sure to be watched…

  • i am waiting for dawat e ishq more than khoobsurat 2.5 is good rating for this, 3 for d. e.i., where is arjun i think he is busy in collecting some anti salman info but i have doubt what will happen when he know that salman did a movie garv and his character name is arjun ranawat in that movie what is his reaction cuz he likes srk becuz of his name arjun in karan arjun.

  • @indicine: the rating and review aren’t matching with each other. Even you haven’t mentioned any major flaw and you gave it 2.5 only ! !

  • why bollywood gives chance to pakistani actors when there are many Indian who dont get chance to show their talent in bollywood.

  • @Indicine – Can you just ban this idiot named as Ahsan? He’s disrespecting whole 1.3 billion people of India.

    @Ahsan Faramosh – If India sucks then what is your Fawad doing here?

  • truly a bad film..loud predictable nonserious noncomedic fare

    the only good thing is the new actor fawad.
    everything else is bad

  • and just as i predicted this khubsoorat has crashed badly..ratna pathak did not have the same impact as hher mothther dina pathak had

  • The movie is nowhere close to the original one as Sonam fails to create the same magic on screen which was created by Rekha in the original. I found her loud. Fawad khan is good though. He acts and looks very good. He should be given some good characters in the future as he has the ability to carry a film on his shoulders.
    2.5 out of 5 is an honest rating for this movie.

  • I didn’t have any plan to see this film as I didn’t like the trailer and felt it’s a “shallow” film, and I HATE shallow films which make me feel tired, bored, sleepy while watching, but my niece wanted to see it and I had to accompany her.. it was as I expected.. boring, shallow, spice less, and the character of Sonam Kapoor is not convincing at all?!!! how an educated doctor would behave like an ignorant or like some villagers in a palace of a King or Shah and would behave like a silly girl?!

    And ppl said that this film is better than Dawat e Ishq!!!!!!!! WHAT A BAD TASTE THEY HAVE!!!!! we both got bored and wanted to leave the theater, I stayed till the end just for my niece, but she too didn’t like it. doesn’t deserve more than 1.5 from 5.

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