Terrific action in the first dialogue promo of Bang Bang

The first dialogue promo of Bang Bang is out. It begins with Hrithik asking Katrina to fasten her seat belts as the action is about to begin! What falls is the most action packed promo we have seen in a long long time. Hrithik’s stunt in the sea while being hooked on to a plane, stands out.

Watch and tell us what you think!



  • This is Fucking Awesome.The Action Promo in Bang Bang makes Any other Action movie ever made in Bollywood Look Pale.Bang Bang > Dhoom 2 > Any Other Bollywood Action Movie

  • Mindblowing….but i am not happy with the promotion going by fox studios…promotion is very2 slow ……they must promote bang bang on tv shows also.

  • Totally blown away by the promo – 1..!;) I
    mean , what was that ? Is it really a bollywood
    movie ? Its production value and action
    scenes looks like ‘A’ grade action flicks from

  • I am not sure about it’s opening in India coz I have no idea about no ofscreens but opening will be 100% whatever the screen count is
    Bcoz there will be plenty of screens for bang bang since fox star has better command overseas
    In India it would be definitely above 30 cr

  • dis is another level of action in bolywud…..never seen before….nt releasing trailer is a masterstroke by d productin house

  • Amazing again…….I got goosebumps
    “Hrithik” you just cant take you eyes of him……..Wow man what Charisma what presence……. Also in katrina, Hrithik has got his perfect match.

  • I bet after watching this promo the LOSER KHANS and their Fans must be hiding in holes and thinking like “Man This Hrithik is something else, completely out of this world”…Ha Ha . Now take this haters. I know how low u r feeling right now

  • To all hirithik fans just because @romance new yr is hirithik hater does not mean all srk fans are , 90 % srk fans are hirithik fans so plz dont say anything bad about srk and hny just bcoz of romance new yr, bieng srk fan i am waiting for bang bang more than hny

  • This is very next level of action movies for India. Was so tired seeing those masala action sequences lately that this come as breath of fresh air. One of the most action packed sequence ever. And the plane stunt – one of the very best I ever watched – just amazing.

  • Hrithik man u r an eagle so please go hang out with eagles (Hollywood) and don’t waste ur time and career with CROWS (KHANS/Bollywood). I hope u understood well. Bollywood is just a piece of garbage with pathetic people….

  • @indicine- If you are talking about bollywood movies only then correct yourself because it is the most action packed promo we have seen ever

  • @ indicine I m happy that u giving equal importance to bang bang but i feel u was publishing too much on srk. now its balance and i feel hny is over promoted and we know any thing is if going over than limit is bad so it is bad thing for hny over promotion and overacting of srk. all the best to bang bang buzz is 180 crore while hny’s buzz is 140 crore.

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