Bang Bang follows Dhoom 3 style promotional campaign, reject Bigg Boss offer

During times when most actors promote their films on various television shows, the makers of Bang Bang have reportedly turned down an offer to promote their upcoming action release on India’s biggest reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

In fact, the ‘Bigg Boss’ team had reportedly approached the team of ‘Bang Bang’ to be a part of the shows grand launch on September 21st.

A source close to the marketing team says, the scale of ‘Bang Bang’ is too big to recreate on a show like ‘Bigg Boss’

“The Bigg Boss team had approached the team of Bang Bang to promote their film during the launch of Bigg Boss show, but Bang Bang team politely refused it. They decided not to promote their film on any TV shows as they feel they can’t recreate the scale of Bang Bang on any reality show”

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Hrithik Roshan with Salman Khan

Hrithik Roshan with Salman Khan

Not too long ago, Yash Raj Films had followed a similar strategy with Dhoom 3, what with Aamir Khan refusing to make an appearance on any television show.

A source also added that the makers of ‘Bang Bang’ are extremely confident of the film. They believe the action sequences, dance numbers and the presence of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif is enough to bring audience to theatres.

The promotional campaign of Bang Bang has also been pretty low key. In fact, Bang Bang is probably the first big film in the last 20 years to not have a full-fledged theatrical trailer release.



  • @BK Thullu, No. We invite you. But you have other plans and things to do. Hence, you can’t make it? Why should it be considered as an insult of the show? You are talking as if BB8 has been created for Bang2. K3 was promoted there. Well, some team members of HNY are going there.
    Well, pray Bang Bang crosses 200 Crores..

    @Arjun Kapoor, u immature fool! Where did you witness Salman saying this? Media has made the matter out of proportion.
    When some people asked Salman at an event of a disabled people why he didnt make a movie on them, he replied “Kiya Tha, Khamoshi Aur Phir Milengi. Ek Machchar Bhi Nahin Gaya Dekhne! Abhi Guzaarish Release Hua Hai. Uski Khalat Bhi Dekho.” Well, Salman took potshots on his own movies and added Guzaarish on that. The media exaggerated that. Fools like Arjun Kapoor believed that. And after parting with Suzzane, Hrithik visited Salman to help some matters sort out. Suzzane is a friend of Seema Khan..Salman also visited her spa launch!

    @HRfans, Be grateful. When nobody was there yo help Hrithik, Salman was there. He spent his precious 1.5 years to help him get his physique. Hrithik also said Salman has contributed in his life in many ways. Be grateful!

    Similarly, we can put one Salman’s flop= Na Tum Jano Na Him+Aap Mujhe Achche+Yaadein etc…And don’t fly too high. We have to see how much bang bang can do.

    @Arjun Kapoor, if you have nothing to do but instigating fan wars over a stupid topic, just shut up and take care of Boney Kapoor.

  • @hrithik… check the collections of AMALL, NTJNH, Kites and MPKDH.. and then compare them to Marigold or Main Aur Mrs Khanna or Saawan or God Tussi and you’ll your answer. Remember we are comparing 2002 film Aap Mujhe with movies released in 2008 – 2009..

    Salman hits between 2000 – 2009 were collecting the same as Hrithik flops. Kites was a flop but collected almost 45 cr, which is more than combined collections of 4 or 5 Salman films.

  • Its a gud thing… They r maintaining buzz n creating curiosity also…

    But i dnt think u should say they r following Dhoom 3… Dhoom 3 promotion was a brilliant strategy but it was kept low so as to not reveal anything, specially Aamir’s double role….

    HR is following his own strategy… He started this trend of Dialogue promos with K3…

    Also happy that this Film ( & Dhoom 3) is not being promoted on tv shows at all… It was like Stars need TV stars support to survive… It is an insult to Bollywood if they need to promote so excessively on tv for a film to become hit…

    CNWK is a show meant for promotion, so at max that one show is enough for The promotion..

    Waiting for bullets on oct 2…

  • Sorry!!!From the first comment,

    @HRfan, …..Similarly, we can put one Salman’s flop Kyun Ki= Na Tum Jano Na Him+Aap Mujhe Achche+Yaadein etc……

  • @Anand_The Original.. Salman helped Hrithik for 1.5 years? Where? When? Show me a link that proves the same? that was all media created shit.

    And Salman doesn’t have any great physique for him to train anyone. A professional personal trainer is always better.

  • @ajit parashar first get your facts strait. Dhoom 3 didn’t need promotions not because of franchise power but star power. Just get your facts strait.

  • @HRfan, I think you are going too much into someone’s personal life?

    Salman has every right to comment on SLB. Salman is still SLB’s most loved hero. You know why? Vidhu Vinod Chopra ousted SLB. Nobody was working with or hardly did anybody even know SLB at that time. Salman was a superstar after HAHK and Karan Arjun. He gave SLB the break. It flopped. He gave him a second chance with HDDCS. You would not possibly have a this SLB without Salman Khan.

    Tons of GFs and Virgin at 50? Why r u contradicting? R u an oxymoron? Did you all witness all the alleged incidences. Then, go and be a witness in the court. You just have known them through media. Media do anything for their popularity.

    You guys are worse than criminals. You just don’t let them to become good people.
    I am not saying Salman has done anything wrong. He may or may not. But he is a changed person. That’s for sure. Why do like his past to haunt him.

    If you want us to respect and love Hrithik, you respect and love Salman Khan. If u keep uttering nonesenses, we will bash Hrithik and his Bang Bang right before its release.

  • @ hr fan search on google u r not special why we provide u links for everything?
    why hrithik is went on being human store?
    u r just blind hater of salman. he is not only who drink, it was accident i m not sure who driven the car. yes salman can say everything to sanjay leela bhansali or himesh reshamiya check hr (himesh) career graph salman gave him maximum chance and khamoshi the musical was sanjay’s first movie and salman worked just for helping him. after failure of khamoshi he worked again with sanjay in hddcs and after he ready to do guest apearance in saawariya this is salman yaaro ka yaar dushmano ka dushman.
    if a woman make u fool in love and do two timing with u, what you will do. salman did what a man can do. i also beat womens just becus of their disloyal behaviour with me so what. what kind of freedom you wanna give to womens just what western people gives them. this is truth and i can speak the truth.

  • @HRfan, Hrithik thanked Salman after receiving his first filmfare award for KNPH? Why? Why didn’t he thank any other actor?
    Hrithik said “Salman has contributed s lot in my life in my life in many ways.” Why did he say that? He didn’t say such things about other people.
    As to the links of training Hrithik, it was said during a chat with Karan and other interviews. I will give you the links soon.

    Well, I have come to know how stupid you are. No diplomacy will be effective with you. You are extremist that failed to accept the trend setter of the physiques in Bollywood. Salman was at his peak when he trained Hrithik.

    Age does affect everyone including Arnold and Sylvester Stallone.

  • @Indicine: I want to ask Indicine team that are you sure about what you are saying? Amir khan didn’t come to the Big Boss 7 due to his business in promoting Dhoom 3 in various states of India. Based upon the request and friendship, Salman Khan wore the Amir Khan’s cap from Dhoom 3 in all the episodes of Big Boss 7 untlil Dhoom 3 releases in the theater. Can you remember that Salman khan used to shout saying Doom machale!!! in those episodes??

    So please correct your information. Dhoom 3 was thoroughly promoted on Big Boss 7

  • @yuvraj, the first two results for Salman Hrithik 1.5 years is Indicine itself. That too the comment that Anand posted. There is nothing that says Salman trained Hrithik for 1.5 years. So I asked for proof. If you can’t show proof, then stop lying.

  • For those who are uplifting the pride of Salman by saying that he helped Hrithik to build his body, remember the film “Karan Arjun” the film was extremely important for both Salman and SRK, Hrithik was the assistant to his father in making that film. Before that film, neither SRK nor Salman was a big star in bollywood!! so both SRK and Salman will always remain grateful to them for what Roshans did for their career!!

  • For those Hrithik haters barking Salman Trained him for 1.5 years…. You seriously need to get a life… I am confused ur Salman fan or HR Hater…

    Salman did support Hrithik in building body n helped.. But not for 1.5 years…
    He just advised & Showed way to HR
    Hrithik was interested in Bodybuilding n since he knew Salman (He was assistant Director of Karan Arjun) he asked for tips n support from Salman who had best body at that time…

    But u Morons r mentioning it as if Without Salman, HR wouldn’t have that Body, FYI He is one of the most dedicated actors today… He will achieve what he want even if He doesn’t get any support…

    So Stop mentioning it every time n making Fool of urselves..

    RIP Haters…

  • @HRfan lol, bullet will fly 2nd oct to 6th oct but after 6th oct bullet will be finished and fuss fuss bullet. @Hr fan, don’t force to Salman fans write against HR.

  • @ anand good replies. u r real fan of salman. nobody is inocent in this world but who learn from mistakes is human and our salman is true human. hrithik is also a good human as i said.

  • oh!!! come on !!! stop fighting you all, all the bollywood actors and actresses are friendly with each other. they don’t indulge in useless fights and calling names.. why are you all taking this seriously.. if you want to discuss about a movie then criticize it in a good way discuss it flaws and positives.. discuss what could be improved.. don’t ever involve the actor’s personal matters or daily life into movie’s discussion.. what are you going to do if i bring upon your personal matter in a business discussion.. it’s not apt na.. as far as box office is concerned records are always meant to be created and broken it ain’t going to last forever. till then enjoy good cinema and movies and that good cinema may differ from person to person..

  • @HRfan have you completely lost it? anyone with even iota of sense about bollywood during hrithik debut knows how Salman Khan was not only godfather of hrithik roshan’s body building but also trained to built his confidence onscreen, here is hrithik roshan himself talking about it.

    As for guzarish incident do you even know that how media misquoted him, he was bashing his own film phir milenge, even your hrithik roshan realised it

    and he even said this recently Salman Khan contributed to my life in many ways: Hrithik Roshan – See more at:

    Also ROFL on your dumb claim that salman hit films equal to hrithik flop film, Partner did 60+ krrish Blockbuster had also done same 60+ even no entry maine pyar kyon kia were top grossers, MPKK = Aap mujhe ache na tum jaano na hum + yaadein + mujhse dosti karoge

    and you taking delayed films god tussi great ho marigold, by that logic SRK had given biggest disaster yeh lamhe judai ke of last decade, or saawan sawariya as salman films, Lol by that krazzy4 was also hrithik film?salman’s bad phase was not 2000-2009 but 2006-09 3 years otherwise even in 2005 he was giving top highest grossers. get your facts right.

    And big LOL on your this comment, that can someone like salman speak about respected director SLB, do you even know that whole career of bhansali was made by ONLY SALMAN, ?

    Looks like you were born just yesterday :D

  • @@@Buli you can take retirment now….You always take name of SRK…..Why????because you people are very smart u knw only Srk can give u and ur star Free publicity …..dats d power of srk….

  • So it’s clear that BB8 Team want to grow their TRP by bring them in the show,but no need Hrithik sir,we love u.hope it shatter previous record,from a srk fan.

  • @Anand_the_original..
    U say if HR fans wont bash Salman, Salman fans won’t bash HR…
    Then can you tell me why does @Navin bash HR on every article…
    He bashes HR even if there is not even a single Comment against Salman on that Article.. He bashes HR even if that Article isn’t related to HR or Salman..
    Result = Fan wars…

    Tell Navin not to bash HR first…

    You both are Salman fans.. So maybe you can make him Understand…

  • BB8 already collected 100 crs courtesy TARAN and KOMAL….After release they will collect more 150 crs and overall 250

  • I am disappointed with the crappy promotional strategies. They should have atleast gone to BB8 n CNWK. hope they will go to CNWK.
    if a movie have capability of securing 180 crores, it will do definitely more with better promotions. BangBang Makers should understand that.

    I am not going to be involved any fanwar. So no replies to any salman or hrfans. BTW,topic was started by a avoid.

  • @indicine U said aamir never had a television appearance to promote D3. That’s untrue as aamir, abhishek and uday was on the Anupama show to promote D3!

  • Many actors tend to be more humble and sincere at the beginning of their careers. However, as they find success and climb to the stardom, they feel awkward and find difficult to openly admit about the help received from others. But Hrithik has not become so ungrateful. But some of his ignorant and stupid fans fail to follow the footsteps of the icon. Taking help from other is not a bad thing. To exist in this world, we need help one another’s help. It is a cycle. Salman has taken the help of Rajshri. Hence, we will always be grateful to them for giving us such a superstar.

    Salman has immensely contributed towards Hrithik and his career. But Hrithik fans fail to accept to this. Here are some proofs.

    1) After receiving first Filmfare Award in 2000 for KNPH, Hrithik took the name of Salman Khan after that of Farah Khan in his thanksgiving list. He said “I want to thank Mr. Salman Khan for his tremendous supports.” Why did he Hrithik take Salman Khan’s name? Why not others? What does the adjective “Tremendous” mean?
    Proof Here:

    2) In an interview with Zoom in 2013, Hrithik said referring Salman “he is somebody who has supported me throughout my life. He loves me. I love him back.” What does “throughout one’s life mean?”
    Proof here:

    3) Answering to the question by Prashant Singh (on Hindustantimes, Nov 10, 2013) –“Is everything fine between you and Salman?”—Hrithik said, “About four months ago I stepped into one of his stores and purchased a lot of clothes for myself. Salman and I have spoken about that and he was happy to know that I am probably the only other actor who has visited the store and bought clothes for himself. I admire him and believe in his symbol of being human. He has really added and contributed to my life in many ways.”
    Proof here:

    4) Karan Johar in Koffee with Karan in a question to Salman Khan -whether he feels insecure of someone giving him competition later whom he has once nurtured- said “I know you have spent quite amount of time with Hrithik.” Watch 21:00 Mins of the episode!

    5) In an interview, when the host has asked Salman Khan what he has to say about Hrithik’s dancing skill, Salman replied “he is a superb dancer. I didn’t know he could dance so well during his one and half year training session with me. I happened to meet him some time after the release of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. I asked him ‘why didn’t you tell me you could dance very well? So, I would have an opportunity to learn dancing from you in return. He smiled.”
    I have watched this interview by myself. But I have forgotten what interview exactly it is. It may be with Omar Qureishi of Zoom TV. I will find it out and give the link after a few days right in this page.

    6) Hrithik’s good words for Salman Khan:

    By this, we are not boasting of the fact that Salman Khan has helped Hrithik and that’s why he has become a star. But Salman is one of the many that has helped Hrithik. On the other hand, we gracefully accept the people that have helped Salman. For instances, JK Bihari, Rajshri, Sawan Kumar Tak, Kumar Gaurav etc! We will never say a word against these people.

  • @Ghost, Salman was not a star before Karan Arjun? What are you smoking, Ghanja??? After MPK, Baaghi, Sanam Bewafa, Saajan, HAHK etc?? Salman not a star? you are making fun of yourself!

    I am nor defending SRK. I don’t know if SRK was a star or not before Karan Arjun. His fans like Romance, Trini, Aman Mathur will be able to reply to you!

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