Bang Bang 2nd Friday Collections

Bang Bang has crashed on its 9th day (2nd Friday) at the domestic box office. The film has dropped by 45-50% from its previous day at mass centres, multiplexes too have witnessed significant drops in occupancy.

There were 4 new releases this weekend and none of them had any sort of impact on Bang Bang or Haider. The Shahid Kapoor starrer too has suffered the same fate, as the collections of Haider has dropped below the 2 crore mark for the first time.

The Tamil and Telugu versions of Bang Bang are running on very limited screens this weekend, the collections are around 8 lakhs on 2nd Friday.

Saturday and Sunday will be crucial if Bang Bang has to get to the 175 cr mark, which looks difficult now after the kind of business it managed to put up yesterday.

Bang Bang First Extended Week (8 days)

  • Thursday (Day 1) – 27.54 cr
  • Friday (Day 2) – 24.08 cr
  • Saturday (Day 3) – 20.1 cr
  • Sunday (Day 4) – 22.41 cr
  • Monday (Day 5) – 15.36 cr
  • Tuesday (Day 6) – 10.31 cr
  • Wednesday (Day 7) – 8.23 cr
  • 2nd Thursday (Day 8) – 7.42 cr

Bang Bang 2nd Weekend

  • 2nd Friday (Day 9) – 4.5 cr (approx – final figures will be updated in a while)
  • Grand Total – 140 cr


  • haider shd see big pick up today and tmrw scoring 10cr in 2nd weekend and 65cr hit lifetime while I would like to give no comments about bang bang

  • Now 170cr looking very difficult.that means movie is just average.Thats prove that HR cannot give competion to Khans.But before the realise some HR fans were barking ab BB will be highest grossing movie of all time and first movie to cross 300cr movie and bla bla bla..Now they will undertand where is SRK and Salman stand and some extend amir and where ur fav HR stand…HR is not superstar he is just semi superstar not super star lyk three khans……

  • It has dipped further more in starting of second weekend.i didn’t expect this one i was expecting 7to 8 crore.let’s see what would be in upcoming days……….now it seems lifetime business of bang bang would be around 165 crores…verdict is above average.

  • That is really a bad news . I really want it to do 180 CR . By the way Haider also has crashed so all the haters who were saying that Haider will be a Superhit they need a reality check . I seriously want it do more than 15 CR on Saturday and Sunday . Best of Luck to Team Bang Bang .

  • Annabelle has taken over Bong Bong .. Multiplexes in my city are witnessing minimal/less footfalls for Bong Bong.
    Complete washout.

  • where are hrithik’s fan hiding? before release they were saying hurricane is coming.. mila kya babaji ka thullu..

  • BangBang was being treated as if it was as bad as himmatwala in some sites or fb pages. But,it wasn’t that bad. I know it’s flawed. But,it was experimental. Atleast, it raised the bar of action in bollywood unlike many other action movies who consist 2-3 item no.s, 4-5 sametype deshi dialogues and a lot of brainless fighting.

  • Bang bang or bomb bomb at the box office…plz indicine just let me knw what will be the verdict if it’s won’t cross 160 crores…..waiting for ur answer

  • When indicine said Bang Bang won’t work in their review, every Hrithik fan criticised them. Then the same people said they gave higher rating for CE and Kick..

    But now, CE and KICK were blockbusters and Bang Bang has crashed.

    They got it right for Krrish 3 too…

  • We love you Hrithik. We are your fans because of your
    2.hard work
    3.inspiring quality
    4.intensity in your acting
    5.Your versatility
    6.Your looks
    7. Your style
    8.Your personality
    9.Your multiple talent
    10.Your physique
    11. Your humbleness
    12.Your innocence
    13.Your attempt to raise the bar
    14.Your quality
    15.Your expression in your eyes
    16.Your meaningful advices to your fans
    17.Your daring for taking risk
    18.Your Dance
    19.Your starpower
    20.Your frindliness with others and many.
    Even though BangBang has underperformed due to huge negativity and lack of deshi masala in d movie, it will never affect our support,love and respect for u.

  • manipulation at its best by these Roshans. the real fate of Bang Bang .. it is unlikely to touch 150crs by distributor.
    Bang Bang (Hindi) dropped badly on its second Friday
    as it collected around 3-3.25 crore nett. the drop is a
    huge 85% from last Friday which was the second day of
    the film. The drop is huge despite no competition from
    the new releases.
    The film will struggle to put up a strong second week
    total and the film is unlikely to hit the 150 crore nett.
    The cracks were there in the collections earlier but
    holidays in various parts of the country made the all
    India daily collections reasonable. The second weekend
    of the film is liely to be around the 13 crore nett mark.
    The second Friday collections are less than Kick,
    Holiday – A Solidier IS Never Off Duty, 2 States,
    Singham Returns and Jai Ho. It is the ninth day for
    Bang Bang as compared to eight for the other films but
    a 3 crore second Friday is low for a like Bang Bang
    which is much bigger budget than the films above. The
    second Friday is nearly 50% less than what Hrithik
    Roshan’s last film Krrish 3 grossed on its second

  • Yes, some hrithikfans were expecting too much. But every fan bases have some such thinkings. Many salmanfans had predicted high about jai ho too. Same goes with srkfans before raone and don 2. Akkifans predicted in range 180-200 crores for holiday. But it didn’t work. But what makes HR the greatest is he is the most complete superstar of B’town.

  • What is Worng with everyone……Bang Bang Will rule………Friday-6Cr…..Saturday-7.5Cr……Sunday-9Cr…….Weekend 25Cr……..Week 2-37Cr……Total lifetime anywhere around 170-190Cr……….Stop Hating Hrithik and spreading negativity without any cause…..Cheers To Bang Bang

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