Baazigar celebrates 20 years, SRK thanks co-stars and fans

Baazigar SRKMore than 20 years ago, Shahrukh Khan, who had come to Mumbai with dreams of becoming the biggest superstar in the country, took a massive risk by playing a ‘anti-hero’ in Abbas-Mustan’s Baazigar. And the rest, as they say is history!

Baazigar, which released on November 12th 1993, is still considered to be one of the best films of SRK’s career and one of his best performances too!

The film released exactly 20 years ago.

“And yes 20 years of Baazigar. Thanks Abbas Mastan, Kajol, Shilpa and Rakhiji. Abhi bhi haarkar jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hain… (even now, those who lose yet win the bigger battle is called Baazigar”

Is Baazigar SRK’s best performance in a negative role? What are your favourite dialogues from the film? Tell us in the comments section below!



  • @ laila


    Are u out of mind laila, 3.8 billion hearts, u r die hard fan of srk. lol

    I think u get ur figures from time magazine coz they claimed srk as global star by claiming his fan following in billions in 2010, but even time mag did not mention ur fig of 3.8 bill. lol

    I think u don’t know anything about world’s geography and also bollywud reach.

    Srk is famous in south-asia and among south-asian diaspora of world which is around 3-4 crore only, not famous among western people except little bit among germany and poland.

    Before 10 yrs ago no one have any interest in bollywud film outside south-asia.

  • @ laila

    Me to didn’t saw maya memsaab except its usp, i mean to say its 18+ scene on internet. lol

    You don’t beleive me, that i was completely shocked when i saw srk and deepa shahi doing that scene so much explicitely, i thought it was srks body double.

    Then i search about that film on net, then i came across that he was supporting actor of film.

    I am not hater, i was his fan, before i didn’t saw his arrogance and his cheapness in his interviews and shows.

  • @ aks

    I agree with u bro, i read ur all replies to that sht, let him go as what can u hope from the person whose name is shit. lol

    Let me clear one thing to all, that in both baazigar and darr srk’s character was justify and sympathetic thats why people loved that character and also srk.

    Srk was not portrayed as typical villian in any of his negative role thats why his charcters became historic.

  • OK..I was waiting for your reply.yeah ,u are right .I m not geography student…. Ididn’t like reading it either.. Firsr of all neither i said anything particularly about western country nor I compared srk with hollywood stars.if am not wrong u are from Asia,why are making our own people down?
    To u just western people’s choice matter,na?
    U don’t like srk,it’s ur choice…
    Why are u degrading whole south Asian countries?
    whatever, u are an interesting person. U are judging an actor,with his intereviews…if u have said, do not like him because his overacting. It would be much acceptable…
    Have u ever said I am the best?..
    Just try it in front of mirror.. Pls,pls…….It’s feel nice.
    So, ex srk fan,tell me why u stared hating srk so much?not just arrogance there are other reason. Right?

  • @ laila

    Ya, its true that u didn’t mention west and hollywood in ur comment, but tell me from where u get that figure of 3.8 billion hearts or nearly 54% people of entire human population of this planet. lol

    I am very proud indian and i enjoyed bollywood movies only, and i can’t digest baseless and imaginary hollywood films thats why i usually avoid hollywood movies .

    I don’t considered westerners point of view as ultimate truth as u mentioned in ur comment, ya, i admit they r forward than rest of world due to their scientific thinking.

    It is ur point of view by which u thought that i degrade our south-asian nations, but neither i praise western people nor i degrade south-asia, how can i bash south-asians as me to a south-asian. so it was mistake on ur side, as u considered me inferior, but i am not.

  • @ laila

    Regarding srk, well who am i to point fingers on face of bollywood i.e srk,
    let me clear one thing that if i don’t like anybody then i stop thinking about that person, but not hated or jealous them as hate/jealousy is harmful for person’s own health. lol

    When i was srk fan then i only saw his films as i considered him best and avoid films of all his contempories such as aamir khan, salman khan, akshay etc but when i boycotted srk, then only i started to enjoy the films of other actor as well, then i came across to see amir, akshay, hrithik, ajay devgn films and enjoyed them as well and they are also good actors especially ajay and amir.

    In short, now i am fan of entertainment 3 only as mention in dirty picture lol
    no matters who are casting lead of movies.

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