Tamil superstar Vijay in awe of Hrithik’s performance in Krrish 3

VijayTamil superstar Vijay, who recently watched Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3, was so impressed with the actor’s work that he wanted to meet him personally and congratulate him for the effort and hard work that has gone into its making.

Hrithik was in Chennai on Tuesday to celebrate the huge success of the film in Tamilnadu and Vijay wanted to meet him, but couldn’t as he was busy shooting for his Tamil film ‘Jilla’.

“Vijay sir recently watched ‘Krrish 3’ with his family and loved it. He was in awe of Hrithik Roshan and the amount of hard work he had put in to perform the stunts in the film. He said that he hasn’t watched a better adventurous Indian film in a long time,” Vijay’s agent said.

“He wanted to meet Hrithik and personally congratulate in a public gathering. Unfortunately, he was busy shooting for ‘Jilla’, and, therefore, couldn’t make it,” he added.

Directed by Rakesh Roshan, Krrish 3 has reportedly earned more than Rs 250 crore at the worldwide box office.



  • d3 advance booking begins in u.a.e. this year will end with dhoom and congrets to hr fans for great movie k3. srk fans are creating negetive environment around it since it release. hope happy new year became flop

  • #Krrish3 craze everywhere…hrithik also expressed his desire to work in a Tamil film…I think he should act in a Hindi-Tamil film made on huge budget collaborating with any of the famous south actor like vijay/surya/Kamal Hasan…because hrithik has great fan following down south…

  • krish 3 is a worst film it is a copy of x men.batman.superman etc hrithik was good as krissh but as rohit he overacted. at most time he is unbearable. and irritating so krissh 3 is one of the worst film of this year.

  • @srk king: Krrish 3 is a nice movie and it deserves the success it got.. but yet I felt Hritik overacted as Rohit.. Vivek , kangana and hritik as krrish were fab

  • Happy new year 400+cr alone india and will break all records which gonna creat by Dhoom 3. I told that CE will earn 220+cr but you guys dint believe now wait for HNY. My prediction will again gonna be true..

  • @srk peon, srk deserves golden kela award for the irritating over acting he did in chennai express, ce is the worst film that has ever been released in this whole universe

  • all actors know that how great performer hrithik is, only the honest ones express it. Hrithik Roshan the true gem of indian cinema. GREEK GOD RULESS HRITHIKMANIA !!

  • @srk king : U r d fan of an actor whose bread and butter is over acting and u r accusing hrithik. well according to me hrithik is the best overall package ever produced in bollywood and he desrves to go to hollywood

  • these days craps work big time krissh3,c.e or bodyguard,rowdy rathore..few actors buy remake to make hindi films and few actors shamelessly cut copy paste several hollywood films….krissh-3 sucess goes rakesh 85% and 10% vfx red chillies and 5% to hritik…

  • Everybody knows krrish 3 is a major disappointment, they are just manipulating the box office numbers to look bigger.

  • Vijay is one of the finest actor in Indian Film Industry. His roles are safe in his hands.
    We vijay fans are waiting for Jilla.

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