Baazigar celebrates 20 years, SRK thanks co-stars and fans

Baazigar SRKMore than 20 years ago, Shahrukh Khan, who had come to Mumbai with dreams of becoming the biggest superstar in the country, took a massive risk by playing a ‘anti-hero’ in Abbas-Mustan’s Baazigar. And the rest, as they say is history!

Baazigar, which released on November 12th 1993, is still considered to be one of the best films of SRK’s career and one of his best performances too!

The film released exactly 20 years ago.

“And yes 20 years of Baazigar. Thanks Abbas Mastan, Kajol, Shilpa and Rakhiji. Abhi bhi haarkar jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hain… (even now, those who lose yet win the bigger battle is called Baazigar”

Is Baazigar SRK’s best performance in a negative role? What are your favourite dialogues from the film? Tell us in the comments section below!



  • Baazigar is the first SRK starrer i watched….i think when i was about 4 years old….i still remember that…….the character in that is a once in alifetime role……what an acting by the KING in that!!!!!hats off… wonder he won the first filmfare award best actor …..SRK EVOLUTION STARTED FROM THERE

  • Salman rejected Baazigar
    Aamir rejected Darr
    Saif rejected DDLJ
    and Srk became superstar bcoz of these rejected

  • It was a good movie, though I wondered always why his character killed such a hot girl like Shilpa but fell for Kajol? Most weird and ridiculous. May be psychos are like that, lol.

  • @Ayushsrk.. even Maya Memsaab? I dont think any other male star had done a nude scene till then, so even that is a milestone.

  • Srk took massive risk by playing anti hero role in baazigar is not correct reason bcoz he had no other option at that time and he was giving back to back flops as hero so he was helpless and did baazigar and was fortunate that Salman rejected it and his flop string ended.

  • baazigar is. a unofficial or copy of hollywood film a kiss before dying this was excellent film with brilliant acting by matt dilon.but baazigar is a average film with srk overacts in whole film.

  • @sACHIN11 Because they were idiots and never had the intelligence…and 1 more thing the people above mentioned like salman,aamir and saif in this industry because of their filmy background,otherwise they would have been a chaiwala or roaming in the streets somewhere jobless….wheras SRK born to be a superstar with no filmy background……he was from a poor family…he made it of his own with no parental support…the ultimate self made superstar…..Learn to respect him first and the way he become a superstar!!!….

  • What is this indicine team, u are always looking desperate to make any article on srk.

    This is not a big news, there were so many blockbusters of yesteryears, why don’t u celebrate birthdays of those blockbusters and u celebrate birthday of baazigar which was just a hit movie.

    First of all, baazigar was only a hit movie of 1993 and after that it attains cult status same as andaz apna apna which was disater but now we thought that it was blockbustor.

    He chooses such offbeat roles due to his poor financial condition which were turned good for his future, he himself mentioned this 2 months ago.

  • @ suniel

    what a faadu reply to diehard fan of srk who cherished his any movie wheather family film or adult film like maya memsaab..

    No A grade hero in this bollywud ever tried to go nude except self-proclaimed king srk in maya memsaab with another bold gal deepa

  • @ sachin11

    Whats happ then if these actors rejected movies which turned to be beneficiary of srk, it is part and parcel of bollywood.

    Don’t u know lagaan, munna bhai, and 3 idiots are offered to srk which were turned down by this arrogant king kan, which were become trademark of aamir khan and sanjay dutt.

  • another article on SRK did you ever post article of any other big star like Amir Khan Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak completed 20-years or Salman Khan Maine Pyar Kiya completed 20-Years? those are also blockbuster films why not? and why for SRK only?????

  • @ to indicine team

    Now i am going to prophesised an article of 24th dec 2013 in advance by indicine, below…….

    “Today that is 24 dec 2013, is 20th birthday of darr movie in which young srk overshadowed well-established star sunny deol completely”. lol

  • indicine is not yours (its for readers including me ) but i like this site very much even though i am an indonesian ! every day I visit and read all articles because i just love it

  • @Sachin11 that may be the reason why SRK is the No.1 superstar with 12 filmfare awards…..and aamir and saif comes under him always…..and salman & acting itself is a joke!!!!!!…people still doubt how salman khan still in this industry with no acting talent…

  • @aRJAN @aKI Indicine posted this because it made news……it was in the news whole day……AND SRK TWEETED ABOUT THIS….THAT’S WHY THIS BECAME A BIG NEWS!!!!! SO INDICINE POSTED THIS….EVERY TWEET OF SRK ITSELF IS A NEWS whereas why aamir and salman’s 20 years did not post, becasue they never posted anything on social networking sites etc…..the funny thing is that nowdays salman and all use twitter to justify his lame statements to the audience which he was mentioned because of his stupidity in Bigg boss!!!!……20 YEARS OF BAAZIGAR MADE A HUGE BUZZ IN TWITTER ETC…….DO CHECK IT BEFORE COMPLAINING TO INDICINE……@INDICNE keep up the good work!!!!

  • Lol

    Maya memsaab also completed 20 yrs on 2nd july 1993 but indicine didn’t celebrate birthday of one and only adult movie of king

  • Abhi bhi haarkar jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hain…
    Hatz off king of bollywood.
    Yes you are the king of all present bollywood superstar..

  • Most loved movie and character of its time. And it certified the arrival of superstar of our generation. First of all people dosent know story behind it. Movie first offer to arman kohli then salman. And rest is history. Salman Amir arman didn’t have guts to do antihero. They afraid to do because there image would be typecast as antihero like shatrugn sinha, but srk accept the challenge and given new dimension to the role. It was bazigar, which people like antihero more than hero. He create new place for antihero in industry. Thank god Amir has not done daar else we would never have dialogue like kkkkkkiran. Daar is still remember for srk not for sunny.
    Amitabh set trend of angry young man
    Salman set trend of bodybuilding
    Srk set trend of antihero

  • @ sakhi

    ya i knew that it is in trend but it is in trend coz srk himself tweeted about anniversary of his movies from last months.

    Before baazigar he tweeted about anniversary of KKHH and DTPH but without any mention of supporting actors salman khan and akshay kumar which shows his hate towards his contempraries.

    He is cheap actor thats why he uses such cheap ways to be in news and by such ways he is loved by media and they got crispy story for them.

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