Baazigar celebrates 20 years, SRK thanks co-stars and fans

Baazigar SRKMore than 20 years ago, Shahrukh Khan, who had come to Mumbai with dreams of becoming the biggest superstar in the country, took a massive risk by playing a ‘anti-hero’ in Abbas-Mustan’s Baazigar. And the rest, as they say is history!

Baazigar, which released on November 12th 1993, is still considered to be one of the best films of SRK’s career and one of his best performances too!

The film released exactly 20 years ago.

“And yes 20 years of Baazigar. Thanks Abbas Mastan, Kajol, Shilpa and Rakhiji. Abhi bhi haarkar jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hain… (even now, those who lose yet win the bigger battle is called Baazigar”

Is Baazigar SRK’s best performance in a negative role? What are your favourite dialogues from the film? Tell us in the comments section below!



  • things you dont kno about bazzigar

    bazzigar isnt a remake of Hollywood film A Kiss Before Dying
    but based on the novel by the same name also based on
    Saraswatichandra novel.[2] This was Shahrukh Khan’s breakthrough role as the sole lead and Shilpa Shetty’s debut film. Baazigar was the first film where Shahrukh Khan played the role of an antagonist and also the first film which earned Khan a Filmfare Award for Best Actor
    it as rejected by salman khan akshay kumar arbaaz khan ho regret his rejection and started to act antihero roles after his mistake
    it is a pschological thriller
    song yeh kali kali which got filmfare best singer and award its lyrics was penned by dev kohli in just 5 minutes
    In 1993,Shah Rukh Khan won acclaim for his performances in villainous roles as an obsessive lover and a murderer, respectively, in the box office hits, Darr and Baazigar. In Khan’s entry in Encyclopædia Britannica’s “Encyclopedia of Hindi Cinema” it was stated that “he defied the image of the conventional hero in both these films and created his own version of the revisionist hero.”[2]

  • Bazigar was the first bollywood movie i ever watched nd i became huge fan of srk. Love u bazigar ‘ the king of hearts’.

  • @Arjan what’s your take on salman’s girl act in bhaagi???……he was seen wearing a lingerie…lol……and still Salman does not have children…he is impotent……if a all he acted in that ,SRK is a man unlike impotent salman khan…and about amir he married a shemale!!!!!

  • Srk is walking history. ….One of the most extraordinary people of all times….a man whose warmth, couarge and shakeble commitment to the Indian film industry..
    A human being who endure more than most of us can begin to imagine…..

  • Arjun do u watch porn movie ? I think here most of people are from respected family.if u think Maya memsab is kind ofporn movie, don’t watch it.he is an actor, he can do any kind of movie. It’s your choice, you should watch it or not it’s depend on’s his work. Just like if u don’t want mindless movie, don’t watch salman’s movie.

  • Superb movie, and great performance by srk, if i want to rank than this hi 2nd most great performance of srk till date for me after CDI, some are saying that darr performance was greater than this, but for me its better because in Baazigar he have not so known director, two heroine who are in early in career and an antihero and all faith is depend on srk performance and he did that superbly and made a great mark in bollywood here some srk haters saying that it was offered to salman or others in bollywood its happen some movies were given to someone else first and than performed by others and it became milestone for someone career, just take as a respect for the man who did great work in the movie and made its memorable and this is one of srk movie which i can watch again and again for srk only though i am not like him but for this movie its not matters

  • Some time its sound funny after reading some srk fans comment for their knowledge about bollywood. As per them bollywood is start only due to srk, for srk it was risky role and he needs work so that automatically force him to do this role, someone commented that srk started antihero trend in bollywood i want to tell them, in Mother India suniel dutt did a grey shed character and became milestone in his career, vinod khanna and shatrughan sinha started their career with nos of negative roles and than they became stars due to that performances, big b did deewar in which he was antihero and shashi kapoor as theoretical hero but that Vijay’s character made big b a superstar and after than he did Don and everyone knows srk still copy him for the same by first remake & now with sequals, big b also did a negative role in movie Parwana which was flop at early of his career,there is some other examples too but here i think its enough for people to know the people who already taken this risk way before srk taken.

  • whatever srk take the lead role or be co-star in protagonist or antagonist is always charming and have sense of love feeling only ! baazigar , darr , anjam , duplicate and etc , those movie rock my mind and shake my blood to say oh my god !!

  • And the biggest of all, sanjay dutt’s Khalnayak a character which is similar to srk’s baazigar as that movie is made around Sanjay character and i think most of srk fans are not aware about that Khalnayak released in 1993 same year, and was a bigger hit than Baazigar and that time it was big risk for a Star like Sanjay dutt who was in best phase of his career and this role is not like any big actor wants to do but Sanjay did that remarkably and he was strong contender in front of Srk for best actor award but that year before release of Khalnayak he found guilty for illegal gun case so That fakefare award can’t give that to Sanjay though srk deserve that award but who knows as Sanjay was bigger star than srk that time so they could give to Sanjay if he was not been guilty. But no one was talking about Sanjay risk for that role.strange:)

  • @sht after reading my comments i think you should remove line which you mentioned “srk started trend of antihero” and i will give you what trend Aamir set in Bollywood,1. One who took decision to do one movie at a time or can called in a year which Srk,hr,ranbir and recently salman started to follow thats a result no Salman movie in 2013 2. Trendsetter of 100cr,200cr domestic, 200 cr and 300 cr worldwide Collection record 3. monster marketing in bollywood shows other to how marketing a movie which srk soon start to follow after Aamir since Mnik to ce. 4. Stop attending award function whatever the reason but actors like Ajay,akshay even Salman did the same as they knows awards lost their credibility. 5. Satyamev Jayate a show which is different from other entertaining tvshow with a big star, a revolutionary. I think its enough for you or you require some more. So please stop taking Aamir into every where without need because i think you are not nature enough to understand what Aamir did for industry.

  • @sht specially for you thank god Srk not did movie like Munnabhai series, Lagaan and 3idiots otherwise we audience miss the iconic characters of the movies, the whole movies credibility and achievements and Ye to koi bhi keh sakta h that Lagaan, munnabhai and 3i were way way better product than Darr, even die hard srk fans can’t deny.

  • A kiss before dying is flop movie
    The budget of movie 162 crore and box office collection is 92 crore BAZZIGAR is the remake of that movie
    but BAAZIGAR is the fourth highest grossing Hindi film of 1993.

  • @Aks I already thought some one will come and give example of khalnayak, deewar but u should know those were not out an out anti hero movie and not only this there r many more like Ganga jamuna, ram lakhan but these movies never known for their antihero character. Yes shatrugn and Vinod khanna did as a antibhero in khilona, mera GAO mera desh etc but again these actor not set any trend or not their character became more popular and never help them to push their carrier as like bazigar.
    There r many action movie before amitabh and there many body builder before salman but nobody was trend setter. Now every commercial actor not hesitate to do antihero role and get more attention than lead actor. This thing was not there before 90s.
    And Aks may be Lagan munna bhai or 3 idiots are better product (it can be perception) but srk acted way better than actors who acted in above mentioned movies and overshadowed one and all co-stars that movie remembers bcos of srk not vise versa And what Amir did special for industry doing one movie in 4 years and still still made loses for industry. Talaash mangal pandey industry is not upon him. It is running without him. If he win award so its become joke otherwise it would have been guniune. For winning award he need to act like krantiveer, vastav, bazigar, chakhde swades, kmg, barfi not like colledege friends. Doing petrotic movie or social service doesn’t make him great actor if so then manoj kumar is biggest actor among all. I don’t hate Amir here. I still believe he is second actors in terms of stardom.
    @nipun. What type of quality Amir set? Is anybody following him.
    3 idiots is a polished copy of munna bhai mbbs. Medical colledege replace with engineering. Fighting against heroines father who is head of college this thing also shown in mbbs. 90% this movie borrowed from mbbs.
    Amir does one or two movie since rangeela. Because his movie flopping left, right nd center sometime he does movie in 3-4 years. But nobody follows this trend. Salman srk does one or two movie in year since 2008. Because there r many reason like TV show, ipl, stage show, involving in movie promotion, and there r many source of income which stop them to do multiple movie. Amir started doing marketing from gajini but srk started from oso
    Doing 100 cr 200 cr is not a trend setter it is business that movie did. Sholey 10 cr, mpk 15 cr, HAHK 25 cr, 50 cr gadar 75 cr. this is just a business.

  • Khalnayak was bigger hit because of choli song and biggest name attached with the product. Subhash ghai, Madhuri lakshmikant pyarelal etc

  • @sachin11

    SRK was offered Lagaan first

    SRK was offered Munnabhai first

    SRK was offered Rang De Basanti first

    SRK was offered 3 idiots first

    SRK was offered Jodha Akbar first

    According to your logic, Aamir wouldn’t even be a star today and Sanjay Dutt wouldn’t have had the best role of his career if it wasn’t for SRK. so think before you comment.

  • @ aks

    ya so true, these diehard srkian thought that both, small screen and 70mm screen were started by srk by his serial fauzi and movie deewana . lol

  • @SAKHI : If Salman n Aamir are superstars due to their bollywood families then why Abhishek Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi, Harmaan Baweja, Mimoh (Mithun’s son), Sikander Kher, Zayed Khan, Fardeen Khan are not successful as Aamir or Salman? Do you think they have been successful just because of their Godfathers or Hardwork? If any star can be successful only bcoz of Godfathers then Abhishek Bacchan should have been biggest star (even bigger than srk). Do you think people are fools to make Salman’s 5 movies as consecutive Blockbusters? Do you think without Aamir people can relate iconic roles like Bhuvan, Mangal Pandey, RJ, Rancho? dude get a life. Srk is a superstar due to his hard work n his fans (definitely not fans like you) n deserve success but so is Salman n Aamir. Dont always bark about srk on every page even he will ashamed to see a fan like you !!!!

  • @laila

    Well, we all enjoyed little bit explicit scenes in films thats why filmi directors gave us dose of some intimate scenes between actor and actress from the time of alam aara, its true, may be u stick to ur points..

    I didn’t use porn word in my comments wrt srk or maya memsaab instead i use adult word which means 18+ in india, it may be excessive violence, over explicit scenes or something else, nowadays 30-40% bollywood movies got adult certificate, this doesn’t mean they are porn movies. lol

    And also in hollywood movies they include atleast one ôr two explicit scenes or adult scene in almost every move including titanic in 1997, let alone superheros movies.

  • @ Roamance new_yr

    Both deewana and baazigar were mere hits only of their time and later baazigar attain cult status among fans same as agneepath and andaz apna apna which were disasters of their time but now attain cult status.

  • @SAKHI: for your info after Big B Salman is only person who posted every alternative days something on facebook and twitter don’t make false comment if don’t beleive just check it out on 11-nov Salman posted 20 tweets on twitter.

  • @sht then forget any trend, dear the problem with you srk fans that you always run away from reality, i will agree with you if SRK set trend of Anti hero role alone but the concept is already old for that time too. and even srk did that role in so early of his career when he had 3-4 flop film before Baazigar happened. Both Darr & Baazigar came same time and after than he did Only Anjaam as anti hero And Duplite in which he was Also Hero and Villian same time.and still after him no actor was interested to do Anti hero role (Forget Don as it was Remake) and it never became trend, its all happen After John’s Dhoom Negative role after that every big actor did the negative role except Salman. so that way even that not become trend,
    for come to Aamir’s do one movie in the year policy adopt by Hrithik roshan from 2003 because from KNPH to KMG he had nos of flop string except K3G in those 3 year. and After KMG he did just 3 movie in 3 year Lakshya(2004), D2 & Krishh (2006) even he accept in many interview because of so many flop he started to do 1 movie per year as Aamir do. And i think you don’t have sense in which way you can say Talaash was non-profitable, moron it was Clear Hit and even BOI changed their verdit after Final Talash Collection and declare it Hit and way more profitable with only Theatrical business than Srk Flop “Hit” called Ra1. and how can you say that SRk could do better role in Munnabhai, Lagaan & 3I. like you we other have seen SRK acting and only some srk fans can say that SRK is able to do those roles better but other don’t agree. And Bollywood is not a small industry which was never been run or will Run without actors like SRK, Aamir. Even India Cricket is still do wonders without Sachin whose Contribution in Cricket is Bigger Than BIG B,SRk, Aamir or others.

    your point is not justified in any way I will Cut your Line “srk set trend of Anti Heroes” what Aamir did.
    and people like you only can say that Business is not a trend mark how fool you are this Entertainment Industry is based on Business and these 100cr,200cr Club matters but not for you Because Srk was not one who started those. And how can you forget this 100Cr club became new parameter of success of Any actor, fans like you save SRk by saying that srk film crossed 100cr in even his bad phase(though it was not his bad phase but srk fans been called to show SRk is top) before CE.
    tell me any main Stream actor who was Known for Body Building who is a Star Like Salman (a star with his First Film as a Lead MPK), we have Example Dara Singh he was wrestler and was Considered a Hero for B Grade Cinema, Dharmendra known for his Physique not for Body Building ok.
    You can never Give Credit to SRK for Anti hero even though when the Same Year Sanjay Dutt Did Khalnayak and it was Bigger Hit than SRK, Sorry but you point is not Justified.

    And if you can’t even Understand Aamir’s Contribution towards Cinema than i think there is no need to prove that because you are not one who can ever think beyond your predetermined Mind Set.

    and for this MUST say if Aamir not done any great for Cinema than srk haven’t done any good or won’t do Because uske Bas ke Bahar h. Even Nasseruddin Shah said in once After 100 years Bollywood known for movies which is Done By Aamirs Only. He was talking about 1990-2010 Phase

  • Hmmm….. Haters are burning…..
    They are insecure as they know boxoffice doesn’t metter to srk… Boxoffice number will be break but nobody can take away srk from3.8billion’s heart

  • Then why do u have problem with srk,dude?if Im not wrong you were writing about it to show srk down…
    This article is about bazigar, than why are u talking about mayamemsab?
    Put your opinion about bazigar na?
    I haven’t watch mayamemsab ,the way u have written I thought it’s that kind of movie…. For using wrong word ,I am sorry.

  • Aks,problem with u is u take everything personally. First everybody was praising srk u ,arjan and sachin11 start writing crap about srk .if reality just depends on u,don’t show it. most of people love srk is he is a human being just like one of us, but has achieved more than anyone can dream of. If u are really realistic, I don’t think u can be little his achievements….unless you are carrying blue blood.

  • @aks first study and then comments there r many lead actor started to doing negative role and get more attention than main hero.
    Nana patekar agnisakshi
    Kajol Gupt
    Amir arth
    Akshay ajnabee
    Akshay khanna humraz
    Ajay devgans khaki. Milind gunaji fareb, arbaaz khan daraar Aftab kasoor and how many example u want…this thing was not happnd before 90s. Amitabh don statte pe satta dilip kumar dastan Rajesh khanna rishi Bol Radha Bol did negative role but in same movie they had positive role as well so that their image will get harm among common public. U don’t know it was very risky to do out and out negative role Before 90s.
    Before bazigar srk has given 1 clean hit second biggest hit of the year and 2 average hit chamatkar and raju ban Gaya Gentalman. If Amir survive whole decade with 3 hits then for srk no need to take risk when u already had good success. But still accept that challenge and rest is history. Srk got all his big banner movie because of raju banGaya gentalman. Daar, anjaam, Karan Arjun, Trimurti etc. u should have born during that era. And in what sense he help industry. And may be naseeruddin shah remember his movie after 20 years that is his faith but many people will still remember bazigar daar kmg deewar lawaris for another 100 years.
    Doing one movie in year by hritik it was not because of Amir but giving consistently flop movie stop him to doing multiple movie. And this is not trend 2003 he did 2 movies in 04 1 05 no movie in 06 he did 2 movies within 6 month here did he fulfill one movie in year. There r many reason that today’s leading actor refused to work outside project. Before salman hemant Birje Sanjay dutt sunny deol was body builder but I here I don’t Hesitate to tell Sallu has populariEd it And I don’t have time to reply your remaing comments. Because u looks big ignorant.

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