Krrish 3 Children’s Day Special: Cheaper tickets!

Krrish 3As a special gift to children, who have made Hrithik Roshan’s latest superhero outing a huge success at the box office, the makers of the film have decided to offer discounted ticket prices on Children’s Day – which also happens to be a national holiday for Muharram.

Ticket prices will be slashed by more than 40% for children below the age of 14.

A source from Filmkraft Productions tells us “We have sent a request to all our distributors to slash the ticket prices of Krrish 3 on November 14th (Children’s Day). Cinemas across the country will be offering heavy discounts on tickets for children below the age of 14. This offer is applicable for the dubbed versions too. We hope that kids who loved the film will watch it again. For those who haven’t, tickets are much more affordable now”

It’s a smart marketing tactic from the makers, as parents will have to accompany their kids to theatres, resulting in more revenue for the film. Also, there is enough time for schools to plan movie-outing for kids.

Not too long ago, Red Chillies Entertainment also had a similar offer for Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express. On Raksha Bandhan, there was a ‘buy two get one ticket free’ offer that helped business pick-up quite significantly at multiplexes.



  • Thats nice of Hrithik. SRK gave free tickets for Raksha Bandhan and now Hrithik is following the good example. Hope Aamir gives such offers for Dhoom 3 on New Year’s day.


  • wow look a 4 year old record broke by ce and now it will be broken in 4 months and then this papa,s little boy record will be broken by perfectionist in 1month but two record,s of hrithik which will be for ever and he deserve award for it and it,s still unbroken after 10 years and 13 years is 1 kaho na pyare hai won total 102 awards(didn,t deserve) and it,s still unbroken after 13 years and another is most overacting done by an actor or we can say experienced actor in a single movie(main prem ki deewani ho) yes some experienced actors have weeknesses but doing overacting from start up to end need some talent he also have done overacting from start up to end in guzaarish but he paid critics and some days ago i read a post that hrithik want d3 to break k3 record what a joke he will never want but what about his fans who were saying this is called down to earth person
    some actors who are experienced but overact in comedy movies
    3.ranbir(not experienced) like above two but overact in comedy movies
    those who have masters degree in both
    it,s just for present time

  • @sakhi:srk may be finest actor.but this post doesn’t belong to SRK. .so stop chanting SRK chalisha
    @dil:hr did over acting in guzaarish? ? ? ?check ur eyes. .hrithik is an actor who has taken most of the challanging role.but he is underrated.guzaarish performance was fab.tell a name of recent superstar who has taken more skilled role than hro.
    Guzaarish,kmg,agneepth,ja,k3 etc are enough to prove it.

  • @SAKHI, hey you dumb head !! Hrithik started superhero genre in bollywood which was considered impossible , he did it with krrish. your srk followed our greek god by making but failed miserably. hrithik again made krrish 3 to teach srk how to make superhero film that is loved by all.

    ab pata chala ?? guru kaun aur shishya kaun ??

    @PRINCE, stop your nonsense idiot, copy pasting from south and rubbish masala, k3 is far better than all those. hollywood k chamcho !!
    @dil, wash your dirty face and get out.

  • @dil:take your shit thoughts with u only…hrithik is one of the finest actors in the country today..he has experimented in every genre…and He is PhD holder in romantic/serious/comedy/action everything…samajha beta…see his comedy in koi mil gaya,lakshaya first half,krrish3 as rohit….but he wants to explore himself with his every film…he doesn’t repeat himself….with only 20 films he proved himself..he is gem of acting…and u r talking about guzarish…no other actor can play a role without moving his body…he did it with his mind blowing facial expressions….

  • hrithik is probably the only actor who even makes films for the children. when almost all bollywood is busy with vulgar songs and vulgar one liners to grab the masses, hrithik also gives importance to the youngest section of the society, ek bache ka dil khush karna sabse sukun dene wala kaam hota hai :) god bless you hrithik !

  • @shaki…..hey whats ur prob man…everywhere u braking srk srk srk…u fan of srk bt that does mean u insult other actor over his name….if u believe srk is king of all thing in world den go to hell den promote ur srkness….
    @dil….i think u dont know meaning of over and acting…thats why u say hr do overacting…..if u want saw amirs overacting in romantic den saw his movies before 2000……akshay and ajay are bajari actor….thats clear after watching their movie….himmotwala and outnd was 2 worst film of year….watch their some recent movies himmotwala,outinm,tees maar khan,tezz,khiladi 786….those are totally faul movie with high dose of overacting…
    i dont wana say those thing about them bt becoz of ur silly cmnt i force to write it….
    u only lyk mindless masala film thats why u say that in guzarish hr overact…..every body know in masala movie overacting is happened….how can critic been paid?may b u need some treatment…..
    if u blame other actors,their fan also blame ur actor… stop that and only support ur fav actor


  • @sakhi stop taking srk name in each comment when there is no need to take his name and you forget Hr followed Srk in manipulations in collection with K3 what srk and his movies production house did at the time of Mnik and ce by giving false figures in media. Sorry Hr fans but it require to stop morons like sakhi.

  • krish is the worst movie and hrithik is the worst actor
    And d3 will break of k3 without any manipulation like k3 in7 days.
    because aamir is the best,not like papa’s spoonfed son hrithik-handicapp

  • @Nipun Buddy grow up. u sound like a “man” who is “8 years” old. Stop defending and accept the truth. If u r a true true moviegoer then u have seen many many more films done in 5 decades which were stolen by krrish3 makers. I m not a kinda guy who wants to critisize but hey., the truth stands out.

  • the producers have not given the figures for monday collections because they are first paying all other sites and then they will give the collections

  • And there hard work in manipulating figures will go to hell when d3 will beat k3 in 7 days without any manipulation

  • TO ALL BOLLYWOOD LOVERS : GUYS PLEASE STOP FIGHTING ABOUT YOUR FAVOURITE ACTORS……. In india every happens according to dynasty….. Actors son becomes actor like politicians etc etc….. dO any of us know what bill clintonl’s son or daughter doing….. Nope….. BUT the figures given by boxofficeindia circulats through out the world UNLESS boi modifies it later by adding or deducting few crores…….

  • @Nipun Hrithik copied this idea from SRK admit it.
    And SRK didnt learn from Krrish. Infact Ra.One was totally different from Krrish.
    It was ur spoon fed star Hrithik who copied Ra.One in Krrish 3.
    Accept the truth blind hrithik fans.

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