Baar Baar Dekho Day 1 (Friday) Box Office Collections

Baar Baar Dekho has performed poorly on its opening day at the box office, as the film has collected Rs 6.81 crore on Friday. For a film that was expected to touch the 10 crore mark, Baar Baar Dekho was way below expectations on Friday.

The Sidharth Malhotra starrer opened well at major cities on Friday morning, but it’s at smaller cities where the collections were very poor throughout the day.

Business in Mysore circuit was affected because of Karnataka Bandh and the film probably lost around 5% of its business from cities like Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore.

Inspite of all the city tours, aggressive promotional campaign and chartbuster music, Baar Baar Dekho has still failed to get a good initial. The lead cast was probably the biggest negative for the film. Even the concept of time-travel is difficult to sell at non-metro cities.

Katrina Kaif’s box office pull is fading. Fitoor was one of the biggest disasters of the year and Baar Baar Dekho will find it extremely difficult to recover costs. The film has to show growth of 30% or more on Saturday, which will be difficult because the word-of-mouth is mixed at major cities and negative at smaller centres.

The opening is at around the same level as ‘Kapoor & Sons’, but Baar Baar Dekho had a much wider release.

#IndicineFBO: We expected the film to collect Rs 9.1 crore on its opening day. The difference between our prediction and the actual collection is 25.1%. It’s a poor prediction, but even the trade that’s against such niche multiplex films, was expecting Baar Baar Dekho to collect 8 crore plus on Day 1. Was it a case of expecting more than the film is capable of? Possibly, because even a film like Tamasha with a much bigger star cast and director, opened only at 11 crore.



  • Dishoom had hardly any blockbuster song like bbd
    Still it had 11+ opening
    K&s also opened with same digit
    This is called stardom
    Varun <<<<<< Sid

  • Indicine alwayz overhypes kjos banner just like the way it is doin with Adhm….Adhm fate will b same as baar baar dekho

  • Katrina rides on the coattails of bigger stars, she has never had any BO pull beyond item songs. And Sid himself isn’t a draw, he relies on Karan Johar to set him up with superior actors and directors. The very idea of casting them together was ridiculous. Even if the film was weak, a good cast could have saved it. Bollywood needs to wake up.

  • If you hear the public reviews in youtube, you will die with laughter. Frankly speaking this is bollywood reply to Hollywood’s inception movie but these movies won’t work in India unless it is made in Hollywood and these multiplex who call themselves as najayaz angrezon ki aulad starts praising out!!

  • Indicine and many others are overhyping adhm just like bbd
    Don’t know why but most of the sites lick kjo’s ass but reality is different. Adhm teaser and song only overhyped but shivaay trailor has been phenomenolly liked . Adhm is only paid buzz

  • Some idiots were telling that brothers opened more than 15 CR’s due to sid.I hope they got the answer.apart from brothers n ek villain none of sids movies took more than 8 CR’ we should gv 10 years of tym to prove their stamina.

  • bad year for bollywood compared to last year so far one 300 cr movie, 3 100 crore movie many hopes on dangal to balance it other than that dhoni ,adhm, Shivaay !! shivaay was pottentially big movie & perfect for festive diwali & both adhm-shivaay deserved solo release. Festivals k chakkar mai many losses to b occur like mohenjo

  • @Indicine only you expected it to open with like 10crs and btw you are one of those very few sites who gve thumbs up to this movie while reviewing it.

  • First day is totally dependent on stars & buzz..
    It has nothing to do with confusing plot. and lead actors acting.

  • Indicine will write a similar article after Diwali stating Cast was big, music was popular but movie failed to enough audience. ADHM will open in single digit numbers, mark my words !!!!!!

    #Only destruction this Diwali

    #Destroy demons

  • its not at all bad collection @ indicine.. karnataka band caused it around 2 crs..if add that its nearly your prediction..

  • @indicine.. This is only start get ready for your another heartbreak on diwali.
    Sorry but i am watching you are too biased on the side of kjo and srk movies everytime.
    What are you thinking..?
    Multiplex audiences are waiting for another nonsese shity rom-com ADHM..?
    Why are you trying to overhype it..?
    Btw … You get your answer allready with such a low collections of BBD on first day.
    This Diwali There Will Be Destruction Of ADHM..
    SHIVAAY all the way.

  • In youngster varun dhawan has good intial pull than others
    his starpower is more than than others …………
    his success ratio is 100% but he has not any big grosser thats why everybody underestimate him ……..
    Top youngsters are
    1 varun
    2 ranbir
    3 ranveer
    4 arjun
    5 sushant

    But after 5-10 years indicine will say varun dhawan is a chotta star …… than others in the list becoz he has not any big grossers ….
    meanwhile BBD

    public completely rejected it watched public review one uncle is saying karan ko ulta latka ke maaro ……hahahaha…..rofl
    some overhyped movie by indicine got good reviews
    1 Fan
    though I m a fan of srk but 2nd half is not up to the mark .. In the movie fan dies at the end and that is the I did not liked that part and story is also a bit slow in the 2nd half but 1st half is faadu…..
    2 md …
    md vfx parts are very bad in the movie
    story is very very simple same old bollywood film
    Film name is mohenjodaro and they did not show much of that …
    pooja hegde her casting is bad ….
    saving grace only hrithik
    3 BBD
    again bad film …I did not have seen the movie but according my sixth sense film is very bad…

    Wrost year for indicine
    srk -fan flopped
    Hr- md disaster
    Kjo – BBD going to flop…..

  • i will give you my verdict without spending money!!!
    I always insist that bad films one day will get zero audience .. only people have to be supportive of me and let go of such films and vow not to visit theatres

  • I have watched this movie last night. It was sleep inducing to sit out till finish. Story is weak. Muziek is just about OK.

    Mark my words…it won’t be hit.

  • Mark my words. Now it’s turn for Ae hit hai mushkil. It will face even worse fate than BBD. Because it has out dared aunty who doesn’t have any star power at all, supper flop actor who has given 4 back to back disasters namely besharm, roy, bombay velvet and tamasha, so there is no chance for ae hit hai mushkil to stand against shivaay. Anushka is also lower than kat in terms of stardom and sultan , PK were ATBB because of the 2 biggest megastars of the country not because of her. So overall if ae hit hai mushkil even with solo release would struggle badly then imagine how can it stand in front of spectacular, most hyped movie of the year called shivaay? Not a chance at all boss. So Karam, get ready to face the first disaster of your most overrated career. Ajay will bring you on road. You only deserve that.

  • A good partial holiday release date being wasted. Raaes could have been released.Bollywood needed a hit and Srk a release date too. Extremely dissapointed with the response the two movies got, especially BBD.

  • @Indicine: Please don’t call Imtiyaz Ali as a bigger director. Not only here I have seen this in ur previous articals aswell. He might be talented but he is not a bigger director. His films appeal to only a section of audience. There r very few people who will go to the film by seeing his name. Only critics call him bigger

  • if only our educated masses will shun the movie completely and give zero collection will I feel cold in my heart!!

    sid and kat will also look for call centre jobs like many youngsters wouldn’t that be at par with the indian youth??
    doesn’t the indian youth want them to be working like they do??

    why should they be given special privileges??

    can anybody tell??

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