Freaky Ali Review

Sohail Khan has been making movies for almost 2 decades now, and it is always baffling to see him churn out one below average film after another. His best films were back in the 90s as Hello Brother and Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya are still fondly watched today. His last movie Jai Ho was a blot in Salman’s recent track record but Sohail is back with Freaky Ali. The promos have promised a fun sports film. Does it deliver? Let’s find out.

Story: Ali (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is an extortion debt collector for the local goon along with Maqsood (Arbaaz Khan). His fate turns when one day he and Maqsood go to a golf course to collect extortion, after waiting for many hours for a man to give him money. Ali confronts the man who tells him to wait while he finishes the hole. Ali claims the hole is easy, so the man asks him to show it. Ali putts the ball in just one ace for he has a gifted natural swing, This not only surprises the man but his caddy as well who knows him. What follows is a story of a simple extortion debt collector to a golfing sensation, and along the way of him becoming a champion, Ali beats all odds and meets his dream girl, Megha (Amy Jackson).

Review: Freaky Ali has an outlandish storyline which could have been made into a super entertaining film in the mould of a David Dhawan film from the 90s. The story of a poor guy going head to head against a rich guy is straight out of that David Dhawan template. Unfortunately, Freaky Ali isn’t even half as engaging as those films. The scenes are put together without care for fluidity. The dialogues are stuck in the 90s and don’t illicit a lot of laughter. Thankfully, Freaky Ali isn’t a total trainwreck either. It manages to keep the viewer interested but not engaged.

Technically, Freaky Ali looks like a movie which didn’t invest much in the production design department. The inferior detailing is visible. The costume design is good. The editing is decent but some scenes could have been sniped altogether. The background music doesn’t match the nature and context of the movie. The soundtrack of Freaky Ali isn’t very memorable as none of the songs really make an impact. To concur the outlandish storyline, Freaky Ali could have done with some outlandish songs too.

Acting: Dare we say it, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s casting is a wrong decision, even if it seems great on paper. Freaky Ali was calling out for a star who would bring his own charisma and star value to the role of Ali. Sadly, Nawazuddin hams it up a bit too much which is painful to see. Seema Biswas, another legendary actor, gives him company in hamming it up. What are these two doing in a movie like Freaky Ali, could be the subject of a PHD thesis soon. Jas Arora looks menacing and princely and is a good casting decision. Amy Jackson is stunning when it comes to looks but she can’t act.

Conclusion: Freaky Ali is a great example of a story concept which could have worked wonders had the execution of the product been in able hands. Sohail Khan makes a movie which could have been rip-roaringly funny but settles with being moderately funny. It is not unwatchable by any means. In fact, Freaky Ali can even be enjoyed to an extent if you are willing to overlook the flaws and the inferior detailing. Eventually, Freaky Ali isn’t a hole in one, it turns out to be par for the course.


  • The concept gives enough material for a funny movie
  • The editing is snappy
  • Freaky Ali doesn’t bore the audience


  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a wrong casting choice
  • It could have been very funny but settles with a lot less
  • The production design is tacky
  • The music is not memorable

Rating: ★★½☆☆



  • nawaz casting is a wrong decision??? i think he made this movie watchable may be its wrong decision from box office point of view but his acting is awesome ….
    if this movie will be made by rajkumar hirani ,it would be a masterpiece and will be remembered for years and get a cult classic status ,this is the difference between director sohail khan is a mahacrap director ,if dabang 3 will be nade by him ,it will not be a superhit salman’s stardom & eid will make it just a hit (and i wouldn’t be surprise if fails to become hit if released other date than eid) ,salman bhai dur hi raho apne bhai se

  • This movie is better than Faltu baar baar dekho.

    If you need Entertainment Just watch this, you wont be disppointed.

    I do not agree with Indicine that Nawaz is a wrong choice, he should experiment this types of rules too to become a big star….

  • Lol And They Say Nawaj Can Match Up Hrithik

    But in Reality Nawaz Is Not Even 1% Of HRITHIK


  • Best review… we saw nawaz was perfect misfit evn in traler itself. Bt there is trend to praise watevr he does these days. No doubt great actor bt nawaz is nt govinda.
    I must say vry balanced n honest review of movie by indicine

  • Such a waste of movie and amazing talent of Nawazzuddin…..sir aache actor cast karne se kuch nai hota…direction aani chaiye

  • @ Bollyboy please do not drag family and relations into this. Film making is a business. Criticize films and areas related to it (acting, screenplay etc.).

  • So Mr. Khan now say who can’t be what in 10 years!! 1st look at urself before mocking others!! Nawaj Sir dnt waste Yourself with such low standard Peoples(First He has to be a good human being;then a Director!!)!!
    And Indicine With so much bashing You still gave 2.5 just for a plot which could be a great Comedy!!! wow Sir ji :-)

  • Your review is biased. It’s better than the Bore Bore Dekho starring a non actor dependent on his actress.
    If Bore Bore Dekho earn, it is due to the stardom of Katrina.
    While FA Rocks according to the audiences…

  • nawazuddin always does roles that are close to his real life… To establish one as an actor, he has to do prove in roles which are out of his comfort zone.. I cant imagine him carrying a role of lets say business tycoon cause thats not close to his real life… A good actor is one who can do roles which are far from his real life for ex someone like amitabh who did role of common man in te3n with aplomb… In the same movie nawaaz was not convincing as a police officer… Had someone like irfan khan did that role the movie would had been really good

  • Why there is no mention about this movie is ditto copy of Adam Sandler movie name Happy Gilmore. I mean its so amazing people can copy whole movie like that. And im more amazed to see the so call critics are unable to mention that point.

  • @ajinkya Agar Katrina ki starpower into hi hai toh phantom aur fitoor kyu flop ho gayi. By the way watched BBD and its quiet entertaining film.

  • sorry to say nawaz is agood actor..but got recognition due to salmans movie in eid last year…compairing with hritik is the bigest joke of the mienium…sorry to say this…

  • See how @indicine found even 1 rupee mahacraps like hello brother and pktdk are no doubt why they wrote Nawajjudin as a wrong casting.because their level thinking only extended to this much only,rofl.

    No surprise if tomorrow @indicine will make sohail khan a legend around here,rofl.

  • Now, both Kat & Sid have become crap stars. That’s why 6Crores plus opening hua hai. No Aalia, no Shraddha this time to save him.

    YOUNGISTAAN craps like ARJUN, Ranbir and Sid are always dependent on their female costars.

    Kat was miles ahead of him. Kat is still yards ahead of him. Hence, Kat >>> Sid. Kat became a superstar due to our Khiladi only.

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