Veer Movie Review

To be honest, I didn’t really have great expectations from Veer. The promos weren’t too exciting, Anil Sharma’s last few films were strictly average, the cast wasn’t very appealing either and Zarine Khan looked plumpy (if that’s any reason). But about 30 minutes into the film, it turned out to be quite enjoyable, the first half infact was very enjoyable.

Before we dig in any deeper, the story first.  Veer is a revenge tale of the Pindhari’s against the Raja of Madhavgarh. The Raja (played by Jackie Shroff), a victim of the Divide and Rule strategy employed by the British, betrays the Pindari’s killing thousands of them. In return one brave Pindari, Prithvi Singh (played by Mithun Chakraborty) chops off the right hand of the Raja. Both swear revenge.

Years later, the son of Prithvi – Veer (Salman Khan) takes on the might of the British and the cruel Raja, who is unaware that his very own daughter Yashodhara (Zarine Khan) is in love with his greatest enemy.

What works in Veer

  • The love story works big time in the first half, right from the extremely sweet introductory scene of Zarine Khan, when she first sees Veer.. to those heart warming moments in UK. Anil Sharma to his credit has handled the romantic parts pretty well.
  • The first half keeps you hooked throughout and the film does get very interesting at interval point.
  • The action sequences, although not as many as those in Wanted, are extremely well choreographed. Should work big time with the single screen audience
  • What’s also important while watching a film like Veer, is a bit of patience. Don’t go in expecting a fast-paced action romantic film. Don’t expect any subtlety either, Veer has shades of Gadar – its loud (at times too loud) and raw. If the hero roaring like a lion, mouthing exaggerated dialogues, taking on 10 men at a time is your cup of tea, you will end up enjoying Veer. Otherwise, the romance works as a saving grace.
  • The chemistry between Salman Khan and Mithunda was nice to watch.
  • The music was fantastic. Its Sajid- Wajid’s best work in ages! LOVED Surili Akhiyon Wale.


  • The problem with Veer is, when its good its very good. But when bad, its very bad! The film had enough potential to be far more effective and engaging, but the screenplay writer (Shaktimaan Talwar) and its executor (Anil Sharma) goof up the second half.
  • Sohail Khan’s character was unnecessary and Jackie Shroff’s more important negative character doesn’t work.
  • Why is a feel-good ending an absolute must for every Bollywood film? The impact would probably have been slightly more if not for the clichéd ending.
  • Veer has far too many songs, 3 in the first and 3 more in the second. The music is good, but the extended song and dance numbers just stretch the film. Preferably for better impact, a couple of songs should either be chopped off or shortened.


  • Salman Khan is slightly over the top in the initial reels (first 20 mins), but quickly gets his act right and delivers a good performance.
  • Zarine Khan looks gorgeous (as the princess) in the first half, its hard to take your eyes off her. Strangely in the second, the make up men don’t get her look right.
  • Mithunda is in form and delivers a knock out performance, which will be received with whistles from the single screen audience.
  • Sohail Khan is outright irritating. Just an extension of his funny acts from almost all his films.
  • Jackie Shroff looks out of shape, average performance.
  • The rest don’t get much scope.

Overall, Veer isn’t close to as bad as some of the reviews suggest. Its watchable and very enjoyable. At the box office, Veer should do well on single screens.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Good.



  • Thank You so much Indicine Team for such a nice review :) I hope Veer will work at box office & will become a huge hit (All The Best Sallu Bhai)…

    But were not Sajid-Wajid composer of Veer music?


  • hay…i saw veer…its strictly 1 time watch…..mitun was awsme….nd salman was over the top…nd indicine was by sajid -wajid not by salim -sulaiman… was very good…overall average


  • Yeah corrected it before you said it, hoping noone noticed. But you were quick ;)

    These phone calls and ‘hurry up’ comments by users never help.


  • Nivedh, its a good one time watch. Thought Salman was over the top in the first 15 -20 mins, after which he did pretty well.

    Amish, where was your prediction?


  • i love u indicine
    really love u at this time.
    after this review i think we are on same boat now
    expect DDD , Kurbaan our rating is always matched . if i was in india with u we can create a now history. as i already sent u a story and really love to make a movie with Shaid or Emraan,
    so sallu fans ???
    if an akki fan can give 3 stars without any hint and 1st review on bollywood’s any site then indicine who are not akki fan they also gave 3 stars.
    so please next time dont challenge my review
    another thing i am hopeful it was my last review on indicine. because i am going to another site and i will be there official reviewer. it is that news which i said that i am announce on 18th Jan, but some technical work it couldnt lounch on 18 Jan hopefully soon it will be lounch.
    i wont put my reviews here but i will post comments here.
    so akki fans dont worry abt me. i am with u


  • @ Indicine team- leave it.. i said u will rate it 3 to 3.5/5.

    Nauman- u r gonna put ur review in another site?? which one? dont tell me bollywood hungama..;) just kiddin.

    Nw Nauman, Indicine and buzz18 have given 3/5. none has given it above that i guess.


  • thanx indicine,
    for ur pure review.
    u r great.
    veer is really entertaining n enjoyable movie.
    public enjoyed veer very much.
    bt if they r not liking sajid.
    thn y salman take sajid in his every movie.
    dis d business not personal,bhai-bhatizavad thing
    salman should learn it frm aamir n kat also.


  • Indicine…. Greatttt I love you..Just tell what were the audience reactions??n audience occupation?I told u ppl r giving biased reviews n Salman haters r enjoying this n making full use of it.


  • hina :
    very good
    guys look at hina when i gave 3 stars then i was akki fan i was biased and now indicine gave 3 stars then i love u.
    hahahahha nice joke hina
    keep it up becuase i am really in tension becuase my fav Ana , Maria , Lisici , Klijster , Soderling all lose their tennis matches.
    i want one more comment from u like this please.
    becuase i dont know abt pak vs aus , match is in very crucial stage now. aus needs 75 runs on 59 balls and 6 wickets in hand.


  • Nauman hope you replace taran….nd i hope yu wont be paid for review….nd hopefully you’ll be neutral while reviewin akshay’s film….stick to yur moral nd dnt get paid….all da best…tell me truly dnt you feel media is downplayin veer??



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