Veer Movie Review

To be honest, I didn’t really have great expectations from Veer. The promos weren’t too exciting, Anil Sharma’s last few films were strictly average, the cast wasn’t very appealing either and Zarine Khan looked plumpy (if that’s any reason). But about 30 minutes into the film, it turned out to be quite enjoyable, the first half infact was very enjoyable.

Before we dig in any deeper, the story first.  Veer is a revenge tale of the Pindhari’s against the Raja of Madhavgarh. The Raja (played by Jackie Shroff), a victim of the Divide and Rule strategy employed by the British, betrays the Pindari’s killing thousands of them. In return one brave Pindari, Prithvi Singh (played by Mithun Chakraborty) chops off the right hand of the Raja. Both swear revenge.

Years later, the son of Prithvi – Veer (Salman Khan) takes on the might of the British and the cruel Raja, who is unaware that his very own daughter Yashodhara (Zarine Khan) is in love with his greatest enemy.

What works in Veer

  • The love story works big time in the first half, right from the extremely sweet introductory scene of Zarine Khan, when she first sees Veer.. to those heart warming moments in UK. Anil Sharma to his credit has handled the romantic parts pretty well.
  • The first half keeps you hooked throughout and the film does get very interesting at interval point.
  • The action sequences, although not as many as those in Wanted, are extremely well choreographed. Should work big time with the single screen audience
  • What’s also important while watching a film like Veer, is a bit of patience. Don’t go in expecting a fast-paced action romantic film. Don’t expect any subtlety either, Veer has shades of Gadar – its loud (at times too loud) and raw. If the hero roaring like a lion, mouthing exaggerated dialogues, taking on 10 men at a time is your cup of tea, you will end up enjoying Veer. Otherwise, the romance works as a saving grace.
  • The chemistry between Salman Khan and Mithunda was nice to watch.
  • The music was fantastic. Its Sajid- Wajid’s best work in ages! LOVED Surili Akhiyon Wale.


  • The problem with Veer is, when its good its very good. But when bad, its very bad! The film had enough potential to be far more effective and engaging, but the screenplay writer (Shaktimaan Talwar) and its executor (Anil Sharma) goof up the second half.
  • Sohail Khan’s character was unnecessary and Jackie Shroff’s more important negative character doesn’t work.
  • Why is a feel-good ending an absolute must for every Bollywood film? The impact would probably have been slightly more if not for the clichéd ending.
  • Veer has far too many songs, 3 in the first and 3 more in the second. The music is good, but the extended song and dance numbers just stretch the film. Preferably for better impact, a couple of songs should either be chopped off or shortened.


  • Salman Khan is slightly over the top in the initial reels (first 20 mins), but quickly gets his act right and delivers a good performance.
  • Zarine Khan looks gorgeous (as the princess) in the first half, its hard to take your eyes off her. Strangely in the second, the make up men don’t get her look right.
  • Mithunda is in form and delivers a knock out performance, which will be received with whistles from the single screen audience.
  • Sohail Khan is outright irritating. Just an extension of his funny acts from almost all his films.
  • Jackie Shroff looks out of shape, average performance.
  • The rest don’t get much scope.

Overall, Veer isn’t close to as bad as some of the reviews suggest. Its watchable and very enjoyable. At the box office, Veer should do well on single screens.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Good.



  • Someone has rightly said, ”Let the attempt be a failure, but let there be no failure to attempt.” Like a true Veer, Salman has taken a gamble, it’s now left to be seen how the audience reacts to this fight to get the British out of India.

    Somehow, I get this feeling that the dice is loaded in favour of Veer Salman!

    Rating – 2.5/5

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  • thanks indicine for good review you are amongst 35% pure people of globe who support truth and from today my respect for you is more

  • indicine i respect your review

    but for me after watching first time

    sallu bhai rocks MASHAAALLAAH
    i will gave sallu bhai veer 5+++
    aur add kardenaa kyunki sallu bhai kliye aur promotion karnaa hai INSHAAALLAAH AAMEEN

    i will gave my full review after watching it min 3 times in cinemaa or max upto my wish .
    but thanks indicine again and all sallu bhai fans with true entertainment loving people for your good reviews INSHAAALLAAH veer akaa sallu will get success AAMEEN

  • according to boxofficeindia:

    Veer got off to a very strong start at single screens with 80-90% collections but multiplexes were dull with around 30-40% collections. The collections at multiplexes of places like Mumbai and Bangalore were very disappointing.

    This was the sort of start that Salman Khan’s last successful outing Wanted had but that film managed to pick up a bit at multiplexes and went on a dream run at single screens.

    The film will get help in the form of a holiday on Tuesday but will need to show good multiplexes business if it is to emerge a winner unless it can go on to do huge business at single screens.

  • At 12 o clock I have got no ticket at the single screens . Audiences just roaring for ” VEER” …” VEER”…& ” VEER” my god . what a response .

  • RONY , kya bol rahe ho .
    Taran Adarsh said that

    Single screen opening (90-95)%

    Multiplexes opening (80-90)%

    And evening shows are improving DRASTICALLY .

  • @sudeep
    funny man….movie is made for mass….LOL LOL, man when an Akshay Kumar’s movie releases everyone says is bad don,t go…and now Salman khan movie released….now your saying movies is for masss

    you made my day man :) :)

  • rajib where do you find the info that multiplex collection is 80-90%? in twitter? no in bollywood hungama? no so from where? i dont believe u then everybody will say it is amazing start and boi cant be wrong by that big margin

  • I have never followed any review providing website so much than Indicine. Only reason- IT is UNBIASED.
    I’m a big fan of Salman. I love to hear good things about him for the efforts he is putting in his acting but I’m very disappointed by the way media is downplaying his movies and star power. No site is brave enough to stand unbiased. God knows what Salman has done to them. VEER is not among the greats but it definately deserves a 3 star and a superhit status but rating given by other sites (e.g. santabanta- 1 n half) is simply pathetic…. many of my friends go to theater after reading reviews so what’s happening that they ar nt going to watch VEER just bCoz of them…… Poor Salman!! These unfair behavior to him makes me a bigger fan of him coz I’m sure that he will prove every body wrong and will come up with a blockbuster and himself as a real VEER!!! ……………… We Love You Salman… Keep Rocking !

  • it will crash badly in multiplex because of bad word of mouth i was very excited about the muvi but after reading some tweets i decided skip it mind u thats not the critics tweets but ordinary peoples tweets i dont like so called massy muvi because i have noticed all so called massy muvi r not good but i will watch it on pirated dvd if i like then will catch it in theatres i always love to watch a muvi in theatre .

  • hi rajeeb halder,
    wt r u sayind?
    r u right?
    frm where taran adarsh told this
    tht cineplexes-90-95%
    multiplexes—- 80-90%
    is dis true?
    tell me plzzz

  • I was really upset all day wid bad reviews pouring all over by those high class critics.I was thinking or i better say ws fearing hw indicine gonna react!! …thnx indicine for ur review..

  • @Sohag …Sudeep is a hardcore akki fan.But his 2nd fav hero is Salman.Without knowing reality don’t pass coments.N its Veer Page..Stick to Salman.Aki has time in his next release.

    @Kush Anand ..Ask ur fiends to visit Indicine n then go to theaters.

  • maybe you can say he is straight forward but he is not a good human being once he broke a reporters nose by punching in his nose he killed some street beggers after reckless driving while drunk he also allegedly slap somi ali in a hotel and also he is very indiscipline guy so i dont like him much whoever say he is a golden boy they all r blind,biased fan

  • @anuparno …Trust me n go to theater.If you gt disappointed.I will pay u ur money back.Watch it with ur own eyes n then decide.

  • i also thought he is very short tempered guy he should controll his anger and not involved in any controversy when he was afriend of shahrukh he wasnt very close to amir now when he quarreled with shahrukh he went to rival amir side and become a best buddies thats plain selfishness

  • @Anuparno: Generally multiplex movie goers are badly affected by the reviews.Those who even watch the movie they tend to post similar reviews on their tweets just out of snobbery. I hope you will get it. But I’m sure it will do great in single theaters because people there are not driven by other’s mind but their own heart. They will love it and will watch it again and again. You can sense the enthusiasm and feel the adrenaline rush only when you watch this movie in single screen not in sophisticated multiplexes where people simply come to analyze rather than enjoying.

  • @Anuparno- don’t dare to highlight salman’s life in his movie review page….. this page is not for dat… if u want to watch it on dvd… it’s ok… but watch it on 70mm 2 experience dis larger dan lyf muvi… u won’t regret it!!!!

    @Hina n all other salman fans- here comes the good news….
    according to…
    Veer has done huge business on day one at Kanpur single screens. Below are the figures for Veer, Wanted and Three Idiots from the same theatres. Both Gurudev and Manjushree huge single screens in Kanpur.

    Veer – 73,796
    Three Idiots – 57,408
    Wanted – 57,400

    Veer – 96,578
    Three Idiots – 38,977
    Wanted – 67,552

  • you also have to respect critics verdict they r the main judge that the muvi is classic or not and u have to take into consideration are we really making great muvis and still they bashing it? the answer is no here we just coping from holly flicks or south muvis

  • Just amazing movie . Salman ” VEER” khans performence just HISTORICAL achivement . Zarine looks very beautiful .Mithun da & salman ” VEER” khans chemistry just treat to watch .

  • @anuparno ….hahahaha Is this stuff relatd to Veer???? R u a gud human being?How can u gurantee?Y u r wasting enrgy on Salman????U r insecure of his poparity or u hate him alot???Without watchn movie dun paste nonsense.Its a review Page we are not discussng Salman’s Personal life.So SRK fan I pitty u u r losing gud cinema coz of ur mental instability…..

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