Veer Movie Review

To be honest, I didn’t really have great expectations from Veer. The promos weren’t too exciting, Anil Sharma’s last few films were strictly average, the cast wasn’t very appealing either and Zarine Khan looked plumpy (if that’s any reason). But about 30 minutes into the film, it turned out to be quite enjoyable, the first half infact was very enjoyable.

Before we dig in any deeper, the story first.  Veer is a revenge tale of the Pindhari’s against the Raja of Madhavgarh. The Raja (played by Jackie Shroff), a victim of the Divide and Rule strategy employed by the British, betrays the Pindari’s killing thousands of them. In return one brave Pindari, Prithvi Singh (played by Mithun Chakraborty) chops off the right hand of the Raja. Both swear revenge.

Years later, the son of Prithvi – Veer (Salman Khan) takes on the might of the British and the cruel Raja, who is unaware that his very own daughter Yashodhara (Zarine Khan) is in love with his greatest enemy.

What works in Veer

  • The love story works big time in the first half, right from the extremely sweet introductory scene of Zarine Khan, when she first sees Veer.. to those heart warming moments in UK. Anil Sharma to his credit has handled the romantic parts pretty well.
  • The first half keeps you hooked throughout and the film does get very interesting at interval point.
  • The action sequences, although not as many as those in Wanted, are extremely well choreographed. Should work big time with the single screen audience
  • What’s also important while watching a film like Veer, is a bit of patience. Don’t go in expecting a fast-paced action romantic film. Don’t expect any subtlety either, Veer has shades of Gadar – its loud (at times too loud) and raw. If the hero roaring like a lion, mouthing exaggerated dialogues, taking on 10 men at a time is your cup of tea, you will end up enjoying Veer. Otherwise, the romance works as a saving grace.
  • The chemistry between Salman Khan and Mithunda was nice to watch.
  • The music was fantastic. Its Sajid- Wajid’s best work in ages! LOVED Surili Akhiyon Wale.


  • The problem with Veer is, when its good its very good. But when bad, its very bad! The film had enough potential to be far more effective and engaging, but the screenplay writer (Shaktimaan Talwar) and its executor (Anil Sharma) goof up the second half.
  • Sohail Khan’s character was unnecessary and Jackie Shroff’s more important negative character doesn’t work.
  • Why is a feel-good ending an absolute must for every Bollywood film? The impact would probably have been slightly more if not for the clichéd ending.
  • Veer has far too many songs, 3 in the first and 3 more in the second. The music is good, but the extended song and dance numbers just stretch the film. Preferably for better impact, a couple of songs should either be chopped off or shortened.


  • Salman Khan is slightly over the top in the initial reels (first 20 mins), but quickly gets his act right and delivers a good performance.
  • Zarine Khan looks gorgeous (as the princess) in the first half, its hard to take your eyes off her. Strangely in the second, the make up men don’t get her look right.
  • Mithunda is in form and delivers a knock out performance, which will be received with whistles from the single screen audience.
  • Sohail Khan is outright irritating. Just an extension of his funny acts from almost all his films.
  • Jackie Shroff looks out of shape, average performance.
  • The rest don’t get much scope.

Overall, Veer isn’t close to as bad as some of the reviews suggest. Its watchable and very enjoyable. At the box office, Veer should do well on single screens.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Good.



  • Just 4 u :
    it is not official rating , it is just users rating which hasnt any importance.
    and by the way it is not 4 star it is 3.6 / 5 star.

  • Thanks for the Review Indicine :) ,

    M yet to watch it, Btw Tell the Audience Reaction, Plzzz….

    I think audience reaction is good :)

    But, i am hell shocked y some well known critics are Downplaying VEER??? :x

    Salman did his best to promote VEER…. Salman must be rewarded with a HIT…. He has done so much for his movie…

    Y these critics always downplays Salman’s & Akki’s flick??? I can’t digest..

    I bet MNIK will be get all the rating between 4 stars- 5 stars…. This is huge big fact…

    Though Anupama Chopra of NDTV gave VEER 2.5/5 which is good coz she Gave LD 2/5, wanted 1/5

    @ Amish, Sahara Samay gave it 3/5

  • Mainly Spelling mistakes Grammar is ok

    nauman the way the u gave veer review is different the way u gave 3Idiots u should have a style of ur own and it should be same and very neutral

    cause u gave veer is a different manner few people didnt like ur review but loved Indicine but u will learn as i say everybody has different talent u have it and improvise it wish u all the best

    and i think Indicine is neutral cause so far i like them and they are different from shitty Taran A

  • @Shamry …I agree with you.

    @Nauman.. I felt the same by ur style this time.You know i appreciate ur review mostly.I even had fight wid u on rocket singh.Its not Salman its the way u did the review.Don’t worry about english u can always get ur review edited by me.

    Indicine..Thanks 4 the gud newz..

    @amish.. u r with your stats n figures.You are quite werid at times :)

  • Shamry bhai / bahan
    thx u told me that i hv still some spelling mistakes , i will cover it soon , inshallah.
    when ever i give review Amish , Naveed said to me that i open all movie , so i shouldnt do like this, so at this time i didnt post
    Scenes which have worth … or Positive Points
    but read my review carefully that abt
    story i mentioned that well writer story
    abt direction i mentioned well made movie
    Music was awesome specially back ground score is mind blowing the tune of Surili Akhiyon wale is perfect and match with situations.
    performance i mentioned that movie belongs to Salman khan , after wanted critics said it was his best , abt London Dreams critics siad it is his best , and now turn of Veer.
    what more positive points do u want from me ???
    i am not silly and mad that i will say that Veer ‘s death scene has worth to watch.
    and then i will say that it is understood that every freedom fighter should die in the end .

  • Dear Indicine Team

    I feel very sorry for you because this time you succumbed to the die hard fans of sallu and you have posted the most biased review in your little history. I feel sorry to say that but veer is such a pathetic movie which is just unbearable with lousy performances from everyone. I felt that I was watching a C Grade flick from a third rate director. complete loss of my money. I am not against salman, I also likes him but he needs to do better roles.
    My Ratings 1/5, Just for 2 Good songs and background music.

  • im a bhai nauman ;) hehe

    yea true u gave those point but the point is u have to mention it one by one like u gave the negative points and bro you have to tell the ones which u like most like 3 to 5 scenes which people have to look into it get wat im saying

    but your are better than me in reviews but i know you will learn alot

    and nauman hina is not a bad person she felt nad cause she expected that you will give a bit more paragraph wise

    and believe me that hina will help you

    cause we are salman fans and ready to help

  • guys
    if u felt that i was not honest then i do apologize that i didnt do my job perfect , and i didnt mention worthfull scenes, but a lots of times indicine doesnt do it ,
    hina u forgot ur mobile in ur home it wasnt my fault i tried to call u when movie starts , at interval and after finishing as well,
    i was thinking to give it 3.5 stars that Sallu fans wont disappoint from me and from Veer. but movie deserved 3 stars.
    but ab jo hona tha ho gaya, leave it
    tell me one thing will u visit my site for my reviews where i gonna put ?

  • yea true we will and nauman u do not have to be like indicine be unique and for me indicine is unique too this is the only site i found that responds to the fans and gives there best review from there heart unlike other (BH) sites

  • i have watched veer and just came now, guys i don,t have words, outstanding movie, we were shouting at every seen in theatre, public response is also very good, veer will make history guys………….

  • sharmy bhai :
    dont need to tell me abt hina , i know Hina batter than every one , because we have daily 3,4 hrs chat sessions on msn , and after every movie we discussed on phon while i am coming back from cinema to my home.
    at this time she forget her mobile in her home so i couldnt discuss it , and i missed some important things
    i am really sorry for that.
    best of Luck with MNIK which i gona watch on 11th Feb thursday ,
    before going to cinema i will get Hina’s office land line number as well.

  • Pathetic screenplay..chemistry between mithunda&salman works.sohail khan is horrible..had potential but colapse for over hype& try to put patriotic,heroic,love story in one packet but anil cant combine them well.2.5/5

  • thanx Indicine….. its quite satisfying…

    but according to you can it successfully get the hit status by this kind of buisness…..???

  • Hmmm. Now this is interesting indeed. Indicine ur review has infused a new interest in me to watch this film, which i’m scheduled to watch at midnight tonight.

    @nauman. Bhayee, i’m really happy to read about u bein an official reviewer. My advice as a sincere brother is. Take all the criticism in positive sense and always believe on improving yourself. U have it in you to make it big with determination. Wish u all the best from depths of my heart and i’ll definitely visit the website u tell us insha Allah. Way to go brother.

    Lets c how the film actually turns out to be !

  • Should we like create a new topic called ‘Nauman’s Reviews’? As its being discussed more than the movie itself. Lets end it here. Nauman, all the very best :) Do mail us the link too.

    Halakoo, never have, never will succumb to fan pressure. Really liked the first half of the movie and this was never meant for the ‘class’ audience in the first place. Gadar released today, would have been thrashed by the critics. Book yourself a seat at a single screen and check out the reactions.

  • lol at indicine hhehehe a topic as naumans new job hahahha good one indicine

    btw indicine rocks and nauman has to give special thanks to indicine

  • I cant believe how indicine puts up exactly my feelings in their reviews…. 3 is a little more i would rate it 2.5 but the movie wasnt bad.

    really really really loved Zarine. So cute and better than katrina… wow… Salman rocked

  • It’s very unfair to criticize Indicine Team for this honest review. They’ve neither supported Salman nor said anything against him or film. It was one of the best reviews of Veer, well balanced :)

  • This is what I read on the site called IBOS about veer, and critics reviews are also very bad, forget critics who cares about them but as opening day is concerned, in recent times most or all of his films dint get good opening, what is the reason behind this indicine. I am a Akshay kumar fan but certainly not a bad wissher for salman. Chek this out from ibos.

    Box Office: Weak opening for Salman Khan’s Veer
    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Many times what is billed as most-anticipated in trade and media circles does not turn out to be the case with the Indian public at the ground level. More proof of that comes this week as Veer which was billed as one of the most highly anticipated films of 2010 in trade and media circles just days ago has failed to take even a respectable initial. The anticipation was more in the media than amongst the public as Veer’s opening seems to be around 20-25%.

    By missing the opening, Veer, written by Salman Khan himself, and billed as the actor’s attempt at transforming himself into an epic action hero like Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson has likely missed the boat at the actual box office of India. The advance booking and opening reports of Veer are extremely poor in multiplexes and below average in single screens so far (even UP/MP where its not dismal is below expectation given film’s budget and genre). So the combined opening is set to range from below average to dismal. Bombay multiplexes have been given high volume allocations in expectation of a huge response, but initial results show they are booked at a rate of around only 15%, on par with Mr. and Mrs. Khanna. In Calcutta the bookings are outright dismal, to the tune of 5%. Some theaters have a booking of 33 for Friday for this Salman Khan starrer, not 33% but 33 tickets total for the day! It is looking above for help unless the opening weekend word of mouth proves much better than what the box office bookings so far have indicated.

    Beyond comparisions from Mel Gibson and Hollywood, for some subcontinental reference, in the 1980s released an Amitabh Bachchan starrer called ‘Mard’ in late 1985, which was set along similar lines and themes as Veer, in the fictional backdrop of a remote kingdom in the British era India with a native hero ‘tangewala’ who doesn’t know he’s the prince of the kingdom and whose father had been enslaved by the British. That Bachchan blockbuster, immortalized by Bachchan’s horse ‘Baadal’ and the famous callsigns like ‘Peeth Pe Maara Hai Seene Pe Khaoge’ and ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’ stormed the box office of 1985 shattering Ram Teri Ganga Maili’s (a mega hit that year) opening collections and making Golden Jubilee over India. Bombay box office could have used some of that dynamism this week. But Veer has opened nothing like Mard.

    Salman Khan tallied at #8/#9 in the past decade’s box office rankings (click here). In the new decade it is unlikely he’ll go higher if the start is to be with results like Veer.

  • Another Gadar in making… Single screens will do outstanding business… At vishal cinema,i dint get ticket for 12’o cloc show…saw 3pm show….it is best to c at single screens…ull enjoy more. Salman is for masses. Love salman

  • hey guys,
    veer is very intertaining movie.
    everybody liked veer on theaters n clapped in every diologe of
    salman, not boring,enjoyable movie.

  • Sharmy Bhai:
    do u think that i never said thx to indicine ?
    i said them my thx 1st time when they put De Dana Dan Review By Nauman
    i cant forget that day when i was on my led it was friday early morning and i switched on my laptop and when i saw this heading my mouth was opened and i couldnt close it for 2 minutes , i was really in shocked,
    i am feeling that Indicine is my internship they gave me a path where i can get a good chance to improve my self and i can tell to other people that in this world there is a guy Called Ahmad Nauman Sheikh , who can give good reviews as well and people can like him as well.
    i really appreciate to all of u guys including indicine who pointed out my mistakes and guide me at various times.
    that site is not launched yet ones it will launched i will let u know.
    thx …
    now i am sleeping see u guys tomorrow.

  • i like salman khan i am also a fan of salman khan but u have be honest if the movie is good then u can say it is good but if it is bad then u cannt say good only because u r the fan and i like salman khan more when i watch his last 2 movies, wanted and london dreams.
    To be very honest people.
    VEER is not up to the mark , not a powerfull movie , salman khan perform very well in few scenes.
    it is really a one time watch, you cannt watch this movie second time.
    music is good, direction is average ,action scenes are ok in few scenes.story is average.
    overall it is not a blockbuster or super hit , it will be a hit.
    ** stars. 2/5…

  • i watch veer
    very nice movie
    fantastic action,music,photograpy etc
    I watch again to again
    completed positive movie
    my Rating 4,5/5

  • VEER is releasing in Telugu too on the same day ……I think it’ll be superhit.
    @IndicineTeam –Now predict the biz of movie considering telugu prints

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