Satyamev Jayate June 24 Episode: Watch online

Today’s Satyamev Jayate Episode was about ‘toxic food’ or ‘food adulteration’, the fruits and vegetables we eat is a cocktail of pesticides says Aamir Khan.

Several other serious issues were raised during the show..

  • There are 67 types of pesticides which are banned all over the world, but continue to be used in India.
  • Almost everyday we consume 500% more pesticides than our body can tolerate.
  • More than 40 people in a village in Punjab have died of cancer.
  • There is no organisation in India to monitor the usage of pesticides by farmers.
  • There are more than 100 ways of reducing pests without pesticides
  • The Sikkim government has banned the usage of pesticides. They hope to be a organic state by the year 2020.
  • The problem with organic fruits and vegetables is, it costs more. Which is probably one of the reasons we avoid buying them..?

Today’s question – Do the people of India want the center and all state governments to follow Sikkim’s example and aid farmers in adoption organic farming?

If your answer is YES, type Y and send it to 5782711. If you don’t agree, type N and send it to 5782711.

Each SMS will be charged at Rs 1 . The money collected will be donated to two organisations – Kheti Virasat Mission (Punjab) and Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (Hyderabad).

For more ways to donate, click here or visit the official Satyamev Jayate website.

For now, watch the 8th episode of Satyameva Jayate (June 24) and tell us what you think

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  • Hello,
    I am ayesha my husband and my inlaws are having land but it is underless utilise so i would like to have a details of organic farming its cultivating cost etc. and what are the scopes in this field as it is said that it will cost more labour more expenses etc.And what machienery will be required if we would like to do it . And if we like to export it. And from where i can get this all information. i like it very much that we got aware of this.And its effect on our body.


  • nice,This program is gr8 for every citizen of India n help them.I m not Indian but than also i love this show. this show is gr8 show n will be gr8 in history of Indian television.


  • Sir,
    I like ur episode on organic farming & now my relatives want to do organic farming. they want the details of organic farming.they are from nagpur, Maharastra & their lands is near nagpur. So, pl tell us the procedure of organic farming & also pl give us contact details of people doing organic farming in nagpur.



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