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Episode 4 of Satyamev Jayate, a popular chat show hosted by Aamir Khan. After spreading awareness on Female Foeticide, Child Sexual Abuse and Dowry Harrasment, this week, the show deals with Malpractice of Doctors.

Of all the episodes so far, we loved this week’s episode the most. Some of the key points that the show put forward

  • Atleast 6% of a country’s GDP should be spent on health care – India is spending just 1.4%
  • Some doctors ask for more than 30% commission from pharmaceutical companies.
  • In 2001, 31 government medical colleges and 106 private colleges were opened. The donation charged at some of the private institutions was around 60 lakhs for a medical seat!
  • Shocking: About 65% of the Indian population can’t afford basic medicines.
  • Another shocking fact: Medicines purchased from generic stores are much cheaper. For example, a branded diabetes medicine costs Rs 100+ per tablet, those purchased using generic names cost less than Rs 2 for 10 tablets!

Episode 4 Message : Rich or poor everyone deserves and should get the same kind of quality medical treatment.

This week’s question – Should every state government follow the example of Rajasthan and open generic medicine stores throughout their state, so that all citizens can get medicines at the lowest possible price.

Type Y or N to 5782711. You can send as many smses as you want to. Cost will be Re 1 per SMS. After taxes, the entire amount will be given away to charity.

You can watch the full episode below with subtitles

Synopsis: People trust medical practitioners, believing that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to safeguard their health. But when this knowledge is misused to exploit this trust, medical care becomes a nightmare. The profession is riddled with unscrupulous doctors and hospitals out to make big bucks at the cost of patients, but there are still medical practitioners who stand up for the Hippocratic Oath, and those who want to clean up the profession.

Also, you can watch all episodes of Satyameva Jayate for free, right here on Indicine. Every Sunday by around 1 PM Indian Standard time. Below are the last two episodes. Do watch it, if you missed it.



  • good show….bt in India good movies and good tv show gets only critical praise bt not TRPs or BO collections…craps like bodyguard and big boss always gets hit…..

  • Satyamev jayate is nt getting good trp this means indian people likes only craps like dus ka dum

  • Thanks, Mr Aamir Khan for Episode 4 as well as the earliers shows. Today’s episode again emphasizes the need to have medical audit trail and also to have health ombudsman for all the advisories to which patients and non patients are subjected to and have no redressal mechanism. Regulatory Health Authority is the need of the day in all states. We have a tendency to beat the system and very strict discipline and no nonsense approach towards malafide and ill intentioned health providers will do the country much good.

    Like minded persons must join together and come on the same platform to build and reinforce public systems for public good. Can we begin?

    Jayant Banthia
    Additional Chief Secretary,
    Public Health Department,
    Govt. of Maharashtra.

  • Namaskar

    This is with respect to Episode on malpractises of Doctors. You have to bring about change in the leadership where there should not be a trace of corruption. The Bar Council of India needs to be strenghthened. It should be headed by a unblemished track record holder like DR RN Salhan.

  • what a show satyameva jayate is turning out to be .. i wish we could have someone like you in my country ( nepal) too.. hats off to you sir aamir khan and the entire team !

  • yo r genious i hope am also genious but no anyone give me a right direction one step go forward for peaceful our life as well as our country…………. contact me 919808186256 because i am wants our country go forward

  • u r doing a really good job mr.aamir khan, i m proud of u to be doing this in my country,our country really need a big change about all u r showing thru this episodes ….in short words i want to call u 2nd ANNA HAZARE……Satyamev Jayate

  • Thank you amir for the this episode probabally it changed my view like I live in Uk. when I went to GP when they said me every thing fine just wait and see. I myself use to think when I am telling I am in pain why they are not considering why GP I mean Dr is telling wait and see for three times. I relasised now they were right our. problem is in my head not with my body. thanks for changing my beleifs.

  • I enjoy watching your show, I find it truly inspiring and also that it helps publicize important issues thus transpiring positive actions from the governments and others concerned on issues that may have stagnated or otherwise forgotten by collective media. Great job Aamir Khan. Greetings from Canada!

  • Aamir Khan U are really doing a Great Job. In India if at least the pecent grows in thinking like you(Aamir) then here on earth means in India we will feel , Yeh duniya Hamare liye Jannat se kam nahi hogi.

    Well done.

  • Thankyou so much Aamir Sir, you are doing very good job. Yes, we have to bring out change in the leadership where there should not be a trace of corruption. I have seen so many cases related to your 4th episode even I am also suffering by the mistake of a Doctor.
    I also wnat to give a suggession that we have to prefer Ayurvedic treatment for our health problems. There is a good Ayurvedic Hospital (Chaudhary Brahm Prakash Ayurvedic Charak Hospital) in Delhi which gives the Ayurvedic treatment free.

    Sir, Again thanks for your kind inspiration.

  • Dear Amir ji,

    The show that you are running on every Sunday is amazing. Please keep up the good work. I am Highly impressed with this show.

    Jitender Sudhir (Delhi)

  • Amir sir
    u r doing a really good job, i m proud of u to doing this for our country,If our all IAS work Like our Dr. SAMIT SHARMA -IAS RAJASTHAN cadre then we can think of Medicine to every one and within reach of poor to power. thanks

  • Amir sir
    You are doing a really good job, i am proud of YOU to doing this for our country and proud of Dr. Samit Sharma IAS ,If our all IAS work Like our Dr. SAMIT SHARMA -IAS RAJASTHAN cadre then we can think of Medicine to every one and within reach of poor . thanks.

  • Subhash Dua It is sad that this damaging information should come in public domain straight away. Now many good doctors will have to pay d price for inefficient MCI and corrupt administration( read Govt). Over the last 60 yrs or so, even the poorest of poor has been allowed to go corrupt. Plumber takes cut from hardware store, mason takes cut from material suppliers,……… rickshaw puller, Govt hospital ambulance, highway patrol takes money from hospitals for bringing in pts ,…….. engineer, local authorities, administration takes commission from thekedar or contractor,…….police take commission from bootleggers,criminals and worst of all new recruitment, transfers, postings have become a big commission for politicians. It has been going on for decades and those who are supposed to act are involved in it. SO WHERE THE BUCK STOPS.!!!! IS IT TO MUCH ASKING TO LISTEN TO ANNA….. IS IT TO MUCH TO TAKE IN?
    5 minutes ago · Like

  • Dear Sir,

    I wanted to know that adress and phone number of generic medicines stores in Rajasthan.

    I will be great thankful for u.

    With regards

    Deepak Modi

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