Satyamev Jayate Episode 6 – Watch Online

This week the Episode 6 of Satyamev Jayate talking about the heroic achievements of people living with various disabilities. During the course of the show, Aamir Khan even visit s a disabled gym and works out with them. And guess what? Some of them were way strong and fitter than him!

Some key issues were raised during the show

  • Unlike several countries, India lacks the infrastructure that helps people look beyond their disabilities.
  • Has our country completely ignored people living with physical disabilities?
  • Can education manage to bring change to the lives of people who are equally capable?
  • Is our society insensitive or over-sympathise with disable or mentally challenged people?
  • Acceptance and love can change a person’s life.
  • Blindness is not the end of life, it is a beginning of another golden life.
  • Should schools start accepting differently abled children?

Question of the week – Should schools and colleges that do not become fully inclusive (include every kid) within the next five years be de-recognised? Type Y or N and send it to 5782711 (you can send many SMSes as you want)

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Watch the full Satyamev Jayate Episode 6 below and do tell us what you think.

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  • very very inspiring and motivating show,,,,hats off to the entire team of satyamev jayate,

  • thanks a lot for the uploading…its allows NRI, and others not having access to indian news channels to watch…great job..keep it on.

  • Well done Amir. Get People power on board. India needs to wake up. Carry on doing research on new topics.

  • iI am an Indian settled in Canada, I love to watch this programm, I am proud to be an Indian, But Amir is doing a very good job, The people In India, should really wakeup , move forward and really INDIA will be a better place to live, Than people living their Country and settling abroad, HAT OFF TO AMIR IT’S A EYEOPENER FOR THE PEOPLE IN INDIA.To do something good for the Country,

  • realy amazing programme.but y dnt star plus repeat it atleast 2 times.they show all the crapy dramas and operas 24X7
    amir kahan is perfect for this.great work!keep it up.

  • @indicine Amirs show if flop ratings are lower compare to just dance,big boss,kbc,and akshay show

  • Really inspiring programme. hats off to Ms Uma Tuli. I will feel proud if I get the opportunity to Work for Amarjyoti School.

  • “be not afraid of going be slowly afraid only of standing still”. Sir ,you and all members of this program have really hero of have power to show the realty.thanks sir.jai hind jai bharat.

  • Its inspiring and motivating show, and its usefull to youth for their living better life.

  • dear amir you also have to include child with learning disability like dyslexia, disgraphia discalculia and other such learning disabiity which is hilight in your movie tare zamin par there is concession given by some of state for such child but some school refuse to give such benifit to child what action should be taken to such school?

  • thank you for presenting this episode on pwd’s. let me introduced a soul called capt j k sengupta a war casulity of 1965 war. who lost is vision but he started his life with a new mission .since then he started working for the people with disability . in this work his wife mrs rita sengupta joined. they work for childern a school is there in siliguri called prenerna edl centre . not only this they work for the community also. a silent worker. i take the liberity to invite you and meet this wonderful couple and see their dedication and devotion for the society .

  • It is wounder full show and hope will give new path to the country and society as well.

  • thank you for presenting this episode ,Really inspiring programme. hats off to Ms Uma Tuli. I will feel proud if I get the opportunity to Work for Amarjyoti School.

  • thank u for the show. you have open the eyes ..really u r doing the excellent of luck for all the upcoming episodes..

  • I’m impressed & want to congratulate Amir & his team for such programs.I’m an Indian residing in Mauritius. I want to see a school like AMARJYOTI in this country. can u help me to have its details.

  • Thanx Amir sir , for this wake up programme . Present time the programme is need of our country. ! Thank u very much sir. .& u r the fit person to do something different. . .

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