Satyamev Jayate June 17 Episode – Watch online

The June 17th episode of Satyamev Jayate is about ‘Domestic violence’. Several startling facts and key issues were raised during the show, here are some of them..

  • When the Satyamev Jayate team visits Bhabha Hospital in Mumbai, it was revealed that nearly 40% of the women admitted there were for cases of Domestic Violence!
  • Domestic Violence isn’t only restricted to poor families in villages, independent educated women are victims too.
  • Children are the biggest victims of Domestic violence
  • Husbands need to be human!
  • Property related issues are one of the major reasons of Domestic Violence.

Question of the day – Is beating a woman, a sign of masculinity? If your answer is yes type Y and send it to 5782711 and if your answer is no type N and send it to the same number. You can send as many SMSes as you want. All of it goes to charity.

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Watch the June 17th episode of Satyamev Jayate with subtitles below

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  • hats off to amir khan
    he has just opened up our eyes
    i think we indians need such shows to overcome these types of problem in a society

  • Actually Snehalata was also telling Aamir Khan and Reena’s love story. After all they divorced after 16 years of marriage and 2 children, remember?
    A great show by a cheap man..

  • @ samrat: after all this is just a show..amir doesnt see his mistakes and tries to correct other indians.. if he really needed to help the poor and eradicate social evil, why cant he avoid his show fees and give it to poor people…instead he is taking 1.5 crore for one episode… he is also a typical indian

  • Yes Aamir Khan – talk about domestic violence and other stuff. But do let us know why you left your first wife. Everbody knows the TRUTH – Satyameva Jayate.

  • To all those people who are against Amir’s personal problems please take note of this that, he is a celebrity and even though he is as you say divorced and all that stuff then also no men in our country did come ahead to take up this issues and even if there would have been someone then also no one would have taken note of the issues. Amir met all the top politicians and they took note of the issues and also there is a huge impact in our society I can assure that atleast there is changes and impact of his show in Mumbai because all the issues are taken note here and they are working towards it. For example our building is planning to save Water as it was shown in the show., many people are now getting information on the genetic medicines. So please support him atleast he is coming ahead to take up this issues. SATYAMEV JAYATE.

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