Here’s what a big film needs to collect Rs 300 crore in India

Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year and Aamir Khan’s PK are both potential 300 crore grossers in India. But it would take much more than just a earth-shattering opening for the two films to become the first to the 300 crore mark.

Below are some factors that we think are important for any film hoping to collect 300 cr.

Top male star: Like it or not, Bollywood is a star-driven male-dominated industry, and to an extent Khan-dominated too. Only the Top 5 stars in the country are currently capable of delivering huge grossers. Without them, the highest grossing film is currently Singham Returns (139 cr net, Dhoom 3 more than doubled this!). PK and Happy New Year both tick the first box, SRK and Aamir are in the Top 3.

Festive release and genre: The three most lucrative festivals at the box office are Eid, Diwali and Christmas. The highest grossing film outside the three festivals is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (183 cr). Both PK and Happy New Year release during Christmas and Diwali respectively. Genre is important too, without mass-appeal, the audience in smaller theatres won’t come out to watch the film in theatres. Happy New Year has the edge here, PK will do extra-ordinarily well at multiplexes, but will the single-screen business be equally good? 3 Idiots also didn’t look a film that would appeal to the masses, but it did!

Record opening: Business on first day and the first weekend will be crucial too, because if a film can’t collect 100 crore or more in its first 3 days, it can’t cross 300 crore even if the trend is good – unless the appreciation is as good as 3 Idiots, of course! Out of all films that have crossed 200 crore, only 3 Idiots collected less than 150 crore in its first week at the box office. The Hirani classic collected just 79 crore in Week 1, but went on to collect 123 crore after its first week – something that no film has managed to do. Both PK and Happy New Year will take record opening, but the collections after Week 1 will decide if the two films can cross 300.

Which brings us to the last, but most important factor..

Positive word-of-mouth: Content is King. If a film isn’t universally accepted, it simply cannot cross the 250 crore mark. All the 200 crore grossers like Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Chennai Express, Kick and 3 Idiots were liked by majority of the audience. Others like Dabangg 2, Bang Bang, Singham Returns fell well short because the response was mixed to negative. On paper, PK has a better chance here as Rajkumar Hirani is one of the best directors of the country. Farah Khan and SRK have done it before too with their last release Om Shanti Om, but the footfalls of OSO was much lower even if compared to a film like Chennai Express.



  • All these above mentioned factors r important.
    In Sha Allah happy new is going to collect 300crs.
    i think even in worst case scenario it will do 200 crs. but Allah knows best
    farah isnt a bad director either..she has directed two of the most entertaining masala movie with oso having a patriotic touch too which can be seen in hny too……..fingers crossed.lets see what happens
    all the best to shahrukh khan n team hny

  • footfalls of om shanti om was around 1.4 crores and that of chennai express was 2.3 crore in the same range as ek tha tiger.dhoom 3 and 3 idiots both had footfalls exceeding 2.8 crores.

  • Only HNY year chances to Collect 300cr in india as it has King of bollywood Shah Rukh Khan in the movie….and also SRK is coming with Masala movie and everyone knows well what happen when SRK comes with Masala movie……

    PK may do well as well but it will be bec of Hirani + long free run… Hirani is the main hero of PK not Aamir…

    this is the difference between a Chotu/insecure Aamir and a star/king SRK…

  • to enter 300cr club a film has to break 3I record of 120cr post 1st week.but now days thanx to smartphones piracy has increased even more so to do more than 120cr will need absolutely brilliantly wom.hope both hny and pk is able to generate such wom and open 300cr club

  • Before there’s Raj, Rahul, King or Baadshah there’s just a hardworking boy with nothing but ambition.
    SRK you are the BEST… Waiting for 24th oct…

  • Really very good article indicine…….agree with u completely…….but pk doesn’t look like massy film…..but there is rajkumar hirani….so he can make a magic…..rightnow I will vote for hny…..

  • @indicine hw do u knw oso hd lower footfalls than ce?there were so few multiplexes at thst time and single screens ticket prices were also low.plz xplain

  • pk- more than 300cr

    hny- 180-220cr

    present time me sirf stardom matter nahi karta, jo movie acjchi hogi wahi 250cr kar paegi

  • yup wom is very very important to cross 300cr still 300cr is very tough challenge. but I don’t think so hny will cross 300cr. even movie will not cross 200cr.
    to cross 300cr movie need
    excellent trailer like ghajini, d3, 3 idiots, kick, agneepath, dabangg, ce.
    impact of songs like dabangg, ghajini, yjhd,Namaste London, oso.
    promotion requires.
    but all this happens when wom is very strong like 3 idiots, gadar, dabangg, munna bahi mbbs.

  • But Akshay has not had a festive release like diwali,eid or Christmas or a big film like Kick…Waiting for brothers and Rowdy rathore 2 since it is now a big brand

  • aamir always/mostly copies srk.

    so for pk to be 300cr film. hny will will do more than 300 cr business.

    p.s. it doesnt mean pk will earn 300 cr.

    aneways hny indicine lovers

  • *DIWALI DHAMAAKA* @PKTheFilm: This Diwali, meet #PK! Watch the official teaser of #PK on October 23rd. Save the date.

  • I honestly say this year any movie can’t touch 300cr because this year can’t predict bo collection (jai ho,bang bang). But 2015 definitely cross 300cr for sure.

  • yes right.both hny and pk can hit 300 cr mark in india but only with having super positive response from general audience..
    both should go past 150 cr mark with in first week easily nd it is necessity too considering the star power of srk and aamir nd with benefit of diwali nd christmas..
    both film should appeal to all aged section of audience..

    btw happy new year got “U” certificate from censor so it is the word go for the movie as it is a family entertainer with U certificate..
    now only thing needed is the good word of mouth..

    so best of luck srk hny fans…
    meanwhile i m waiting for pk teaser good luck in advance to aamir fans also..

    i just bought my first day ticket of happy new year..

  • All predictions all assumption goes haywire when a Audience watch any film on Friday, megastar value makes lot of difference but finally if your receipe is good people will come to restaurant again to have it

  • pk might do 300 crores but happy New year will finish its lifetime below 210 crores.srk didn’t look confident about hny on CNWK

  • Dont take the names of PK and hny in one sentence……….if hny does 200 cr then its an achievement for the crappy team.

    Only PK has a real shot at the 300 cr mark…..reason is brand Aamir and Raju….the two biggest forces are coming together…..this is actually called the lull before the hurricane.

    If sarook fans claim that he has got 3.7 billion fans then how come he is chasing such measly numbers like 300 cr……he should chase Avatar’s numbers….if 3.7 billion fans spend even 100 rs on an average then total collections of hny will be 37000 crores!!!

    Also many people claim that sarook and salman have got more fans than Aamir…..if that’s true then how come only Aamir has the highest grossers to his name…..baaki dono ke fans sirf torrent pe movie download karna jaante hai aur social media mein bakwaas karna

  • @SRK Express, you are 100% right. Aamir copied SRK, so when Rab ne collected 80 cr, Ghajini collected 116 cr.

    The fact that Aamir copied SRK was so shocking for SRK that he took one full year break, during which he gave films like Billu and Dulha Mil Gaya.

    Again Aamir copied SRK because My Name Is Khan comfortably beat the 200 crore collections of 3 Idiots the previous year.

    SRK rocks

  • 1st week collection not decided everything word of mouth decide everything. simple example 3 idiots collection
    76,56,36,16,remaining goes to 202 cr
    300 cr still difficult task. only wom do this and I think pk has potential to cross 300cr.

  • Emraan hashmi + awarapan 2 = 300 cr.
    Awarapan is the tremendously liked movie. It is even remembered even after it faied at bo. It is the most talked movie on net .

  • Let this deepika leaded multi starer hny to cross ranbir’s yjhd’s 180cr then talk about 200cr forget 300cr mark.

    N.B- ce was a rohit/deepika starer.

  • akki is still the best and most versatile actor. Akki fans do not care about box office and all that.

  • Mark my words prem ratan dhan payo will be huge hit.
    movie will shattered all records. I guarantee it prdp will cross 300cr even movie may be cross 400cr.
    sallu rocks man bcoz he knows Suraj bharjatya kya cheez hai.

  • y is my 300cr club cmnt getting so much dislikes ?is it bcz I wrote both hny and pk cn score 300cr?cant understand y srk and aamir fans hate each other so much.both srk and aamir hv given so much to indian cinema.they r true legends of modern day Bollywood .plz don’t fight.

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