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Ajay Devgan on Shahrukh Khan and Yashraj Films

Ajay Devgan, who filed a complaint on October 18th with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) accusing the producers of Jab Tak Hai Jaan of blocking the release of his film ‘Son Of Sardaar’ in theatres, says his fight is not against actor Shahrukh Khan. “The fight is not between Shahrukh and Ajay Devgan and there is no fight between both of us. This is unnecessarily created by the people. Both of us are actors. This is Ajay Devgan as a producer, fighting for his right with some other producer and if people are playing with it then it’s wrong,” said Ajay, talking to the media for the first time after filing the case. Ajay said that the complaint was filed before Yash Chopra’s death. “We filed the case on October 18th when we hadn’t even thought that Yashji will be hospitalised. Main problem was that the timing went wrong. We filed the case long back and as per the law you can’t withdraw the case filed with the Competition Commission. My fight is not with them; it is just against right and wrong. Again I am talking about it, but I am not supposed to talk about it.” He also said that, since he has already invested a lot of money to release his film during Diwali, there is no way he could postpone his film. “If I release the film on the same day, then people will call me a villain and if I don’t release it, it’s a major loss for us. Sadly, post Yashji’s death many people pressurised me through media and said Ajay Devgan should delay his film. Till now Rs 80 to Rs 90 crore have been put in the film. Corporates are involved and they are answerable to share-holders. So with all due respect, I thought of releasing it on the same day.” he saidded. Once the release date is decided, it is not easy for anyone to change it. Ajay says that when he asked others to delay the release of their films, they said it’s not feasible. “When I said ask Aamir Khan to release his film (Talaash) after two weeks and ask Akshay Kumar to release his film (Khiladi 786) on Christmas or ask Salman Khan to go for January release (Dabangg 2). People said that’s not possible. So, why only Ajay will have to sacrifice? I don’t feel any pressure when I gave this option – sab chup ho gaye na.”

Ajay Devgan with Sonakshi Sinha: Pictures

We spotted Son Of Sardaar stars Ajay Devgan and Sonakshi Sinha at the airport last evening. The duo returned to Mumbai after promoting their upcoming Diwali release Son Of Sardaar at Ajay and the Formula One Indian Grand Prix in Greater Noida (near New Delhi). Kajol’s sister Tanisha was also seen with Ajay. Have a look!