GIMA Awards 2012: SRK, Ajay, Sonakshi, AR Rahman

Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Saif Ali Khan and A R Rahman were at the GIMA Awards 2012, which was hosted by Parineeti Chopra.

In it’s 3rd edition, GIMA awards the best in the Indian music industry.

Shahrukh Khan receiving an award at the GIMA Awards 2012Shahrukh Khan receiving an award at the GIMA Awards 2012

A R Rahman receives award from SRK and Lowell PaddockA R Rahman receives award from SRK and Lowell Paddock

Parineeti Chopra performs at the GIMA AwardsParineeti Chopra performs at the GIMA Awards

Ajay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha and Mika Singh perform at the GIMA AwardsAjay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha and Mika Singh perform at the GIMA Awards

GIMA Awards 2012 hosts - Parineeti Chopra and Saif Ali KhanGIMA Awards 2012 hosts – Parineeti Chopra and Saif Ali Khan

Lifetime achievement award winners Shrimati Girija Devi and Pandit JasrajLifetime achievement award winners Shrimati Girija Devi and Pandit Jasraj

Mika and Sonakshi Sinha playing the dhol at GIMA Awards 2012Mika and Sonakshi Sinha playing the dhol at GIMA Awards 2012

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  • SRK haters wont leave a chance to defame him…

    they hate SRK more than they love their fav actor…



  • Kuch actor k fan jealous of king khan bcoz their actor never given 13 films 100 cr worldwide . 3 films 200 cr in row worldwide. Never receive 15 filmfare and other 120 awards and a padma shri. And many other achievement . Sorry guys king will remain king. dont mind its truth jealous toh honi chahiye aapko.

  • I like neither srk nor salman but salman fans always keep on talking about srk and hating him. Why are you people more concerned about srk than your fav actor? This is not hate. This is called jealousy. Btw indicine I want to see parineeti performing video.

  • @missy neither salman or his fans worry sucess or failure or awards ok srk fans spread lot of negativity against ETT its pay back time and wil this time


    Now haters will say, srk bought this award as well LOL…

  • @am srk. Srk fans set a new record in spreading hate & negativity against ett at that time but still it became the 2nd biggest bollywood grosser but now even if srk fans set a new record in hyping & buzzing jthj, still it will not cross ra.1 collections.

  • @marz. We all can b 100% sure, srk bought this award (only 1 award bcoz maha kanjoos srk doesnt want to spend more money on such cheap award, he would rather save that money to buy next filmfare or other awards) . All this gimmick is to be desperately in the media limelight for his jthj promotion, as other actors have been hogging all the limelight and honestly tell me what did he do so special to get whatever award that was? Nothing, he just bought it.

  • wah indicine ppl abuse salman u dont delete the comments but if we make fun of srk immediately gets deleted

    Oh pls stop acting like fool and get a life….

  • @am srk. Yes agree with u completely, i have seen that happen in many pages, its not only true in the case of salman, but it is also true in the case of aamir,akki,ajay,emraan as well. Indicine will be much more popular if it stays unbiased to srk. Non-srk fans are atleast 4 times more than srk fans in india, so hope indicine will take notice of this.

  • #marz beta dont imagine great things jthj first screen count is imp both films releasing after 2 weeks talaash is coimg screen count decreases thy u wil sing chaala chaala on roads

  • @vinshal yes its a record,it’s a great record.this record is better than ett 200 crores and 3i 203 crores.its better than ett worldwide 310 crore and and 3i worldwide 385 crores.breaking record on box office is easy but making record on youtube is “wow”.

  • box-office collections dont prove anything…

    ready and bodyguard were craps..still sallu fans are trying to make it as classic since it grossed more at BO…

    a film should be appreciated…..
    it should have a good script..
    and some power-packed acting performances…
    I wud rather watch Andaaz Apna Apna(BO Disaster) million times than watching craps like Ready and Bodyguard(BO Earners)…

  • @imitiaz ali. I am sure that if new ‘maya memsaab 2’ starring ‘only srk & karan jo’ in lead roles trailer is released 2moro, each srk fan will watch it atleast million times. So 10 crore views in a day!! Such are these srk fans.

  • @Xtreme city. Not a single salman fan told that ready and bodyguard were classic you stupid, they only said that at any given time they were trillion trillion times better than craps like ra.1 and both these movies were money spinning blockbusters at box office. It seems that for you srk’s g#yish shit movies are classics but ready and bodyguard were “APPRECIATED BY THE AUDIENCES” and not by some pervert bribed critics. yes AAA is better than ready & bg.

  • @sallu ballu fans, pls stop trying to like a emotional geys yar, oh i forgot!!! salgey is himself a 6kka so of course his fans will be the same……
    just wait for diwali dhamaka, salgey’s mujra can’t save son of suar HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Agree or not but its the truth: THERE IS NO BIGGER 6KKA THAN SALGEY.

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  • Haters always taliking only two movies of SRK that these are craps
    We SRK fans talking 41 movies of sallu these are craps+flops

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