Yashraj Films shocked over claims from Ajay Devgn Films

Officials at Yash Raj Films (YRF) are in “shock” after receiving a legal notice from Ajay Devgn films (ADF), alleging malpractice in connection with the clash of the release of the former’s “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” (JTHJ), with the latter’s “Son Of Sardaar” (SOS) on Diwali, Nov 13.

As per media reports, ADF has accused YRF of manipulating exhibitors and distributors to release their film in more theatres than SOS. It has filed a complaint with the Competition Commission of India.

“The case of ADF is that a producers/distributor/exhibitor cannot be allowed to enter into a tie-in arrangement which adversely affects competition. YRF has entered into a tie-in arrangement with the exhibitors in a manner that it has made it compulsory for the exhibitors to exhibit the untitled movie of YRF on Diwali day and two weeks thereafter with all four shows,” said an official statement from the lawyers of ADF.

Rafiq Gangjee, vice president, marketing and communications, YRF, says the legal notice has come as a shock for them.

Countering the allegations in a statement, Gangjee said: “For a company like ours, which has maintained the highest standards of work ethics and fair play, this has really come as a shock.”

“We would like to clarify at the outset that we still haven’t received any notice from the commission and will suitably represent our stance if and when called upon to do so. Worldwide, as well as in India, distributors often sign deals for their complete annual slate of films to simplify the process. We trust the Competition Commission will also see it as universally acceptable fair business practise,” he added.

The buzz around both the movies is strong, but given the fact that JTHJ is late filmmaker Yash Chopra’s last directorial before his sudden death Oct 21, and that it marks the coming together of Chopra with powerbrand Shah Rukh Khan after eight years, expectation are high from JTHJ.

“All the exhibitors, when approached by us earlier this year for booking their theatres, were happy to play out Yashji’s movie considering their long standing and emotional relationship and goodwill with YRF of over 40 years. A Yash Chopra, Shah Rukh Khan movie, coming after a gap of eight long years, did not need any coercion for contractual screening,” said Gangjee.

YRF claims to have booked less than 1,500 single screens out of the 10,500-plus single screens available on an all-India basis.

“If this was an issue, why wasn’t it raised earlier? Why wait till now when both films are nearing release,” he added, stressing that the fact that JTHJ would be a Diwali 2012 release, was announced in June 2011 itself.

“Given that most big ticket films avoid simultaneous releases, it was odd that SOS announced their release for the same day almost a year later on May 29, 2012. They were also able to lock their final distribution partner as late as Oct 4, 2012.

However, a statement from ADF claims that YRF is trying to hide behind its dominant position in the film market.

“It is wrongly touting this cause of action to be based upon an alleged enmity between Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan, which does not exist. The case of ADF is legally maintainable and ADF shall fight till the end on this legal issue,” said the statement.



  • Ajay devgn,we thought you are singham but we never thought you need legal authorities to prove your worth.LOOSER AJAY..

  • Yashraj ne salman ke name se picture bachi hai..phir bhi sos will be superhit.and jthj will be avrage movie..srk ne akhir salman ke naam ka sahara le hi liya…

  • jab SRK ne 2 A-grade actors(SALMAN & AKSHAY) ko nahi baksha…to ajay kis khet ki mooli hai?

  • 13th november clear all thing.and i m sure ajay sos will be superhit.and srk jthj will be avrage.this dewali people only wants entertaintment(3).and sos will be entertaintment.

  • why ajay creating rubbishness ??? if he scare of srk then he should pre-postpone !! srk is big big star no doubt every one first choice will b Jab Tak Hai Jaan

  • never hated ajay ,thought he was a good guy but these actions of him make me hate him..u lost it man..why so much fuss.. srk-yrf declared the date last year.. u just cry like a bitch

  • Ayai ne apne billi jaise aukat dikha diya…
    Sorry yaar Diwali bekar, agar dekhega Son of Sardar..
    Only Jab Tak Hai Jaan…

  • JTHJ Budgat- 50-60 Cr
    SOS dist. Rights 97 Cr
    YRF own distibuting JTHJ
    To be a hit
    non theatrical around 45 cr.
    Thearical dist. Share min. 15 cr
    Nett. gross 30 cr
    non th. Max. 35 cr
    dist. sh. Min. 62 cr
    Nett. gross 115 cr [india overseas]
    what u think guys

  • @lil wayne..

    please dont expect it to break all the collection numbers..coz of competition

    by history, i mean his acting will be praised at most….like he was praised in DDLJ,K2H2,MOHABBATEIN,KAL HO NA HO,VEER-ZAARA,CHAK DE INDIA,MY NAME IS KHAN

  • @champ
    Its nt abt competation ..nd definately nt abt acting..
    Its abt PRESTIGE…..its abt his King Tag…
    If he’s the king..then he has to break all the records..then n then only ..ppl call him Real King……

  • @lil champ

    King toh woh hamesha rahega…
    3-4 movie hit dene se koi KING nahi ban jata…


  • compition bord to ajay: sorry year u bekar, ur film bekar, u complain bekar. Because this diwali bekar if any one go to see SOS.so u have sufficiant sreens.any yrf is absuliutly right this is a new trand of business. Learn from yrf. And sope doing rubishness and i wish u all bad luck for SOS.

  • @champ

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    2.maine pyar kiya-hit(1989)
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    ……….27 hits …success ratio=52%

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