Open to working in South Film Industry – Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn, whose upcoming film Son Of Sardar is a remake of director S.S. Rajamouli’s Telugu film ‘Maryada Ramanna’, says he is open to acting in southern films, but feels language could be a barrier.

Asked if he would like to work with Rajamouli on a southern project in future, he said: “It’s just that I don’t know the language and it will take me a lot of time to. But if there is something fabulous then, why not.”

The 43-year-old spoke on the sidelines of a press meet of “Makkhi”, the Hindi dubbed version of Rajamouli’s “Eega”. Ajay has lent his voice for the opening sequence of the film and reportedly, Kajol has also rendered her voice.

“Makkhi” will also see the protagonist of the film do a typical Ajay Devgn stunt, when he will be seen balancing on two flies, just like Ajay has balanced on two horses in Son of Sardar.

Meanwhile, Ajay, who has worked in a few Bollywood remakes of southern films like Singham and Yuva, believes it is a give-and-take relationship between Bollywood and southern cinema.

“It’s not like I have deliberately thought about it. But this is a continuous thing. If there is a good Hindi film, it is remade in south and if we like a south film, then we buy the rights and make it in Hindi. I think this exchange will always go on,” Ajay said.



  • rajamouli is a good director..but he stolen many sceens from hollywood movies and this ajay is ek no ka faltu bakwas cheap actor….ajay face looks like a tamil hero…so he love south movies…

  • making already a hit film in other industry…. and hit that picture is not heroism…if u have guts make a film with original script with good content(not cheap masala)..than relese with srk film….k ajay boss dk

  • @zaheer. .u dont worry abt Ajay s Masala film. . Because ur star also doin masala film with rohit shetty. . At dat time Wht u ‘l say han . .probably not be d same wt u said now. . Rite

  • hahahaha poor ajay devgn knows that SOS will flop & his cereer will end in 13/nov/2012 after back to back disaster such as RASCAL & TEZZ , so he trying to start new cereer in south industry.

    I think the next one after ajay will be our tiger .

  • @huseinu. . Forgot bol bachchan nd singham kya. . Han :) fact is Srk startin his new carrier with jthj with d help of ar rehman gulzar yash chopra nd katrina. .

  • according to many sources the album of the year i.e JTHJ music album will release the 9th of this month!!!!!!!

  • Mr.ajay devagan is the third greatest actor of our generation after the legendary megastar big b ji & mr.aamir khan, the perfectionist superstar.If any he is not a great dancer but otherwise he is the most versatile, talented and natural actor along with the likes of big b,aamir & hrithik. So many south indians would welcome such a great actor into their great domain i.e south indian film industry.

    mr.raja mouli has directed only 9 movies so far and his each & every movie have been super successful both commercially and critically. In the field of ‘commercial cinema with a blend of cinematic finesse’, there is none better than mr.rajamouli at present and he along with mr.shanker are the best in this category.

  • It seems jealousy,insecurity,arrogance and underestimating others are srk fan’s main attributes. Jthj is a movie only for classes(some 35% of indian population) but SOS is mainly for the masses but it is such a good movie, that it will even woo the classes. But the only problem is that yrf have prebooked more than 70% of all the screens and so unfortunately it will be an unfair competition between jthj & SOS. i can say with 100% surety that if both movies release in equal number of theatres at the same time, SOS will easily beat jthj as far as indian box office collections are concerned.

  • Even srk could have done many blockbuster remakes which would result in tremendous box office collection, but no- he mostly worked on original scripts and thats why i have a respect for him…..

    The reason why ajay’s sos is hyped becoz of the name “SRK” thats it.

    Just wait for diwali, Inshallah JTHJ will overshadow this crap remake and emerge as the biggest blockbuster of the year.

  • Hahaha……. South remake blockbusters require ‘ALPHA MALE HEROES’ who are like a tiger and not the ”g.yish goat & stammerring& hamming” types. The truth is that srk can never ever suit any south indian character and srk cant even convincingly portray ‘eunuch roles’ in those movies inspite of actually being 1 of them. Nothing could be more funnier than srk doing a rowdy rathore or a wanted. And the silliest joke srk fans make is that he does only ‘original movies’ while the truth is that he has already made a world record and is a guiness record holder as far as his movies ‘PLAGIARISM’ are concerned. “A STAMMERING GOAT CAN NEVER EVER BE A ROARING LION”

  • ajay is actor with no acting skills no expressions in face…just expressions like a joker..face like a pig…he is 3rd bestcactor dont say this if indian people hear this one they will sucide…

  • filmfare by people choice net polling…k national awad by politicians many politics..he won natlaward for best comedy actio like a pig

  • Ajay is a “TWO TIME NATIONAL AWARD WINNER FOR THE BEST ACTOR” actor and not the fake,fixed & bribed ‘filmfare or stardust or etc” award winner. Many indians have accepted ajay as a great versatile talented actor except for some “GOATS” & “MENTALS”.

  • HAHAHAHA talking about national award, why u guys don’t remember padama shiri award, padama bushan award etc?? are they local awards???
    Srk got padmashiri award which is even greater than the 2 national award of ajay :P
    I know even aamir got padama bhushan award, but all i want to say was srk’s padma shiri award is greater than ajay’s 2 national award :P

  • Okay okay idiots, keep on making bull-$hit comments hehe nothing won’t affect the reality with some stupid words.. so dogs u can go and waste ur time doing a debate by giving fully fake bull-$hit information :D

  • @shahid, . Did Srk got those padma shri awards 4 his acting han ?let me tel u Ajay got national award 4 zakhm 1998 nd legend of baghat singh in 2002. . Same 2 yr Srk got film fare 4 kkhk nd devdas . . Nw tel Srk dont buy an film fare awards . . If he ‘d really acted wel then he would surely got National award by beatin Ajay . . But unfortunetely he cant ever act like Ajay . .

  • ‘Padmi shri’ was presented to srk for his services rendered to the indian cinema for some 15-20 years and not for being the “BEST ACTOR”. And honestly he is the most undeserving of such an honour. There were many past legendary actors who were much more deserving than srk but didnt get it.

  • srk fans are worse,becoz ajay is releasing his movie against jab tak hain jaan thy r insulting him and is really bad if ajay releases his big ticket movie against salman thn thy wil support him and 2007 srkians abusing akki and his fans but now thy support becoz akki is releasing ouatim2 on eid! Wah wah srkians

  • late belong to south..then be there!!nice choice. anyways its time 4 u to retire and you cant make any movie hit without rohit shetty!!!just prove that if u r man enough ajay devgn. and pls people..he is zero in comedy..pls dont tolerate him anymore.golmaal all movies were surprise n mindless comic hits ..even ajay knows well…how they became a hit??

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