Can’t wait for Twinkle to watch Oh My God – Akshay Kumar

Actor Akshay Kumar, who is riding high on the success of his latest production venture “Oh My God”, is eagerly waiting for his wife Twinkle Khanna to watch the film.

“My whole family has seen the play earlier and everybody is a huge fan of this play and that is when I decided to buy the rights and make the film. I am waiting for my wife to watch the film,” said Akshay.

“I have just been blessed with a daughter, so she is not yet ready to go to the theatres and watch it. I don’t want to make her watch it on a DVD so I am actually waiting for her to get well soon so that she can watch the film soon,” he added. The couple already have a 10-year-old son Aarav.

“Oh My God” is based on Gujarati play “Kanji Virrudh Kanji” and has Paresh Rawal in the lead role. The film is not only winning critical acclaim, but is also minting money at the box office.

Paresh, who has co-produced the film with Akshay says the money is just a bonus, and the intention was to spread the message.

“We didn’t make this film for money. We have made this film so that the right message gets across the audience, so that there is some change in the thinking of the audience. I am glad that this awareness and message has been spread widely. The money that is coming is just a bonus,” Paresh said.



  • This movie is super hit, next movie, k-786(action comedy), is going to be mega blockbuster, next comes special 26 (action thriller) which also going to be mega blockbuster, next is ouatim2(action romance thriller), it will definately ATBB if it has solo release, but if it faces compition it will be mega blockbuster, next comes naam hai boss(action thriller comedy) which is also going to be mega blockbuster, next comes hera pheri 4, then namastey london 2 then singh is kinng 2(dedicated to manmohan singh), which are all going to be mega b’busters.
    So khiladi kumar is going to rock at box-office next 2 to 4 years.

  • If non-holiday release rowdy rathore and housefull 2 have collected 132, 115 crores, then holiday release(specially eid) ouatim2 will rock box office and its business will be earth shattering and 220+ crore is sure if it has solo release. If it releases with sher khan 150+ crore is sure.

  • Akki will be the only actor which will give 3, 100 crore films in same year, housefull 2 115 crore, rowdy rathore 132 crore, and khiladi 786 is going to collect 150+ crore suerly.

  • Sallu’s good script movie(wanted) collected 50 crore, and craps(bodygaurs, ready, ett) collected 121, 141 ,185 crore, i cant understand it.

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  • @velocity, why all of you are considering only flop films of akki, all the superstars have flops. Like salman has consecutive 14 flops. Srk also has some flops. So dont think about flops ok akki, he is going to rock at boxoffice as i earlier told in my previous coments.

  • To al aki fans . . Pls dont take panga with sallu fans . . . If aki want to cros 100 cr then he cant cros it without help of salman fans . . Remember . .

  • I know many aksay kumar fans hates srk , but I realy like aksay kumar ,.. cause like srk , he is a selfmade superstar and a strugled person , I realy respect him ….. I dont see any cause to dislike “KHILARI 786” as it is releasing more than 20+ days after the Release of jthj …. infact we srk fans should support aksay kumar for our own benefit as “KHILARI 786” is releasing nearly with dabbang2 and talassh ,.. hope khilari will affect both film …..
    And now aksay kumar fans read the comments of salman fans here , thats the real nature of salman fans , they only knows to praise salman as one and only god moreover they always uses to talk bad about other stars whatever it is shahrukh or aksay …. just see ….

  • The title OMG is the only reason for stopping me go to cinema and watch this film! what a stupid title is!!

  • @fathiya because you are a muslim you don’t like to watch this movie.come to my house i will f@ck you hard.

  • @Street begger khan dont say anything about any religion. I am also muslimm but i watched this movie due to i am a fan of akki.
    You should know muslims are 30% greater than hindus. Everyone has his own faith So plz no religion war, plz.

  • @king kumar can you tell me in which way muslims are 30% better than hindus????for your kind information,we are not a terrorists.

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