Shah Rukh Khan is an integral part of ‘Dear Zindagi’: Alia Bhatt

There has been a lot of talk about Shah Rukh Khan’s character in ‘Dear Zindagi’ – a Gauri Shindhe directed film featuring Alia Bhatt in the lead.

Dismissing all rumours of Shah Rukh playing a side-role in the film, Alia said the superstar is an integral part of ‘Dear Zindagi’ and if character is removed, there would be no film at all.

She also said, ‘Dear Zindagi’ has a story that has never been told before.

“I’m very excited about the film, one of the biggest reason is that I’m working with Shah Rukh for the first time and working with him, being the same frame with him, doing a film with him.. I never thought that dream would come true”

“The other reason is.. it’s a very simple, sweet and unique story. It’s a story that has not been told before, a narrative that has not been opted for before.. Gauri has done a great job with the writing of the film”

“If you remove Shah Rukh Khan from the film, then there is no film. In that way you can say that he is a very integral part of the film” Alia said in an interview.



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  • Now all the loongiwalas are calling it content rich, classic and blah blah blah. After it’s disastrous BO performance the same sadakchaps will be giving excuses like king plays just a character role in it, it is just a special appearance of king, cameo of king, side role of king and blah blah blah!

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  • So inshort i can book my tickets for it. bcoz i dont want to waste my money on any indian movie not starring SRK.

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  • Before release ,srk is an integral part ,after it flop, srk was not in a full lead like what happened at the time of billu ,all songs belong to haklu ,based on film of haklu ,whole climax belong to haklu but when got flopped then they said it was not full lead. lol.

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  • @Zuheeb, bro only Idiots like you can say Ready is a masala movie, and which action you are talking about, have you even watch the movie, 1st go and see it, and the action in the movie is also a part of the comedy…..Ready is a comedy movie…..and in every hindi movie there is a Romance, Emotion, comedy and some action without it Hindi movie is incomplete……whether it is Mughal-e-Azam or Sholay or Lagaan or Bajrangi Bhaijaan…..These are the ingredient of every Bollywood movies, the only difference is the quantity which is more or less….like in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, it is more in Emotional and less in Romance….

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