Flying Jatt Review

Tiger Shroff has suddenly become the talk of the town after giving two back to back hits with his first two films – Heropanti and Baaghi. But the trailers and promos of ‘A Flying Jatt’ have been rather tepid with the movie coming across as a kids film. For seasoned viewers of superhero movies from the West, A Flying Jatt, wouldn’t be the most novel experience, or so it seems from the trailer. Let’s find out if Remo proves everyone wrong.

Story: Mrs. Dhillon (Amrita Singh) is a gyrating loudmouth Punjabi mother of Aman (Tiger Shroff). He is a martial arts teacher and loves Kirti (Jacqueline). They live in a society which seems over the top but evil Mr. Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) wants to demolish it. He runs a lot of companies which pollute the environment. He gets Raka (Nathan Jones) to teach Aman a lesson as they refuse to give up their society. A big incident occurs involving a holy tree and both Aman and Raka end up getting superhuman powers. A lot of the film is then about Aman dealing with his newfound powers and then the climax is a clash between the superhero and the supervillain.

Review: A Flying Jatt works as a goofy superhero movie when the hero is just dealing with his new powers but when it starts preaching the viewers about pollution and its negative effects, the movie gets diluted. Of course, the movie will seem very pleasant and impactful to young kids but to adults it doesn’t hold a lot of value. Remo inscribed a lot of his typical comic touch to the movie but lets us down with sub-par action scenes. A Flying Jatt feels very incoherent and the duration of the movie feels like a slow trudge in space. The effort can be appreciated but the final product is a total letdown.

The action choreography of A Flying Jatt should have been the main highlight of the movie but the action scenes feel manufactured and there’s no spontaneity to it. The editing is also lax as the film is allowed to go on for too long. The costume design is fine but the production design is lackluster. The music of A Flying Jatt doesn’t leave any mark with even ‘Beat pe Booty’ not becoming a chartbuster. The title track with the kids is fun, though.

Flying Jatt Movie Review

Flying Jatt Movie Review

Acting: Tiger Shroff has quickly typecast himself in the same type of roles and unfortunately what worked in his first two films doesn’t work anymore because of the sameness that has crept into his expressions, his posture, his dancing and his action. He needs to keep reinventing and attempting new roles if he wants to survive for long. Amrita Singh is irritating as the mother, Gaurav Pandey as the friend/brother is funny. Jacqueline doesn’t have a lot to do. Kay Kay Menon also doesn’t get a lot of meat in this role but Remo seems to go to him for the evil roles. Nathan Jones, who recently appeared in the cult Mad Max Fury Road, is very good. He makes for a good supervillain. If only he was given more to work with.

Conclusion: A Flying Jatt is a film that should be enjoyed by the section of the population whose mental age is less than 13. Kids will certainly enjoy the humour and the action but their parents will scratch their heads in dismay for deciding to be parents. A Flying Jatt is a movie that could be overlooked if you have other impending important matters this week. If you really have nothing to do, watch the dubbed versions of recent Hollywood superhero movies.


  • Kids will love it
  • The costume design is good and has an Indian touch


  • Action scenes feel choreographed
  • Tiger Shroff doesn’t impress
  • The music is a miss
  • The preachiness is annoying
  • Film runs for too long
Rating: ★½☆☆☆


  • As expected I always knew AFJ will be a terrible experience . Tiger is just flaunting his action image and people will get bored of him untill he tries to do something different . The trailer was absolutely stupid, childish and dumb and most of the reviews are extremely negative . Remo is just wasting his time by making movies he should stick to choreography . After Heropanti, Baaghi and AFJ let’s see Tiger doing something apart from action ? !!!!!!!!!!

  • ”Kids will certainly enjoy the humour and the action but their parents will scratch their heads in dismay for deciding to be parents.” ROFL That statement was very hilarious. Best humor.

  • The best thing in this movie is Shraddha Kapoor’s entry …
    overall nothing impressive in it …..
    2 star from me ..wowwww

  • Lol at those who called Tiger as a threat to youngistaan heroes. Tiger doesn’t hv a talent or script sense to ensure a long career. He really needs to work in both acting as well as script selection department

  • Good Actor Director and Production house but other technical aspects below average result 👎 as expected same may happen with Akira despite gud director Murugdoss of Gajani n Holiday

  • “Kids will certainly enjoy the humour and the action but their parents will scratch their heads in dismay for deciding to be parents.”

    Ha ha ha Indicine , keep up the entertainment ..!!

  • As I told that I will now comment on 22nd September as I have very important job to be done. So my last comment will be on tomorrow then from 27 August to 21 September I will not comment. I will comment on 22 September so in these days please don’t forget me
    #True Salman Fans

  • even i liked him when he comes with heropanti but he does same type of action
    taang ko sar ke upar se ghuma dega bas and the same type of dance taango ko hilata rahega in every movie & album
    no acting skills at all ,no good looks ….
    he should be sent to the olympics in gymnasts ,he can bring a medal for india but being an actor is not his thing ,he irritate wid his dialogue delivery and repetitive dance moves
    hope he will improve his acting skills in future otherwise he can’t survive for long in bollywood.

  • After …watching …many marvel movie …of superhero…! Flying jatt nothing in front of any marvel movie …..i knew it movie is not good still i went …for tighr sir …!!
    I hope …tiger sir do good movie …and ..differnt story so that fan base could be increases
    ….! Jack looking hot ..!!

  • Height of Chutiyapanti…SRK and Anushka Sharma’s next will release on 11th August 2017…So no solo release for Crack…That’s the thing I hate the most, Man Akki deserves a solo release now…Then why SRK is clashing his movie again…Non-sense…That’s the reason Akki gives us 100 cr. films but failed to 200 cr. SRK should move the release date…

  • I really don’t understand that why ajay has signed Remo next film starrer Suraj Pancholi . I really worried ajay please don’t do that film . Both will play role of brother .

  • @INDICINE pls post an article on srk imtiyaz ali’s untitled film clash with akshay neeraj pandey starrer crack on independence day 2017

  • Why People Like Tiger Shroff are wasting time of himself and People .He should join Circus where is required Tigers .

    there is only one tiger In bollywood and who is Zinda …..

    and Why bollywood is making fun of punjabis 1st Udta Punjab and now Flying jatt .All are going to fly Punjab …..

    my personal advice to tiger shroff that yaha tera kuch nahi bhai tu Films mat bana tere se ghatiya looking koi nahi aur tu actor hi nahi tere se achhe katrina kaif expression deti hain

  • @Movie Fan don’t worry bro akki and neeraj sir will understand srk and amtiaz unforgetting lesson with crack it is looks like srk don’t understand from the first time. first dilwale with bm and after Dear Zindagi with Kahaani 2 & Raees with kaabil and now the ring the title it is self horrible in front of CRACK

  • @movie fan then why released rustom wid md knowing that md is a big budget film and hrithik clashed wid haider and also had clash in kaabil
    tit for tat
    and akki got solo release in brothers ,sib ,what happened ?? don’t give excuses now everybody is facing clash except salman & aamir be it srk ,hrithik ,akki ,ajay or ranbir nothing to cry about

  • @Ab tu leg ko sar k upar se ghudane ka koshish kar k dekhna phr batana
    It’s very easy to criticise
    Movie is not dat bad
    It’s just a 50cr budget movie.

  • I wished Tiger wud have been sent in olympics. He’s talented but in the wrong profession. Acting isnt his cup of tea.

  • @A.B. really??? Akshay got a solo release after many years when he released HF3 and that is a very unfavorable period…As Ramazan started…Crack should get a solo release…Akshay-Neeraj name is enough for that…

  • @vishal read what i say i liked him in heropanti when he do it but in each & every movie he’s doing the same thing koi bhi irritate ho jayega atleast try something new .
    and bollywood is more about acting ,where he lacks

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