Shah Rukh Khan is an integral part of ‘Dear Zindagi’: Alia Bhatt

There has been a lot of talk about Shah Rukh Khan’s character in ‘Dear Zindagi’ – a Gauri Shindhe directed film featuring Alia Bhatt in the lead.

Dismissing all rumours of Shah Rukh playing a side-role in the film, Alia said the superstar is an integral part of ‘Dear Zindagi’ and if character is removed, there would be no film at all.

She also said, ‘Dear Zindagi’ has a story that has never been told before.

“I’m very excited about the film, one of the biggest reason is that I’m working with Shah Rukh for the first time and working with him, being the same frame with him, doing a film with him.. I never thought that dream would come true”

“The other reason is.. it’s a very simple, sweet and unique story. It’s a story that has not been told before, a narrative that has not been opted for before.. Gauri has done a great job with the writing of the film”

“If you remove Shah Rukh Khan from the film, then there is no film. In that way you can say that he is a very integral part of the film” Alia said in an interview.



  • Even though I’m a big fan of SRK, I wait for Dear Zindagi because of Alia and Gauri Shinde. Not sure about the role of SRK, but obviously it will be a treat to watch him on the big screen.

  • Cant wait to see Dear Piku as it will mark the next phase of Pluto Kings career where he pushes aside the Anupam Khers of the industry to become the next Alok Nath type character…!

  • “The other reason is.. it’s a very simple, sweet and unique story. It’s a story that has not been told before, a narrative that has not been opted for before.. Gauri has done a great job with the writing of the film”.
    Waiting for the trailer to come out .
    Looks like Srk sir has learnt his mistakes of bad choices like – hny, Dilwale etc …!!!!
    He has brilliant line up ..
    1. Dear zindagi … looks interesting
    2. Raees … dying to watch it
    3. The ring
    4. Aanand LA Rai’s next
    5. Aditya Chopra’s next
    6. Dhoom 4
    7. SLB’s next
    Excellent line up ….!!!!!!
    All they need is solo releases that’s all .

  • Not convinced that Pluto King looks like Alias dadaji as shes way too young to have that buddha trying to act young n hip as her dadaji- maybe he should play her great dadaji

  • Alias so cute so very sad to see that jinx pluto king star opposite her in the movie- a real shame that Anupam Kher had no available dates….!

  • Srk will get huge comeback in 2017.
    With awesome scripts and powerpack performances. Baadshah will bounce back in 2017.

  • Yes he will be an integral part of the film but still it is not the same as having a lead role. Expecting the story to primarily revolve around Alia.

    Waiting for this movie eagerly too but obviously not as excited about this one compared to Raees, Anand Rai and Imtiaz Ali movie.

    Still this movie is looking quite interesting. Combo of SRK, Alia and Gauri Shindhe should deliver a different and special movie.

    Right now the real wait is for Raees obviously. Jan 2017 looks very far away.

  • @indicine plz tell us about slb nxt with kangana and srk as she confirm slb has a project for them

  • Release dates of SRK’s upcoming movies acc to me should be as follows …
    1. Raees 25th of January 2017
    2. The Ring Eid 2017 ( 7 days holiday as Eid falls on Monday and two big films like The Ring and tubelight can coexist together. Both will do huge biz )
    3. Anand LA rai’s next … if they are sure of the content then December 15 is very good date with three open weeks ,if not, then 22 of December.
    4. Aditya Chopra’s next Eid 2018
    5. Dhoom 4 Christmas 2018
    6. SLB’S next either Christmas 2018 or Eid 2019 or Christmas 2019 ……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For me it is Raees all the way.
    I request hrithik to postpone Kaabil to another date. ( hopefully Kaabil makers postpone their flick ) because if it is not avoided, then there will be ugly war between Srk, hrithik and their respective fans …..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Navin, I have never seen such a low life who always goes lower on decency.
    Get a life u bugger !!!!!!!
    At least SRK is a huge star and what r u ??
    A big loser ….!!!!

  • I will not call SRk king of bollywood but I
    Will definitely call him king of acting !!!!
    1. Baazigar, Darr, kabhi ha kabhi na and Chake de India are his knockout performances till date… we expect him to give a much much more intense and stellar performance in Raees like he gave in those four above mentioned …..!!!!!!!!!
    I am really glad that theatres have been constructed in our city now we can watch movies in theatre.
    Will watch Adhm, Dear Zindagi, Dangal and Raees in theatres .. first time experience ?

  • Indicine thank so much for posting this article. Looks like the excitement has begun. Adhm, Dear zindgai both movies get nearer to its theatrical releases and Raees trailer will come out soon.
    Will be fun …

  • Now he is playing Alia’s dadaji character to surpass 80cr mark. Soon, he will start playing Megastar Bhai’s sasurji characters to surpass 300cr mark!
    #king roxxx.

  • I am little bit confused about choosa hua aam is playing Aalia’s dadaji or grand dadaji character!! Someone please clear my doubts.

  • ” If you remove Shah Rukh Khan from the film, then there is no film. ”

    Well said Alia !

    The meaning of the sentence remains unchanged if u replace the word ‘film’ by ‘Bollywood’ .

  • SRK is keeping his promise of having three releases every year, starting in the year 2017

    In 2016, Shah Rukh Khan fans will be treated to two releases. Previously, the actor has done just one film a year: Dilwale(2015) and Happy New Year (2014) andChennai Express (2013). Last year, SRK promised his fans that he will act in at least three films a year. Well, he couldn’t manage it last year, even though he had planned that treat for his fans. Fan released in April and Dear Zindagi is scheduled to release on November 25, this year.

    However, Raees which was to release on the same day as Salman Khan starrerSultan, was pushed to next year — January 2017.

    But the actor plans to keep his promise to his fans in the coming year. And he has zeroed in on the three films as well as the game plan for the same. He says, “I’ve already begun work on Imtiaz Ali’s nextThe Ring and we wrap by October. I start Aanand L Rai’s film in November.” That, along with Raees makes it three releases in 2017. This will be a record for SRK. No other actor except Akshay Kumar has three or more releases in a year.

    Adds a source close to the actor, “Raeesreleases on Republic Day next year. The Ring is expected to have a mid-2017 release. The makers are planning to release it right after the IPL next year. As for Aanand’s film where he plays a dwarf, SRK and team are looking at two dates: Diwali and Christmas. However, in all probability, Rai’s film will release on Christmas, as Aamir Khan has not booked that date yet, making it three releases, as promised.”

  • Irony is that the ‘Old Dadaji of Indicine’ is using the word ‘Dadaji’ too many times in his own comments .

  • Of course it is an important role otherwise SRK would not have accepted it . This is SRK , not Lallu Bhai .

    But still it’s not a lead role .

  • At the moment it is pre-mature and not officially announced but the recent news of a possible SRK-Kangana-Bhansali combo is making waves. At an event recently Kangana said the following:

    “Sanjay sir just spoke to me about the film, saying that he wants to make it with me and Shah Rukh sir.

    But it’s at a very premature stage. It’s not that I am working with Shah Rukh sir tomorrow or something like that… So, yeah, like I said, it’s at a very premature stage.”

    SRK+ Kangana will be a casting coup of sorts and them being directed by a maestro like Sanjay Bhansali will be seriously huge. Really hoping that this one materializes.

    Always wanted SRK-Bhansali to do at least one more movie together. If Kangana can join them, nothing better than that.

  • Raees was postponed in next year because team raees want peoples feel eagerness about srk & his movies otherwise it might be repetitive to neutral moviegoers. Hope the outcome will be same as planned.

  • Yes Alia’s on-screen dadaji will be an integral part of the film. Eagerly waiting for the movie to see global king as Alia’s dadaji.

  • Lol poor Salman fans :D :D
    dude FAN being a dark thriller did 85 crores in domestic..can you please tell me which Salman khan’s offbeat or non masala film crossed 70crs mark in domestic ??? when your coward khan gonna come out of his comfort zone (non masala film on non Eid) oops sorry i forgot that if he did an offbeat film he’ll be officially over…

    and let’s not talk about overseas as each and every SRK film in this decade crossed $10M mark successfully….your bhaijaan failed 6 times in this decade in so called in his golden phase ;)

    what’s his highest overseas grosser in overseas ?? w and what’s his highest with non masala film in domestic ??please answer :)

  • what’s his highest overseas grosser on NonFestive* release ?? and what’s his highest with non masala film in domestic ??please answer :)

  • Another 80 crore cult classic movie is on cards. Now our global king is playing cute Alia’s dadaji’s character to surpass 80 crore mark. Next time he will play Bhai’s Sasurji character to surpass 300 crore. LOL. Salman average is 236 crore per movie. On the other hand Global king highest grossing movie is itself 227 crores. Feeling sad for Anupam Kher and Amitabh Bachchan as their roles are now taken by Duniya ka sabse chota star who struggles to cross 100 crore without Deepika,Rohit Shetty , etc
    #True Salman Fans

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