Shah Rukh Khan is an integral part of ‘Dear Zindagi’: Alia Bhatt

There has been a lot of talk about Shah Rukh Khan’s character in ‘Dear Zindagi’ – a Gauri Shindhe directed film featuring Alia Bhatt in the lead.

Dismissing all rumours of Shah Rukh playing a side-role in the film, Alia said the superstar is an integral part of ‘Dear Zindagi’ and if character is removed, there would be no film at all.

She also said, ‘Dear Zindagi’ has a story that has never been told before.

“I’m very excited about the film, one of the biggest reason is that I’m working with Shah Rukh for the first time and working with him, being the same frame with him, doing a film with him.. I never thought that dream would come true”

“The other reason is.. it’s a very simple, sweet and unique story. It’s a story that has not been told before, a narrative that has not been opted for before.. Gauri has done a great job with the writing of the film”

“If you remove Shah Rukh Khan from the film, then there is no film. In that way you can say that he is a very integral part of the film” Alia said in an interview.



  • In this movie Srk is playing Dadaji role of Alia…..and Alia calls him “Dear Dadaji”……so the title should be “Dear Dadaji”

  • So now Dadaji Srk wants to save his career with the help of Alia’s Stardom…..LOL proves that he is a Local star, not a global star…

  • Eagerly waiting for two movies this year. Srk sir’s dear zindagi and Ae dil hai mushkil. Best of luck to both movies.

  • It has become with every Srk movie to unnecessarily hype with such statements. Rohit had called never seen action before in Dilwale, some foolish critics who had watched 1 hour of Dilwale had called it as Baazigar of Srk, Gupt of Kajol. During Fan, Maneesh Sharma claimed content rich by declaring himself as biggest queen Fan and promised not to let down. Now Aalia declaring this. I hope this movie crosses FAN or at least better than English Vinglish in terms of Content Rich !!!!!!! :p

  • @Phenomenal idiot : Did you miss Megastar Salman on queen’s article ? Insecurity ki bhi hadd hogayi !!!!!!!!! :p

  • @ 3.24 pm, SRK is playing her teacher,her well-wisher and her life coach. Dirty people, dirty thoughts!!. Shame !

  • Last 3 non-holiday releases :

    Aamir : Average , Flop , Super Hit
    Shahrukh : Flop , Hit , Blockbuster
    Lallu : Below Average , Flop , Flop

    Still Lallutards say Lallu is a star lol ! He is far below Akki !!

  • Coward Lallu can’t act , can’t release his movies on non-holiday , can’t win clashes , can’t make an off-beat film – but still fans of Lallu Khan call him ‘star’ …!

  • Hello guys …….
    No of hits sallu-9 srk-7 akki – 7 ajju -8 amir -5
    No of succes sallu- 10 srk -11 akki – 10
    ajju -13 amir -6
    total No of movies sallu – 19 srk- 19 akki – 32 amir -11 .
    … success ratio sallu – 52.63 % srk-57.89 akki-31.25 % ajju -56.52% amir -54.54
    hit ration ratio sallu- 52.63% srk-57.89% akki -31.25% ajju -56.52%
    After analysis all this except opening day collection of the movie my Top 5 actors of this time period …. ….
    1 salman
    3 ajay
    5 akki
    Note – some movies of these Actors I did not included … KKHH army etc.

    Now I ll rank According to opening day collection ……I m going to compare first day collection of movie of these stars year wise n I ll rank …..
    1994 akki -1ajju -2 srk -3 amir -4 salman-4
    1995 akki -4 ajju-5 srk -1 amir -3 sallu-2
    1996 akki -1ajju -3srk -4amir-5 sallu -2
    1997 akki -4 ajju -2 srk-1 amir -2
    sallu -3
    1998 akki -5 ajju -2 srk -1 amir -4
    sallu -3
    1999 akki -5 ajju -1srk-3 amir-4 sallu-2

    Srk is no 1 in year 95 ,97,98
    akki is no 1 in year 94 ,96
    ajju is no 1 in year 99
    amir and sallu never tops in box office opening is concerns in this period ……
    From 1994 to 1996 …..
    90% movies of akki opens better than other 4 stars …….
    So my ranking according to intial box office pull
    amir …
    And Now my overall ranking of this period ….
    Srk sallu ajju akki ajay

    ..Akki max flop films are b grade movies He did not get the supports of big banners like other four ……out of this 5 ,3 are industry kids sallu amir ajay …..and other 2 are self made though srk has the support of big banner unlike akki …..
    Here I metion support becoz intially every one need support which akki did not get from the industry
    for example take tiger shroff and vidyut jamwal both have good action skill but One is successful other is not And the reason behind this Tiger has backing of big banner like Sajid nadiadwala on the other hand vidyut has not any support ..cammando staring vidyut is a success …if he get big banner support he also can match the success of Tiger ……

  • @Zuheeb just to refresh ur memory ‘Ready’ was non festive film which went on to become Blocbuster. It’s interesting to see that new terminology n words like ‘non masala or non festive ‘ would b used more to cover failures or below the mark box office collections of one’s fav. Stars but fact remains the box office collections n currently no body is near SK (except AK) who is undisputed no 1 (even in the words of SRK)

  • @Lolman Fan 4:09pm-LOL, Lolman is called a local star, so Lolman fan want to prove SRK a local star, Lolman is a non-actor, so Lolman fan tries to prove SRK a non-actor. Lolman fan’s frustration level is so high. Abey lolman fan, at least SRK doesn’t need to take help from Chinese actress to gain some overseas benefit. Comparing biggest movistar in the world with Local Bhojpuri star.

    STILL it has the 2nd best opening of the year. and if I am not wrong it will remain the 3rd best opener of 2016 ( after sultan and dangal, which had actors in their BEST PHASE)

    FAN is FLOP. ( it is a complete rejected movie, look at the collections of its second weekend)

    now akki and Salman fans are claiming that akki is ahead of srk by comparing a FLOP MOVIE of Srk with the BEST RECEIVED movie of akshay, though the difference between collections would hardly be 35 cr.

    there is no shame in accepting that Salman is Way Ahead of Srk., even AAMIR is leading by a huge margin to.

    but that doesn’t mean that srk is sitting in the last position. he still holds the 3rd spot strongly and one good movie will make headlines like – ” who is bigger. SRK OR SALMAN ”

    some ” HUTIYA” Salman fans were saying that avg of Salman films is ahead of SRK’s highest grosser.
    but this average is higher than every other star’s highest grosser except AAMIR. that doesn’t mean all other stars and there fans should feel Ashamed about this.

    MOST Salman Fans really SUCK, you live a very sad life.
    And for the FANS. you all are ( I don’t know what to say) if you just want to a person fail. in this case that person is our GLOBAL KING

  • Even though its Alia’s movie but still srk has an important role. Srk’s presence in the movie is more than enough to watch it.

  • @hrithik

    Who started this fight ?
    Who else …? Our beloved Navin Dadaji !

    Now stop crying and start replying with logic (I mean ‘logic’ and no ‘Lallu Logic’ of course) …!

  • @TIGER-BeinGGGtiger
    i happened to see ur twitter in a conversation with @Indicine twitter when i was casually asking questions ! u had uploaded ur photo, i came to know how a chusa(chuha) hua aam actually looks
    Idk why u hate srk so much, srk is famous all over a big successful man, who are u? Usse girane se pehle get to his level, a poor boy in delhi who lost his parents, slept in streets and struggled hard

  • Even story of Crappy New Year and Pankha was also unique and never seen before, but the best part is nobody wants to see such crap movies…..”Dear Dadaji” which is srk’s next is similar to his earlier craps…..Big FLOP..

  • @indicine i dont understand why you guy publish so harrash comment of srk ,salman fans towards each other ,are you gets feel happy to listen these remarks ,do you believe srk salman as are as these guys who alsmost are unemployed talking ,,,,keep in mind and stop all these nauinsance

  • @ salman fan,what do u want to say ? If actress factor is not important in films’ success then why your lallu takes actress in his films ?is he not able to give 300 crore film without any actress ? lol


  • ohh so Some Salman fans think Ready was non masala films….they’re yet top get the defi of masala films….OK its the one having
    if you think Ready wasn’t having any of these ingredients and if it’s coming from a Salman fan I’ll accept it :)

    btw as mentioned by indicine itself post IPL is 4th best period for films after EDX…even Rajneeti was BB during the same period in 2010 (:

    in this decade Khans failed to achieve,,

    back to 100crores
    salman failed once (veer)
    Aamir failed once (Talaash)
    SRK failed twice (mnik, fan)

    200crs worldwide
    SRK failed once (FAN)
    Aamir failed once (talaash)
    Salman failed twice (ready, jai ho)

    $10M in overseas
    SRK zero
    Aamir failed once (talaash)
    Salman failed 6 times (veer, dabangg, ready, bodyguard,dabangg2, jai ho)

  • @phenominal idiot
    If you remove Shahrukh Khan from Bollywood then Bollywood will have no more “content rich” 80cr grossers…LOL.

    So now your global king has hidden behind Alia to surpass 80cr mark without so much struggling.. #I like it.

    Hahaha…. 6 years piche chala gaya! Now go more 6 years back you will find your global king struggling to cross 40lac nett.

    Bhai can’t act still duniya ka sabse bada superstar runs away from Eid in fear of Bhai. Just imagine if Bhai would have acted then tera global king to khudkhushi kar leta… Hahahaha.

  • @mukherjeee i used the term ‘masala’ bcoz your star sticked to that genre…
    he’ll remain the only actor not to have a single non masala film in this genre (:

    SRK with don2, fan
    aamir with talaash
    ranveer with BM
    hrithik with MD….all have and still trying something different to challenge themselves…

    btw i like salman as well but his fans consistently force me to hate/bash him

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