3 Idiots 2: We have a great idea says Rajkumar Hirani

The Hindi Film Industry’s numero uno director Rajkumar Hirani has said he has a great idea for the sequel of arguably his most successful film ‘3 Idiots’.

The writer-director also praised Aamir Khan for the way he gets involved in the film.

“Aamir is always a complete joy to work with. He is one of those rare persons, who gets completely involved in the film. So, I would love to work with him. In fact, in between, we have a great idea for 3 Idiots 2. Itís still very sketchy, but out of excitement, Abhijat and I bounced the idea to Aamir, and he is also very keen to do it someday. If that happens, then we would love to work together” Hirani said.

Hirani also added that he has a idea in place for the 3rd Munnabhai film too, but he wants to be careful before making the sequel to his controversial film ‘PK’

“After the amount of bashing we got for it, we would rather be careful with PK. Munnabhai, of course, will have a sequel. We want to make one for 3 Idiots. Let PK be for a while, unless we can use the alien to do something else” he added.

Hirani is currently working on the Sanjay Dutt biopic which features Ranbir Kapoor in the lead.



  • If you have a great idea for 3 Idiots 2, we have a great expectation from it.
    Bring it on Raju!

  • This must be a very good for Hiranians like GJ007 and a very bad news for the biggest global star fans like Sss who calls 3 Idiots an illogical film.

  • 3I was an excellent movie with memorable characters. Have watched it a number of times and each time it is so much fun. Evergreen and a classic movie. Sequel to it shall be highly awaited.

    Aamir + Hirani + sequel of 3I + solo release on Christmas shall lead to un-imaginable records at box office.

    Also eagerly awaiting for 3rd Munnabhai movie.

  • will hirani make sequels for all his movies???? well i’m not complaining but 3 idiots doesnt needs a sequel bcoz i guess the story cant be taken forward. Maybe it will not be a continuation and a new story like Munna Bhai with same characters. Whatever be it i know it will be great. I’m more excited to see PK sequel bcoz the story can be taken forward and the character PK can be a part of so many stories. btw waiting for Sanjay Dutt biopic.

  • 3Idiots 2. The name is enough. Whenever it happen again by Aamir-Raju, A real tornado will happen at box office.
    Unarguably the most loved film of the Bollywood after Sholay.

  • Aamir Naata Tingu Khan will never move from Raju Papa. In other words this movie is another disaster like Saala Khadoos. Rajkumar Hirani is the godfather of Aamir. That’s why Aamir fears to do 2 movies per year. He can’t have any single hit without Raju Papa and Great Brands
    #True Salman Fans

  • Leave 3 idiots as it is. It was a classic in terms of content and a hurricane in terms of Box Office. It has to be very very good to make its sequel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As I told I will now comment on 22 September due to important work. Please don’t forget me in these 27 days as I won’t be here. Tomorrow will be last day of comment in Indicine in this month. Then I will come with a boom on 22nd September
    #True Salman Fans

  • I think the story of 3 idiots have been told nd its a classic movie dnt ruin it by making a rundown sequal…PK nd munna bhai can have a squel with a great story to be told…

  • Yea,, start soon please!!!!!! I believe it will be after biopic and munnabhai,,, or right after biopic !!can’t wait!!!! Release it 2018!!!then 2020 pk 2,,,,,haha don’t think this life srk will get a chance to work with srk!!!

  • Sequels should not be made to classic films . If this happens , then the opening will be record-breaking for sure , but the bigger question is will it match 3 Idiots ?

    Put an end . Don’t drag ‘3 Idiots’ just because its a classic .

  • I want a crossover between 3 idiots and PK where Rancho, Farhan and Raju meet PK like Avengers series. It will be a treat to watch. Hirani, are you listening????

  • @Indicine : How can Raju Hirani be the top director in bollywood ? Raju Hirani is a good director but not better than Sooraj R Barjatya, Yash Chopra, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rajkumar Santoshi etc. His only movie which I liked is 3 Idiots. Pk was just an above average movie. The MunnaBhai series is unbearable. When I watches those, I get a feeling that someone is forcing me to study hard. Raju Hirani is very smart. He only makes movies that are different from lifestyles to make movie hit + he got Christmas and New Year Holidays. Without and Great Brands and Papa aamir is worse than Zayed Khan, Fardeen Khan, etc
    #True Salman Fans

  • Raju Hirani will come on road after 3Idiots sequel. He is an average director. 3Idiots was good because it was just an coincidence for him. Aamir will too came on road to beg after Dangal ( Talaash Returns ) debacle !!!! Too Much Fun
    #True Salman Fans

  • be scared box office…. be very scared
    if breaking all box office records along with quality movies ,then aamir +rajkumar hirani combo is picasso of it

  • @Sky : HAHK is the most watched film after Sholay. Now understand you Naata Khan’s Fan whose height is less than actresses!!!!!!! HAHK, MPK and BB were far better than 3Idiots
    #True Salman Fans



    #True Salman Fans

  • acc. 2 salman fans sooraj barjatiya is better than raju hirani
    now don’t say prdp is better than 3 idiots & pk. lol

  • @Salman Khan King Khan. HAHK is most watched film of Bollywood after Sholay. DDLJ,Raja Hindustani,Gadar,KKHH has more footfalls than 3i. But the legacy 3i had is different. I have never come through any person who said bad about 3idiots. Even idiots like you who didn’t liked Munnabhai serues saying it is a good movie. I have many people around me who says they didn’t liked Hahk,Ddlj,Gadar or KKHH. At box office Bodyguard and Dabangg 2 are blockbuster. But forget other even they are unbearable for many Salman fans too nowadays.

  • it is always a pleasure to see raju’s films.. I’ve watched PK 3-4 times and i never get bored…same with 3 idiots… i watch it every time it is on tv..
    his films are not just films but they teach how to live life..

  • aree oo “salman khan king khan” get out of here plae..thank god we will get freedom from you till 22 september

  • @Lallu Khan Flop KING khan look who is blabbering? Lallu naaata ‘s fan who is hiding behind Kabir Papa for the third time and he knows his aukaat without Kabir Papa he can’t even come close to Megastar AAMIR khan’s record. Dabba fell 60 cr short of 3 idiots, ready fell 80 cr short of 3 idiots, bodyguard fell 55 cr less than 3 idiots, Dabba 2 fell 50 cr less than 3 idiots, wanted fell 55 cr short of ghajini, kick fell 57 cr short of dhoom 3, and loltan fell 40 cr less than pk. Ha ha ha. Only Kabir Papa could bring the recordless lallu naata close to Megastar AAMIR khan’s record with ek tha chuha and BB. Now he is again working with Kabir Papa with candle light to come close to Megastar AAMIR khan’s dangal and pk’s record though breaking the record of Megastar is out of reach for tiny local bhojpuri lallu naata. His 2 rs fans have no right to bark against undisputed biggest megastar of bollywood Aamir Khan.

  • hey INDICINE: it’s been 9-10 days since thre are rumours about srk and akshay clash next indipendence day but you are not talking about it.
    ok, you talk only about official announcements but atleast you can say somethin please and what do you think about it..will the clash take place and will it be safe for srk to release ilm on “small” holidays like republic day and indipendence day, and leaving diwali eid and christmas?

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