3 Idiots 2: We have a great idea says Rajkumar Hirani

The Hindi Film Industry’s numero uno director Rajkumar Hirani has said he has a great idea for the sequel of arguably his most successful film ‘3 Idiots’.

The writer-director also praised Aamir Khan for the way he gets involved in the film.

“Aamir is always a complete joy to work with. He is one of those rare persons, who gets completely involved in the film. So, I would love to work with him. In fact, in between, we have a great idea for 3 Idiots 2. It’s still very sketchy, but out of excitement, Abhijat and I bounced the idea to Aamir, and he is also very keen to do it someday. If that happens, then we would love to work together” Hirani said.

Hirani also added that he has a idea in place for the 3rd Munnabhai film too, but he wants to be careful before making the sequel to his controversial film ‘PK’

“After the amount of bashing we got for it, we would rather be careful with PK. Munnabhai, of course, will have a sequel. We want to make one for 3 Idiots. Let PK be for a while, unless we can use the alien to do something else” he added.

Hirani is currently working on the Sanjay Dutt biopic which features Ranbir Kapoor in the lead.



  • Salnan khan queen khan
    Ya even I loved hahk Madhuri, anupam kher and manish bahl had done a great job
    And what an excellent guest extended cameo sallu gad done, didnt have much to do except that 14 songs and was overshadowed by Aloknath but its a delight to watch hahk where salman didnt have much dialogues and job rather than smiling and shying
    And these rickshwawalas insult
    t 3idiots

  • Sanjay dutt Biopic ❀
    Can’t Wait For This Masterpiece

    Ranbir kapoor
    Aamir khan
    Randip hooda
    Salman khan camio
    RIP Box office 😍😍😍😍😍

  • @Salman Khan King Khan : WTH are you ? Come on, reveal your real identity. Dont take Bhai or his fan name to create a fan war between Salmir fans. You cannot be a Salman bhai going by your comments against Raju and Aamir.


  • Aamir+raju +Christmas,, yo!!!! world wide collection 1400cr,,,cuz 3idiots 400cr,,after five years pk 800cr so after five year it will be 1600cr,,,,Paysa!!!! Vidu vinod lul ho jayange itna paysa se!!!! Good for aamir fans,,, I really want Salman and raju ,kabir and aamir!!!

  • After sholay DDLJ will be remembered it was fabulous film . You must watch ddlj film before u die it was selected in 1000 best film in the world . Even Hollywood celebrities loved this film .

  • 3 Idiots redefined the box office.
    If any movie can create a new 400 crore club.,then I think it would be DHOOM 4 & Any movie which can break DHOOM 4s record will be
    BUT I think 3 Idiots Sequel
    wont have any connection with the first movie.

  • Please papa Hirani don’t make a sequel for 3 idiots. Just dont ruin it that movie. It’s a classic and it really opened my eyes. I could relate to that movie. I’m doing my engineering now because of 3 idiots.

    By the way, Aamir Khan agreed to do a father role in Sanjay Dutch biopic. He will been seen as Sunil Dutch.
    Really looking forward to see Aamir playing Ranbir dad. .. a potential 600 cr film. πŸ˜ƒ

  • @Indicine
    You didnt mention KRIPASHANKARs name (TRAINEE of AAMIR & SAKSHI both)on AAMIRs Previous Article
    You havent accepted DILWALE was a bad movie
    But you are blaming AAMIR for Dilwales underperformance
    (like SRK FANS)
    & when I said You love SRK & hate AAMIR,
    You are deleting my comment.
    I agree with you 99% of the time.
    Most of the times I appreciate your work,
    I congratulate you,but now when I disagree,
    I have full right to show my
    DON’T you favour HR over AKKI,SALMAN over AAMIR & SRK over SALMAN
    Did I say something wrong if I said the truth
    TELL ME??
    And I really dont understand if you are right & not biased
    then there is no need to delete my comment.
    I dont know you will publish my previous comment or not,you will post my this comment or not but
    I request you I spend too much time here & it hurts when
    You undermine few actors success for others.
    So Dont please every fan base.
    Be neutral.

  • @Salman Khan King Khan
    Mental hospital doond aur apna ilaj karva kya pata tere dimag mein busa bhara hogan..tere jaisa idiot nahi dekha.. .jo movie bollywood ki sabse acchi movie hein usko kisi aur movie se compare kar raha hein.. Teri aukat kya hein isse pata chalti hein

  • Hirani please cast Ranbir or wait for new Young actor in 3I sequel will be huge flop if 55yr old amir cast to play 20yr old student lol

  • Hirani you have a great idea for 3 Idiot, and also have idea for 3rd Munnabhai and you want make PK sequel too, but you yet to start your upcoming Sanjay Dutt biopic.

    If you make a movie in the gap of 4-5 years than when you will make these movie.

    You should release a movie every b2 years gap only.

  • @Romance Piku 2, don’t worry your oldie bakri looks like a 110 years old dadaji, just heard the rumors that hakla is playing aliya’s great great dadaji.

  • @10:02pm

    Maybe they should cast that 20 yr old psychopath they used in Billu Returns- that lunatic Gaurav something

  • Sequel to PK will be hilarious- this time though PK lands in Paglapur n hes on a mission to find our ‘300cr King Charlie’….

    Atleast complan boy will be ecstatic

  • Oh maybe sequel to PK should be about PK accidentally missing Earth n he instead heads out towards Pluto- once there he can conduct a mission into the mysterious whereabouts of those 3.6 billion paglapurians who claim to be loyal hardcore fans of our Galaxy Pankha Salesman -Pluto King

  • For me the sequel to 3 idiots is not that great an idea bcoz I think the film they should really make is the one where the ‘3 idiots’ start their real world work lives straight after college…!

    Plenty of scope there imo

  • @The PHENOMenal Idiot 8:26pm

    Yes you are absolutely right- sequels to classics should never be made- a lesson Maneesh Sharma found out the hard way when he tried replicating the success of Irrfan Khans iconic BILLU 1 but this time getting Pluto King to replace Irrfan in a double role…!

  • @salman khan king khan………sure shot from srk fan group……..he want fan war between….salman and aamir……….. ignore him

  • He exposed the bs which is known as religion(all) in pk & i guess he wants to expose the bs of nationalism in pk sequal, that’s why he may be thinking twice as most useless groups will be furious.

    From a logic pov, pk(even though it’s not perfect) is way better than 3i.

  • 3idiots was one of the greatest entertainer of Indian cinema.

    And what! yeah Hirani accepted from deep inner side that controversies around pk made him to think careful.he admitted from deep inner side that how he insulted HINDU RELEGION Worldwide and spared other Relegion.anyways but so no pk-!!,this can’t be tolerated twice.

    @anand_the fake,I said illogical to pk.and yeah I accepted that I said 3i has many impractical things but it is manegeable,as for entertaining sake it can be neglected.but why you bhojopuris are so much interested about ME ? see you/your bhojpuri friend @salman khan Kong khan wrote?,rofl.you bhojpuris have no classzrememver it.yoj born to watch c grade roadside movies like ready,dabang,phultan,prdp,jail ho,kick,ek thaa gorilla like mega tortures and upcoming fuse light,rofl .so concentrate on that,rofl.

    DDLJ is the most liked Bollywood movie after sholay.IT’S THE BIGGEST SENSATIONAL MOVIE OF ALL TIME.AND THIS MASTERPIECE MODERNIZED BOLLYWOOD.while hahk is nothing but a bhojpuri remake of nadiya ke paar’s shaadi ka DVD copy,worked because of family member emotions and Madhuri Dixit.

    Entertainmentwise 3i is good.otherwise MNIK is better movie both in performancewise and Perfectionwise.but what matters most is entertainment.

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