‘I will rule this city one day’ SRK completes 25 years in the city of dreams

Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, an industry outsider who once famously said he would rule the city of Mumbai one day, has completed 25 years of his incredible journey in the city of dreams.

Trying to replicating the staggering rise of the superstar, has now become the ultimate dream for millions of strugglers and aspiring actors.

“25 years in Mumbai, which has given me my life. For the first time at the opening of RC (Red Chillies) VFX new office. I felt, I must have done something right,” Shah Rukh tweeted at 5 in the morning.

Shah Rukh made his debut in the television show ’Fauji’ in the 1980s and later went on to make his film debut in ‘Deewana’.  He went on to play the lead antagonist in films like ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Darr’ before becoming the most loved actor in the country after films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’.

Since then, the actor has retained his superstardom for over 2 decades. He awaits the release of his yet-to-be titled film directed by Imtiaz Ali, which releases in theatres during the Independence Day weekend this year.



  • @ salmir fan, abe chindichor read my last sentence of comment.I wrote his complete 25 years will be on 25 june 2017 .

  • @ sayar, please don’t make stupid comparison between Veer and FAN .veer released back in 2010.And FAN was released in 2016 on 3500 screens .FAN was a flop.And there should be no shame to accepting it. Audience didn’t like so they rejected it.

  • Mr hritik
    Your mate is continuously bashing srkband youvexpect me to be mate
    Yljk was an 11 yr delayed movie which srk didnt dub. And it collecter more than Yeh majhdhar.
    For ur info Salmans Yeh majhdar-30lakhs had clashed with Nana patekars Agni Sakshi which was a blockbuster7

  • Sorry for above typo errors
    Mr hritik
    Your mate is continuously bashing srk and you expect me to be saint
    Yljk was an 11 yr delayed movie which srk didnt dub. And it collected more than Yeh majhdhar.
    For ur info Salmans Yeh majhdar-30lakhs had clashed with Nana patekars Agni Sakshi which was a blockbuster

  • @Abhishek kr, abe retard..tere chhote dimag mein itni si baat nahi ghus rahi…abe chutad agar 25 june ko 25 yrs complete honge to ye article incomplete 25 yrs ke liye hai?

  • @indicine, stop these non sensical articles which are neither true nor relevant…unless u wanna lose credibility..

  • Guys , please considerate my comment and then be honest and judge yourself.
    First , let’s not talk about numbers, let’s not say anything about competition between khan or others.
    Because if you want to talk about number then 1- you all know the the most film fare and many other awards winning actor is king khan
    2- The most nominated actor for any awards is king khan
    Secondly if want to compare him to others, then you know that he is only actor who has most fans around the world.
    The numbers of flops very less than other actors.
    A lot of things else but I make it short and say only two things about him .
    1- unlike by other actors he never demanded any producer for money and that what a lot of directors admitted.
    2- never interfere in any given scene to him by director in his movies or tried to change.
    Amir big star he does, Salman also does and other actors like Akshay always does.
    He wants to gives the best from him and entertain audiences.
    A lot of people love him not only because he is a super star or good actor but because he is a great human being.
    I’m his a big fan and I’m not giving his side for that , I just want to say he is rare kind of actor who is fantastic actor, great human and good business man .

    Finally I want to say , there is no actor who didn’t fall down and face failure for some years like Big B , salman in 2000-2009 ,
    Amir himself and even the legend Dilip kumar .
    This is King time and I’m sure when he wake up again then no one will reach his records.
    I hope you all get my view and remember that if you don’t face failure you will never learn and make your success .

  • @ salmir fan, abe illiterate gawar SRK completed 25 years in Mumbai now.And In Bollywood he will complete on 25th june.can’t u read the headline of this article ? lol

  • @Abhishek kr, abe chutiye you are contradicting your own statements…first decide whether you are talking about 25 yrs in mumbai, 25yrs in bollywood, 25 yrs since release of 1st movie, 25 yrs of being gay..or some other 25 yrs? Lol..as i said very soon he will complete 25 yrs in bandstand chauraha..

  • @Abhishek KR and @Sayar you idiots, YRF offered Darr to aamir before srk. YRF needed aamir and not vice versa. Parampara was not YRF banner. It was directed by Yash chopra but not under his banner so shut your mouth. It flopped because of saif ali khan and other poor cast and poor story. So shut your mouth. Aamir is the only megastar who has given YRF their only ATHG + ATBB with dhoom 3 as before aamir poor yrf never had any ATHG and ATBB all in one. Dhoom 2 was ATHG but only blockbuster while dhoom 3 was both. So shut your mouth.

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